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Sicy, you could try moving Zoey's food up high. He's little right now so can't jump up as high as Zoey. Of course, this will only work for a few weeks, but it's something.
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Originally posted by Lucia
Here was my Ivan 'greeting' Sasha when she first came home. Things settled down a few days later lol.

Oh my god Zoey doesnt open her mouth that big when she hisses!

I hate to disrupt Zoey's stuff right now. I know she's probly already irritated I do make sure he gets his wet food in the bathroom with the door shut. His dry food is in there too and he eats it, I dunno what his problem is

Originally posted by Saki

Saki is helping me post

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Playing on the tree

This one looks like they're kissing lol

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Hi Saki!
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Awww Kitty Kisses!
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omg this is TOO FUNNY!! They're taking turns chasing each other all over the house. I never thought having two cats could be so entertaining. I know there will be times though when Zoey just doesnt want to be bothered.. and I am sure she will let Saki know that
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having two or more kitties is sooooooooooooooooooo much fun!!! I don't know why anyone would want just one! I'm so happy that zoey has a furry friend to play with and you have a snuggle bug!
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Well I have yet to know if he will sleep with me He's so young now that all he wants to do is play so I'm not sure. He does meow and head bonk my mouth and nose (really hard! lol) and purrs so loud when he even gets near me. I'm trying to decide if I should leave him out tonite while I'm sleeping
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Your new kitty is sooooooo cute!!! I love the pictures!!!
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Does Zoey usually sleep with you? If not, I would say go for it and let him sleep in by you. But if the bed is her turf, you might want to set him up in the bathroom for the first few nights so she doesn't feel slighted.
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Nope, Zoey doesnt sleep with me She sleeps on her perch above the bed.
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actually, a week or so later, things had calmed downed to the point that I was concerned that they needed a chaperone!

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omg, I can only dream
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omg lucia! that makes a change!
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He is adorable! Zoey has a little brother. I can tell that she is just going to love him. There is nothing better then watching 2 cats play chase in the house. Ours run from the living room to the upstairs and down to the basement - they sound like a herd of elephants.
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Just checked the boards and was I surprised by the addition to your home. I think Zoey and Saki will get along just fine. Congratulations! They look like brother and sister. I hope everything continues to go well for you.
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Wow! Leave for ONE day, and miss a 9-page thread!

Congratulations, Sicy! A new baby boy, and so very cute, too! :

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Congratulations on the new kitty!

I find that male kitties like to snuggle more than female kitties do.
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Well I didnt leave him out last night I let him out, then got in bed with a small light on next to me. They chased each other around the house non stop for 45 minutes. It seemed like they would never stop, and Zoey was breathing hard again and with her mouth open every once in a while for a couple seconds... so I just couldnt go to sleep and be worried all night. Good God does this little brat ever get tired??!! I just took some pics of them playing.. its so hard to snap it right when they're swatting at each other lol. I guess I should start a picture thread in the fur forum.
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I've been feeling very emotional since last nite. I dont know what's wrong with me. After Zoey and Saki had play time and he went back into the bathroom.. my sweet Zoey went to relax on her perch. I came to kiss her softly and tell her how much I love her and I just started crying I dont know what my problem is. I just really hope I made the right decision. I love her so much. I cant tell if she's really happy yet, or not sure, or what. There are things that will be different.. I know.. the routine. She always comes to the bathroom with me in the morning when I shower. This morning I threw Saki out of the bathroom and let Zoey come in I just feel bad about breaking her routine. She gave me some head bonks this morning when I was making her food. And now I'm crying again and no its not that time of the month I just love Zoey so much I dont want anything to happen to her. Her heavy breathing when they play really makes me nervous. I think he's too much for her. And he used her litterbox twice *sigh* I hope that doesnt piss her off
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Sicy , I am sure if Saki is to much on her she will get to a place where Zoey can rest from Saki . They are just playing with each other . To me it looks like Zoey is having fun with him . She is not bored any more and has a playmade . Zoey knows that you love her , remember they can sense what we feel .So don't worry everything is a ok
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Don't worry about the heavy breathing mine do it often when the are over active. She will know her limit and rest when she needs to. The social interaction will be good for her. I don't think you need to woory about her being upset - it sounds like they are well on their way to becoming fast friends. Of course you are emotional... you love Zoey with all your heart and you want to be sure you are doing the right thing.
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Sicy, you have such a huge heart, and within the capacity to love both cats. I know how you're feeling. For 12 years it was just me and my Snoopy. When I got Shane, I felt a combination of excitement and sadness. I was afraid that Snoopy wouldn't be as close to me, or that he'd feel jealous. I will admit that for a short time, (about a month)sort of gave me the cold shoulder. Snoopy didn't seem to know if he was still #1 in my heart, but that was only temporary. Six years later, Snoopy knows he is my #1 boy, and that he will always be special in my heart, no matter how many other furbabies join us. Snoopy is my "soul-kitty" and he knows it.

Unlike Snoopy, Zoey is still young. Snoopy was a senior when I got Shane. From everything you've said, Zoey will be very happy with her new little brother. He'll give her hours of enjoyment and pleasure. I've heard that cats who are home alone while we go out to work, need another cat around to keep them company, or they get bored. I think you've done the perfect thing for Zoey, by getting this kitten.

I don't know why Zoey is breathing heavily. Maybe she does that when she gets excited. My cat Shane does.

Just remember you aren't loving Zoey any less by getting her a new little brother. You have the capacity to love Zoey as much as you always have, and still love the new baby.

Just remember to kitten proof your house.
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I agree. Please do not worry, they will develop there own routine, sounds like zoey is having a great time.
My cat pants all the time, he will take a short break(a really short break) and he is off to play some more.

Just give it some time and try and relax and enjoy your Kitty's.
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You guys are great. I really just need people to tell me its going to be ok. *sigh* Thanks.

So Saki used his own litterbox, then Zoey went to his litterbox an re-arranged the litter

Saki is sneezing.. No runny nose or eyes though. Just one thing after another.

I've never had 2 cats ... of my own.. never had a kitten either so I am just curious about everything now.
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originally posted by tuxedokitties
Wow! Leave for ONE day, and miss a 9-page thread!
Thats what I was going to say! It takes a while to catch up.

I didnt realize that getting a new kitten can sometimes be an 'emotional roller-coaster'. Zoey will settle into a new routine very soon. It really seems like she is enjoying Saki! At least she is not hissing and wanting to hide all the time.

Amber pants sometimes when I over play with her. I'll put the feathers away and she'll follow me because she doesnt want the toy to go away but then eventually she stretches out on the kitchen floor.

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Sicy , did you go to work today and did you let them be together in your Appartment while you were gone ? And if , how were they doing ? In what contition was your Appartment when you come back from work
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lol no I was scared to leave them because today my car was in the shop and I couldnt come home to check on my lunch break. They have been out now today for 3 hours and everything is fine so I think tomorrow I might start by letting him out before I leave, then I'll come home for lunch and put him in the bathroom for the remainder of the day until I get home. I just want to give Zoey a little time to herself to recooperate
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ROTFL!!!! I just found this thread!! OMG!!!!!!!! Sicy - Saki is so cute!
Now you have bookends!!
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KIM!!!!!!!!! LOL
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