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the biting should end after say a few months, keep his teeth on a toy and say "no" very firmly when he tries your hands. JB was that way, very playful, but he knows better now. Even though we will rough play every now and then, he would lick my hand after biting it a bit too hard. awww I do hope he is a snuggler, I miss that of my JB, he was a snuggler when he was little but I moved around too much, so he sleeps next to my hubby then again I have my son who likes to snuggle
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Ok, I think I'm screwed.. Saki has been sleeping with ZOEY the last 2 nights. What is his problem?? I thought kittens loved to sleep on humans faces n things. *sigh* Saki has to be wherever Zoey is.. so they sleep on the perch. That DREADED perch!! I'll go crazy if I end up with 2 non snugglers I get so jealous when I read about people that post their cats annoy them by sleeping on their heads etc and how can they stop this etc.. and I WANT them to sleep on me and it doesnt happen. Ok anyone want to trade cats
I don't know Sicy... at first, when reading about everyone's snuggley cats, I was a bit envious. Spike likes to be near me, but not on me. And he likes being pet, when he wants it, but he just won't let me pet him for MY sake. And he dislikes being picked up, although he does humor me on occasion for about 10 seconds at a time.

Anyway, a couple months back, I was knitting a large blanket, and Spike decided that he wanted to lie on it. Well, it just happened to be on top of me because there's nowhere else to put it when you're knitting. So Spike slept on me for something like 3 hours. I REFUSED to get up because he never sleeps on me. During this time, my legs fell asleep to the point where it was painful, and I needed to use the little girls' room. I was so happy when he woke up and moved! Well, kind of happy, for the moment anyway.

My point is, cuddley cats CAN be overrated. Well, maybe not, but non-cuddley cats are definitely underrated.
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Every kitten I've ever had, bites playfully. The only cuddly cat I have in Snoopy, my 18 year boy. I don't know if my Bengal, Simba will be cuddly. But I have a sad feeling he won't. He's too playful to be cuddly. All he wants to do is play. Now, I feel the same way you do, because my Bengal loves my 6 year old cat, more than he does me. I hope this isn't the way it will always be, but right now, he only seems to care about me, when it's time to eat.
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Originally posted by jgaruba
I don't know Sicy... at first, when reading about everyone's snuggley cats, I was a bit envious. Spike likes to be near me, but not on me. And he likes being pet, when he wants it, but he just won't let me pet him for MY sake. And he dislikes being picked up, although he does humor me on occasion for about 10 seconds at a time.
Holy crap that sounds exactly like Zoey. The other day she actually came and layed down right next to me on the bed, while Saki was in the perch and my fiancee was on his computer.. well I pet her and she was letting me for like 10 minutes.. it was a miricle.

Yep hope.. I think that's what's going to happen here with Saki too. Sadly. We'll see.. he's only 11 weeks so, things could change I spose.
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Oh, your little baby is really sweet!
Your Saki and Zoey will become friends soon, you'll see!
I adopted a 9 month old cornish-rex, and he disliked all my 5 cats. So I had nothing to do exept one thing - wait.
Can't say they are best friends now, but they eat together, sleep together and almost do not have objections But first three weaks were really difficult, I must say!

Good luck!
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Sicy, from the pictures, it looks like Zoey is a high-energy kitty. It's the same way with Spike. I mean, he sleeps a ton and all like most cats, but when he's awake, he loves to be running around, jumping, playing, chasing things, etc. I wonder if that character trait has anything to do with their non-snuggley tendencies.

And Saki may turn into a snugglebug. As a baby, Spike did sleep on me. On my tummy, my legs, and my head when I went to bed. After a few months, he went from there to sleeping just above my head on my pillow.. to sleeping at the foot of the bed. I was a bit sad at first, but if it makes him happy to sleep near me instead of on me, I can deal. And use the bathroom when I need to.
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Sounds like things are going awwwwwfully well.

I wouldn't be too quick to think that Saki will favour Zoey over his human. It's wonderful that they are developing such a good relationship so quickly, and that they play together. She'll teach him all the important Cat Things. The biting shouldn't be a problem if you continue gently correcting him by removing the hand and substituting something more appropriate.

As for cuddling, he's too young to do much cuddling, especially when there are so many interesting Cat Things to learn and do. As he gets older and starts to mellow out, he'll be more interested in cuddles. Our youngsters are just over 2 (actually about 28 months). Fawn doesn't mind being picked up, briefly, but she's no lap cat; she's still got ants in her pants. Maybe one day she'll settle down enough -- who knows?

Cindy, on the other hand, is in the last few months becoming a lovely lap cat, especially at bedtime, when she waits for me to come to bed. She's usually right in the way, and I have to lift her up to get under the covers. Then I put her down on top of the covers and she finds her place snuggled between my legs. She loves to be picked up and walked the way you do a fussy baby. I think she'll be an awesome cuddler -- eventually. Point is, she's quite a bit older. Give the lad time -- and all the cuddles he'll allow, so that he learns to love 'em.

I think you have a splendid pair, Sicy, and they're going to give you a lot of joy and fun.
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Ok, last nite the brats decided to start playing at 1am! RIGHT after we'd gone to bed So after like an hour I couldnt stand it anymore and put Saki in the bathroom

This morning my fiancee left for work and I was still sleeping, I have the day off today. But anyway, Unbelievable: ZOEY, came up on the bed and curled up right next to me purring. I almost had a half asleep heart attack. What was even cuter was she stretched her legs over my hand, and her toes were touching my mouth. This is like a miricle ok.. lol.. Zoey never ever cuddles or sleeps near me. Then she left after maybe half hour, then she came back later and sat by me AGAIN. and I pet her and she was loving it. This is so weird and so awesome that I almost started crying with joy LOL!!! I didnt even want to get out of bed at this point.

I just had to share that.
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That is so sweet - the new kitty is bringing out her loving instincts!
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Sounds like all is going to be well, and even better with Zoey. I'm so pleased for all of you (cats included!)
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Thank you.. I think I'm getting lessed stressed out each day.. except when they play in the middle of the night I dont know what to do about that. I think earplugs might be an idea
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You are such a cutie pie Sicy!!! Yah, Zoey cuddling to you is a good thing I see I also found that cats play more at night, or at least with the two I had they played more, and even JB now that he is alone, he is more active at night. But he usually ends up sleeping since he sees us sleeping and not interacting with him. I do let him out during the day but he usually comes back in and sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. Then at night routinely he stays out for a long time till 1 or 2 am then comes in and wants to play some more LOL!!!
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Saki just fell in the toilet And what's worse is I haddnt flushed yet I tried to wash him off as best I could, he didnt like water much lol. Kittens are so stupid.

It's funny, I was closing the fridge the other night, and Saki was standing right in the way and it was obvious he wasnt moving.. and my fiancee was like, 'he just stood there and didnt move??' and I'm like 'yeah, he's young, he's still stupid' lmao.
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OMG he fell in the toilet!!?? How funny! Yeah, sounds like he's at the clumsy kitten stage!

It sounds like everything is working out well there. At least much better then you thought?
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LMAO!!! I can almost imagine Saki's look when you were washing him.... boy, i simply couldn't stop laughing!!!
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LOL I know!! I got up off the toilet and he jumped up there cuz usually the lid is closed but it wasnt, and he just fell right in.

Then he had his paws all toes spread out and he was trying to climb up my shirt to get away from the water while I was trying to rinse him off

Everything is going fine They get along great. They play together constantly. Saki follows Zoey around everywhere. The only complaint I have is them making a ruckus in the wee hours of the morning!!
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im so glad things are going well for you, i know what you mean about the play in the night, my boys are like laying around asleep before we go to bed the as soon as the lights go out they start playing, i have got to where it dont bother me now but it did in the start of it, maybe you will get that way soon i hope the toilet, i would of liked to have seen that kittens are so clumsy, i bet he is more careful the next time.. if there is one
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See, we told you two is lots more fun than just one!!

I am so glad to hear things are going well.

When do you get cat #3?
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Sicycat - what beautiful cats you have
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
When do you get cat #3?

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I'm telling ya, that's how it starts....

The hardest step is going from one cat to two. After that, one cat just leads to another...
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Honestly I couldnt. Not anytime soon anyway. We have a 2 cat limit here. (Thank god.. lol)
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The hardest step is going from one cat to two. After that, one cat just leads to another...
tell me abt it.. i'm trying to hold myself back...
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Saki is sleeping in my lap right now.. he is so cute. When I stop touching him he'll look up and meow and give me power bonks on my mouth SO CUTE!!! He has the loudest motor ever. You just touch him once and he starts purring.
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Oh my goodness, he's the cutest little thing! They both look like my gray kitties... Dont forget to cuddle Zoe and remind her that she's still loved just as much!... :-)
I wish you all a bright future
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Just wanted to post a little update. As each day goes by Saki's personality shines through, shifts and changes

This morning I heard something purring in my ear Saki was laying in between my fiancee and I, right up by our faces, and when I woke up and looked at my fiancee, Saki was head bonking the heck out of his chin and just purring and touching us with his paws and then I called him and he turned in my direction and gave me some good morning bonks too. Last night while I was on the computer he was sitting in my lap getting pets and purring, and when I'd stop he would look at me and Meow and demand that I continue petting him! Zoey is just the opposite LOL!

He is going to be a very affectionate and cuddly cat I can just tell!! I'm very happy, they are both getting along great and just have a great time together.
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awww..thats so cute! Saki sounds like hes heading the right direction all right.
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One word. Wow. I've had Maggie for almost a year now, and her and Harry don't cuddle. They play, but don't cuddle. Saki and Zoey actually cuddle! This is just so amazing. It is absolutely perfect all the way around. You got your cuddle bud ... Zoey got a cuddle bud and playpal ... they get along great ... Saki is happy and has a great home ... Saki loves you, your fiance and Zoey ... and Zoey is becoming more affectionate too!

Yippee! What a great example for others who are not sure about adopting a new cat into a diva-cat household!
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
I'm telling ya, that's how it starts....

The hardest step is going from one cat to two. After that, one cat just leads to another...
Tell me about it, I started out with one, then got the second to breed with, now they're all retired and I'm up to 6.......I WANT MORE !
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Saki is just like Max. Lots of loving and cuddling. If they are like that at kittens, they will be like as adults. Max is three years old now and is just as cuddly as when I got him home (3 months).
I'm happy for you that you finally got your cuddle bug.
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