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be brave little one - your going to feel completely better in no time at all

we all love you sweetheart
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She'll be fine, Stephanie!
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Originally Posted by Sar
I'm so pleased that everything went well, Stephanie!

I hope Serenity does leave her stitches alone - it's so horrible to see your little baby girl in a collar!

Good girl, Sierra, letting your sister recouperate! I know she appreciates it a lot!

Here's to a quick recovery for you, Serenity!
Ditrto those thoughts to Serenity -- she's going to be fine Stephanie! It's always harder on the owners than the cats!

Cassie had to be in a "lamp shade" for nearly 3 weeks after her surgery! It was best, because whenever we tried to give her a "break" from it, she would immediately go for the stitches . On the up side, we have some really cute and funny pictures from her stint in the collar.

PS Sar -- your Molly looks like she could be my Cassie's twin sister
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Awww...Serenity, I love you little girl.
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I was gonna post yesterday but i had so much going on it was crazy i am glad that serenity did fine and that she is home and feeling better give her headbutt and kisses from me salem isis and ailey
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Aww, poor baby. I hope her nausea ceases soon. Sending her some virtual kitten-safe ginger ale to tame her tummy .
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Awww I hope little Serenity feels better soon!
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Has the swelling in her paw gone down, Stephanie? Poor little sweetie - the nausea can't be fun, especially after having to fast before the surgery.
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Poor Serenity!!!! Abby also vomited few a few days after her spay, and she didn't have any pain medication.

I hope Serenity is feeling better real soon!
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Awww.... I'm sorry Serenity is still sick
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gawsh i caught on late!

AWw serenity! i hope you get better soon honey!

Kaylee is due in january Im quite scared!
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Stephanie...Here is a Saturday morning hug for Sierra & Serenity.
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Awwwww, Stephanie...I'm sorry to hear there have been a few bumps on Serenity's road to recovery. She's a tough little girl and she's got just the best mama ever so she's gonna come through this with flying colors. *Hugs and kisses* to you and your girls from me and the Faberlous kitties.
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How about an update, how is she doing?
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Thank you, everyone, for caring so much for my little baby! Serenity is just beginning to feel more herself today, and this is such a relief. She has eaten two small meals that haven't upset her tummy, and we also had a bit of gentle play time. She tired easily, and is now sleeping here on me, continuing to get the rest she needs. She has just a bit ago, taken the last of her pain medication, so we're really hoping this will be all she will need. Sierra is being such a wonderful big sister!

Her little paw has returned to its proper size, and aside from occasionally licking her tummy, she is pretty much leaving her stitches alone. She must have heard about the lamp shade being the alternative! Her incision is healing nicely at this point, and we will, of course, continue to monitor it carefully.

Thank you, guys, for standing by us during Serenity's healing process. This has been such a difficult week for my sweet little baby! Serenity is still preferring to be held and snuggled up closely, she's such a precious little one!
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I'm so glad to hear Serenity is healing nicely, Steph.
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To make the booboo all better
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Glad to hear she's eating again, and feeling better. Give that little tortie a kiss from me
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I am glad to hear Serenity is starting to feel better. The poor girl has been through so much in the last few weeks, give her a hug for me
And a for Sierra for being so a wonderful big sis to Serenity.
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Thanks for the good news update Stephanie.
Let us know how baby Serenity does without her pain meds.
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Steph, glad to hear Serenity is feeling better and Sierra is being a wonderful sister.
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Good Luck! I'm sure everything will be fine!
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Big kisses and hugs to Little S!
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Awwwww... I'm so glad Serenity is feeling better today.
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We need a Serenity update. How is your sweet baby girl?
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Thank you so much, every single one of our friends who have supported us during Serenity's big experience.

Serenity has had a much rougher couple of weeks than such a little baby should have to endure, hasn't she! She was quite miserable for a couple days there, and I was so thankful for her pain medication, then with her little tummy feeling so sensitive, poor little girl. We're just glad this is behind us!

Her little boo boo paw continues to heal perfectly! She favored her paw that was swollen from her IV for a couple of days, but now acts as if nothing was ever amiss. She is now back to her wild playtimes, yet still tiring ever so slightly sooner than usual to rest. Her incision is healing very nicely, and I'm so super proud of her for letting her sutures be! One stitch is ever very slightly loose, but does not appear to be a problem at this time. I will, of course, continue to monitor it carefully.

She's such a little lovey girl, and such a purrbox. She's wanting to be held all the time, nomatter what. If I'm standing and not holding her, she will cry. If I'm doing something that must occupy my hands, she finds a way to jump on my back, such that I then must walk at an angle to help keep her balanced, silly girl! Her little naked tummy feels so warm to my back!

Sierra has been incredibly loving these past few days, even more than usual. She is lying on my whenever I'm still, extremely affectionate and absolutely precious. She's even allowing her little sister to share her space a bit! This has meant I've been just smothered in love because both my girls are insisting that they snuggle with Mommy all the time! How blessed could I possibly be!
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You make my heart melt when you describe what your sweet girls are up to.
They are so adorable when they surround you with love & fuzzy cuddles.
Let us know when Serenity has her sutures removed. :
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Serenity you are so silly walking on your Mommy's back !
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Awww, Stephanie, your girls are just so sweet!
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Nice, nice update Stephanie! I'm so glad Serenity is feeling so much better, and love to hear of her antics. And Sweet Sierra! How lovely!
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