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Too funny Blue!

I just wanted to remind everyone that it is on Wednesday again this week because of basketball.
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Thanks for telling us. I didn't know. Well, the odds would probably be on Sarah's side, because they're due to win SOMETHING! But, I'm crossing my fingers. Rob needs a lesson in humility.
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just to be clear, i didnt write it, i found it at the absolute reality forums !

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I know Blue - but it was a good giggle for a Monday morning.
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Did anyone else watch Wednesday's episode of ''Survivor'' and think it would be impossible to find a stupider team than Maraamu? They kicked off the one clever, strong, natural leader on the beach! Poor Fed Ex pilot Hunter Ellis – he was too good for their world. Well, EW.com got some time with Hunter so he could vent about how they sent him packing.

Hunter, I was a little shocked you got the boot.
So was I. I just didn't think it was the right time for them to do it. But once I saw that first vote I knew I was toast. I looked over at Rob and I was wondering if he'd look back at me to see my reaction but he didn't.

What was up with the...how shall I say this nicely...the shortsightedness of your team?
You had two different ways of approaching the game. One approach, which I was taking, was to build a strong team and work on strength and morale and get the ball rolling so we had some momentum going into the merge. You had the other scenario that was self-protect mode of ''I need to get people in my court.'' Rob chose one path over the other. Some people wanted to be king of the castle. I wanted to live in the castle with everyone else.

So you admit your team was lame.
Well, there was just a little bit of drama there. It was like living in a soap opera. A few people didn't want to embrace the experience. My feeling was over 60,000 applied and we got chosen. We owed it to the people who didn't get it to embrace the game. You heard Sarah say she didn't come there to work. Her vision of embracing the experience was different. It just didn't seem like Sarah wanted to be out there for the long haul -- she just wanted to hang out as long as she could. I was ready to starve myself to the end.

Did it feel good to call your teammates ''knuckleheads'' as you did after you got kicked off?
Yeah, it felt good. The way I look at it is that they're giving me a jab by voting me off. I wasn't going to let that go unanswered. I wanted them to know I didn't understand their logic.

What did you think of Rob's self-proclaimed nickname of ''Godfather''?
I had to just laugh at Rob. The guy is the definition of knucklehead. He makes me laugh. That guy would chase chickens until there's no end. He chose to be the guy controlling other people. I didn't want to control anyone and yet I was seen as a leader.

So, was Sarah as annoying and whiny as she seems on TV?
Sarah can definitely be lazy and whiny but it is a tough environment. All of us can be lazy and whiny. There were frustrating times. I tried to hold back until I was talking to the camera. I've grown up on the beach my whole life and I've had survival training. Other people? Day two they were complaining.

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What went wrong with all those immunity and reward challenges that you guys kept losing?
There was no team foundation. Winning isn't a game face you put on a half an hour before you enter a challenge. It's something you have to build from working side by side. Watching that last challenge on TV, though, I almost leapt up at the TV screaming. I didn't even realize some people weren't paddling hard. I mean, that's where you dig deep and suck it up. I was furious.

How bad were those nonos?
You know, I was not that badly bitten, but I don't even get bitten by mosquitoes. They were really biting a lot of other people, though. I had some red bumps but I wasn't scratching that much. Other people were eaten alive, all scratching and getting sores. Sarah, by far, was eaten alive the most. By the fourth day she was a walking nono wound.

The other team had their share of injuries. Why did they keep kicking your butts?
You know, I would have fit in a lot more over there. I didn't have the luck being put with my team. They were having fun over there enjoying the challenge of surviving. They weren't argumentative. Everyone put in their two cents to make sure things got done.

Must ask the question everyone's dying to know: Are you and Gina a couple now?
Well, Gina and I bonded on a lot of levels. She is totally cool. We share the same love of the outdoors and we approached the game in the same manner. I called her a friend and not an alliance because an alliance can be broken but a friendship can't. I never would have voted against Gina unless she grew 14 heads and went psycho.

Okay, answer the question....
We're not dating. There have been a lot of rumors but she's in Florida and I'm in California so nothing. But it's a friendship I will always have.

Did you get to enjoy Marquesas at least after you left the game?
The day after I got kicked off I got to live on that island the way I would have chosen. I went swimming, I went SCUBA diving in a cave 90 feet underwater. I went sea kayaking. It was a cool, cool place. It turned out a lot differently than I expected but it was still a neat experience.

So no regrets?
No. But I'm ready to campaign and say I want to go back if there's ever an all-star ''Survivor.'' I really thought I had a good balance of things that could have taken me far. I can suck it up and laugh at myself but still get along with everybody. I want to go back! Send me back! I'm ready!
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Thanks for sharing that, Hissy!! That was really interesting!
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Woohooo! Tonights the night! I'm hoping Mark Burnett does something to mix things up tonight or else Gina is a goner, and I really like her Lets see how the Maraamu morons are doing without Hunter. I hope they all watch themselves on TV as this is being aired to see how incredibly stupid they were, and what horrible choices they made

I'm counting down the hours until the show starts...lets see- 11 hours -ACK! I'll never last :laughing2
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There is an interesting Spoiler on one of the boards, and if it does indeed happen- tonight will be one NOT to be missed!!
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Don't forget the Amazing Race, too. I'm in tv heaven!
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I can't wait!!!
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One more hour..I'm dyin' here! :disturbed
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ONE more hour?! i still have 3 and a half
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Well it took long enough for that train to get to the station

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lazy person hits the trail. At least now, Maramu has a chance to redeem it's name! Rob and Sean totally crack me up! There is no way in the world I would serve them any food, they could get off their fat butts and get their own!
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I was glad to see Sarah go!
I cannot stand Rob and Shawn ....... both are punks, and I hope they get their @$$e$ kicked off next week and the week after!
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Didn't Gina look thrilled with the changes. ! nasty gone & Rob and Sean still to go - the sooner the better!
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I am so glad Sarah got voted off........I hope Sean and Rob are next. They are such jerks!
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It couldn't have worked out better. The "godfather" has been dethroned. The lazy sister has been banished, and Cinderella has a new home-where she has a chance. And Sean dug his own grave when he announced that he had no intentions of doing the kind of work the rest were doing. He practically asked to be kicked off! This is interesting.
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Go Gena!!!
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I'd like to see Gabriel win, after watching a few shows. I do still like Robert a lot (the big tattooed guy) but Gabe has it all together- hes a natural leader and a hard worker. If Gabriel doesn't win I'd like to see Gina or Robert win.
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Just found the wildest quiz. http://www.emode.com/tests/survivor/index.jsp if you were a survivor which one would you be?

They said for me "you're like Clarence Black!
The only thing bigger than you this "Survivor" season is your heart—and maybe the rhino that keeps wandering through camp. You are a study in selflessness, most likely to donate your ration of rice to the sobbing, homesick tribe mate."
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I'm Theresa Cooper! Good, cause I liked her!
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See? I knew we were cosmic twins! LOL It was a fun quiz
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I'm gonna take that quiz in just a minute....(will just puke if I end up being a Lindsey...LOL) but first I wanted to say how I felt about the last episode.

I am soooooooo happy they split the teams up....thus giving Gina a chance. I like her.

At first I really liked Rob. Guess I was blinded by the fact he was attractive AND lived with a cat named Fred, but....after the last episode....YUK!!! What a jerk!!!!!!!!!!!! He was putting down EVERYBODY on the other team, and saying he thought John was gay, and Gabe thought he was smarter than he really was, and Robert thought he was a "tough" guy, and that the women there leaved something to be desired, especially Zoe, etc. etc........what an @ss!!!!!!!!! Who died and made HIM god????
I hope he goes next week, and then lazy Shaun can follow.
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I took the quiz, and they said I am like Linda Spencer. That's okay, because I liked her.
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It just hit me.......................

Gabe is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was looking good at tribal council with his shaggy hair and no glasses.
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Oh no......Hottie went home!!!

And just as I was starting to appreciate him!
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Colby- I think you're suffering from 'Lack of Hottie' syndrome- I don't think ANY of them are hot. I WAS sorry to see Gabe go- but he was getting 'wishy-washy' as someone on the tribe said. I fully expected it to be John. That tribe is gonna fall apart. I like Maraamu better at this point. Did I just say that?!?
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I couldn't believe that they voted Gabe off! He was so mellow and yet worked hard for all of them. I like Maramu now the best and was thrilled when they won both challenges...game is getting interesting
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you're like Teresa Cooper. You're as American as apple pie and southern hospitality. You've got a good old-fashioned work ethic that will instantly endear yourself to the Samburu Tribe. Your aerobics and marathon experience make you one of the fittest contestants, but you might want to pack on the pounds before you leave, since you're sure to drop a few over the next few weeks

I'm really starting to dislike Rotu .... I was happy that Maramu won and that Gina got to see victory 2 times in a row!
The "happy" nurse was stupid for telling Shawn and Rob his idea .... I cannot stand Shawn or Rob, especially Rob; he's a punk.
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