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Guys my new feral could use your prayers

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She has a bit of a dirty discharge showing up- nothing real alarming, but I am watching her close. The discharge is a dirty yellow color. I started her on GSE this morning, just in case. My feral vet is at a conference, and I don't think she could be examined at this point without being sedated- which won't happen because of the kittens. Please pray for Whisp...
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Oh Mary Anne, I'm so, so sorry to hear this!!! Of course Whisp is in my prayers!!!!!


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I hope it is nothing serious! I will send her all of my healthy thoughts.
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sending my prayers and thoughts towards Whisp's way.
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Much positive energy coming up north to Whisp! Poor baby girl.....
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Good thoughts coming from Chilly Iowa!
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More good thoughts from Philly...plus some head bumps from the gang. Keep us posted...
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Good thoughts (and a few snuggles from Ivo) for Whisp.
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hissy - I've been dying to get on here all day to see how Whip is doing. I'm worried that we haven't heard from you because you had to take her to the hospital.

Is she OK?

Are you OK?

Prayers going up for all of you.

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Hi Laurie,

Sorry just now got on the boards. Whisp is doing okay. She heaved up massive amounts of hair last night, so I was up with her most of the night- so much for sleep. I have given her some plain yogurt to settle her stomach, the discharge is gone and she is sleeping peacefully. Thanks for asking- hope you got some much needed sleep for both of us!
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Poor baby! I'm glad she's better, though. It's a good thing she found someone who knows what to do.
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I'm so relieved to hear this!!!!! Still keeping Whisp in my prayers.

Hope you get some sleep tonight.


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Glad to hear the positive update!

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She is extremely irritated, agitated and aggressive tonight, a sure sign in ferals that kittens are near. Those of you still awake, say a prayer for her that all goes well. I cannot even get close to her right now, she is all hiss, tooth and claw, and she is pacing as if she is quite uncomfortable. Crossing my fingers and saying my prayers that she gives birth without problems...putting the coffee on, gonna be a long night..
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i just saw this, how is she doing?
she is in my prayers.

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Keeping the prayers and wishes coming! And hugs to you for being such a good cat mom!
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We were awake but not on-line. I've kept you and Whisp in prayers though! Any news? Are there kittens? Did you get ANY sleep? You need to one of these days, Mary Anne.

(((((Hugs))))) to you and scritches (when she wants them) to Whisp.

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I do hope last night went well. Sending positive energy to Whisp and you Mary Anne, and maybe even to the new babies (???)

Please keep us updated! (I know you will )
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No babies yet...I am going to take her to the vets today, as she again has a dirty yellow discharge (not a good sign) I know it will stress her out to take her in, but she needs to be seen, and I need the peace of mind that there is not something bad and nasty occurring inside of her. I do pity the poor vet who has to examine her though. She puts the *F* in Feral!
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What a long night for you Hissy! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the mightly Feral mom!

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I hope all goes well with Whisp Mary Anne! I was with Ron earlier so I couldn't type much on MSN, but you know she is on my mind constantly... I'm praying real hard that all is well with Whisp and the kittens!
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I sure hope the vet finds nothing wrong. This is just so scary. Please let us know as soon as you get home.
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Hi guys,

Just got home and Whisp is in a bad way. She has pyometra and they are doing an emergency surgery on her right now. I will be picking her up late tonight as they don't want her to stay overnight being she is so wild. The vet tech has some nasty scratches now thanks to this feral lady- and I feel bad about that, but I did warn them she is still quite wild. For those of you who may not know Pyo is where an infection enters the cervix within the first week of a heat cyle. The cervix shuts down, and fills with pus and infection and becomes engorged so the cat looks pregnant, but she is not. Please say a prayer for this little girl.
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aww the poor girl is in my prayers that she pulls thru this and she recovers fast.
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Goodness, poor little girl!!! At least she found her way to you when she did, otherwise I don't even want to think of her fate. Healthy energy coming up for her, and the vet tech.
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hissy - i hope the vet tech forgives you after this!
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Thank God you rescued her. Had you not been willing to bring her into your home she surely would have died. Even though this is horrible news, because of you (and your very brave vet and vet tech) this girl will likely survive.]

Sending my prayers from Kentucky!
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I echo the sentiments of others. Thank God she found you when she did.

Of course I am keeping both of you in my prayers.

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She has come through surgery well, and I will pick her up about 6:30 tonight. Poor girl, she has been through so much in her short time here...
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aww im glad to hear that, but bless you hissy, she will be feeling better soon and thanking you for it!

(((HUGS))) for whisp
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