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Originally Posted by Cougar
Milk in a bag sounds kind of gross...
I was thinking the exact same thing..
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Germany has had it forever, but it's not all that popular. I've never liked the idea of it, though - if the pitcher you use doesn't have a proper screw-on cap, bacteria probably gets into the milk. We buy our milk in glass bottles that have to be returned to the store, as it cuts down on waste.
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Eww. I like mine in paper cartons, thank you. Also it seems it would go bad faster like that, in a clear plastic baggy, and that there would be more waste because you know those are more likely to get punctured. Plus, just carrying it would be weird, like a hard water balloon full of cow teat juice.
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Many moons ago I worked at an espresso bar and they used to have the 5gal bags of milk with what looked like a baby bottle nipple on one end. You'd put the entire bag in this... well I guess it was like a refrigerator that sat on the counter, and the plastic "nipple" part would face downward. Then at the bottom it had a handle so you could just press that down and milk would pour into the cup underneath.

I think I'm making this sound a heck of a lot more complicated than it really was, but it's one of those things you'd have to see to really get I tried to find a picture of it, but I haven't found one yet.

But yeah, so we do have bagged milk here, but it's probably not something you see on a regular basis unless you work in an espresso bar with one of these machines
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Milk in a bag isn't so bad. I prefer it over the cartons or jugs.. those are too heavy to lift if it's full. And it's 4 litres in the bag of milk.. well.. the three bags of milk you get in one bag.. if that makes any sense

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Cleanup in isle 4! must go on all day.
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I didn't know that the US didn't have bagged milk, I thought everyone had it!
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Ok found a pic!

The closed part on top is the refrigerated cabinet that holds the bag of milk. The black shelf on the bottom is where you put the cup and then press down on the lever and the milk would pour into the glass. I couldn't find a pic of one with the milk bag actually in it, but this should give you the basic idea

It's kind of like a soda machine, but for milk.
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Milk in a bag is sold here too.

I did a comparison between milk sold in bags and milk sold in 2 liters carton.

Since the bags are always sold in bags holding 3 smaller bags, of a total of 4 liters. I added the price of 2 cartons for the price of 1 bag.

Bag (4 liters); $4.39
Cartons (2 liters X 2); $5.22
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That's a new one on me, we don't have milk in a bag in the UK. It doesn't freak me out at all, if they've got the method of storing it and dispensing it right so that it doesn't go everywhere then a plastic bag is just another container.

I'm not yet convinced that it wouldn't end up all over the kitchen floor though
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I heard about it for home use in Canada b/c I'm a big fan of the canadian comic for better or for worse, and own a lot of the books with commentary. Apparently a strip that caused a lot of confusion was one where Farley the dog was drinking milk out of the tube in the bag. We Us'ers didn't get it!
A few times when I worked in my college cafeteria I installed the huge bag of milk into one of those silver machines that you lift the handle to get the milk. We had those at summer camp too. I don't think most people know what is inside of the silver box- I certainely didn't until I saw it.
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Originally Posted by MuttigreeMom
I could see a "squirt fight" between me and B on this
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Holy Cow (no pun intended) is milk expensive in Canada!!!!! I went to the little grocery in town today and I thought I paid alot at $2.39 for a gallon of milk!!! Of course living in America's dairyland I get really spoiled at the relative low cost of dairy products.
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uts 3.89 a gallon at my local store. course you can get a twin pack for around 5 bucks.
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I've actually never heard of bagged milk!

But then, the thought of cow milk being consumed by anyone other than a calf freaks me out.
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I don't know about you guys but milk is the one thing that is cheaper at the convenience store. It's like 4 bucks a gallon at the grocery, unless it's on sale. At the convenience store it's 2.39.. that's usually the cheapest. Plus they have buy 10 get one free cards. WalMart has decent prices too on milk. I know all this because hubby drinks milk like some guys drink beer. I used to drink 1/2 gallon a week at the most. Together we go through like 2-3 gallons a week.
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Wow, that seems weird! My questions were what if the bag gets a tear?!?! But if you get 3 individual bags inside one larger bag, I can see that there would be protection against a leak.

And how to dispense, but if you have a certain jug to pour it out of...that settles it.

Still seems weird, but if it cost less than cardboard or plastic cartons, I would buy it!
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I have been thinking about this, and I know I had a hard enough time trying to get the milk out of those card board type cartons, where you had to fold the opening backwards & then fold it forward, and then squeeze it together... I always ender up having to saw it open with a steak knife anyway ....I can't imagine having it in a plastic bag?! But it does make more sense for the environment right? So maybe it would be better... we are not milk drinkers in my house...I'd never drink it except for a rare occasion (like a giant piece of chocolate cake), and then only with chocolate syrup. I'm more of a yogurt & cheese kinda girl... I don't like that whole phlegmy coating in your mouth when you drink milk... ewwwww.....
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We have milk in a bag here - its at all the Kwik Trip gas stations around. Its actually cheaper, and it comes with a container to pour it in. John's mom used to buy it, but I won't - I don't know why
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