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Elizabeth, my prayers are with you. Like rosimac said, "That's what we're here for!!!"
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E-, Just now reading through this, lots of prayers and love and hugs coming from North Alabama!
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Elizabeth, I just saw this thread. Sending mega vibes your way! I'm sure you'll be fine and we'll miss you for this two days! Hurry back to us!
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Elizabeth~you are in my thoughts and prayers that everything will turn out ok. Don't worry about us, we will be right here when you get back! I admire your great attitude towards all of this!! Continue to keep your head up!
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I hope they'll figure out what causes your problems. Sending *Good Vibes*
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I'll be thinking of you, and you're definitely in my prayers
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My thoughts and love are with you!

Sending positive }}}VIBES{{{
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I think you're already at the hospital, and I'm so sad I missed you before you had to go! Gary had a tumor removed from his head two years ago. He didn't have incidents of vertigo or unwanted sleeping episodes, but he had insanely painful migraines. He is TERRIFIED of doctors and hospitals, but came through with flying colors - after two years of searching for the problem. I hope you don't have to suffer that long.

I'm praying it's not a brain tumor, although, again the advances in surgery and technology have come so far that if that is the case, I'm sure you'll be taken care of and come through any required surgery smiling and better than new. But... have you been tested for sick sinus syndrome? My father has had fainting/sleeping spells and vertigo, and it turned out to be the sinus node in his heart. It regulates the electrical impulses and when not working properly, apparently these are the result. The solution is the implant of a defibrillator and pacemaker - outpatient surgery these days, with battery life of 10 - 15 years, so it's not like there's a lot of future maintenance involved. They're tiny, and can send their data over the phone - it's really amazing.

Can't wait to hear how you're doing and what the results are! All of our thoughts are with you!
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Oh dear, You are already at the hospital, but when you get out you can read this and I am so sorry I missed you. You be strong and hang in there although it sounds like you dont need any advice! You are a trooper and your kitkats will miss you soooo much,,,too bad they dont let kitties in the hospital! Silly doctors, dont they know they have healing powers?? I am sure that everything is going swell other than utter boredom and that you will be just fine,, medical science is so advanced that I am hoping they will fix you up like new in no time!!!! Good Luck Hon, and God Bless.
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Yo se que puedes leer esto. Mis mejores deseos por que estes bien de Salud... y por supuesto mis oraciones y las de Gema tambien estaran contigo hoy.
Estas palabras en español son super especiales para ti. Animo Amiga!!!
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I just saw this message this morning. I'm sending you all my positive vibes and prayere. I hope they find the problem and get it fixed fast for you.
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Elizabeth, you are going to sail right through these tests. You'll surely light up the entire hospital simply with your presence!Sierra and I love you, and we're with you in our hearts. You are in my prayers, my sweet friend.

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I just read this now and I know you are settling in at the hospital. You probably are thinking this will be the longest days of your life-but remember there are lots of people and kitties keeping you in there thoughts.
Please keep up updated once you are out and everything

MEGA VIBES HEADING YOUR WAY...........................
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Hugs & prayers from our house to you.
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I just saw this thread! You have mega healing vibes coming from the 3 of us! Also some anti-stress vibes for Eric, Sasha and Saba.

Please let us know the outcome as soon as you can! We'll be coming back to this thread often!
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Lewt us know with the outcome huns
two days isnt long at all.
You may come out feeling as happy as ever
you are in my throughts and **** sending you lots of good VIBES ****
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Elizabeth, my thoughts are with you. I know this must be a really scary experience for you, and really hope that you are 100% okay.
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Oh my goodness, I'm a bit late on this. When you get back at least I can say- i hope things come out positive, and that YOU are OK! Lots of love. If it helps you feel a little less badly, I too have to go in for an MRI because I'm getting more concurrent migraines that Imitrex does not seem to help with. Good luck Eddie, from the smith clan.
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Just saw this, I am sending fighting thoughts your way and so is jasper, good luck and keep us posted, hugs.
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I too will remember you in my Prayers! Good luck!
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OH E... I wish I had noticed this thread yesterday. I was a bit frazzled yesterday though. I am going into hyper mode sending you those thoughs. I cannot wait until you are back. I really hope you are okay.
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sending vibes and prayers!!!! hope you get to feeling better soon!!!
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Elizabeth -

I just caught this thread as well. I hope you have settled into the hospital all comfy cozy and in your awesome pajamias. Hope the stress isn't too high and they discover the cause of your problems once and for all. hugs to sasha and saba who are probably missing their mommy terribly now too.

Let us know how things went once you're safely back home.
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This is Eric. No results today they come later. Eddie said she slept with a lot of machinery that wasn't as sexy as me but she is fine. ha ha She said thank you for all the messages. I have to go to work kitties are good.
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
This is Eric. No results today they come later. Eddie said she slept with a lot of machinery that wasn't as sexy as me but she is fine. ha ha She said thank you for all the messages. I have to go to work kitties are good.
LOL about the machinery, brings all sorts of things to mind!

Eric - thanks for keeping us updated, those who love Eddie here will appreciate it. Tell her we love her!
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At least she still has her sense of humour!

Thanks for updating us
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Yes, thank you very much for the update
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Sending prayers and good thoughts to you Elizabeth. I hope you recover soon and feel well!
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Thank you, Eric! Hurry home, Elizabeth!
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thankyou thankyou so much Eric for the update!!!

yes hurray home Eddie - we are all missing you so much
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