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Update on Sponge - Page 5

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Congrats on 4 new babies, give smudge good belly rub from us. Skittles must be next, hurry up skittles. Great job Smudge
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So sorry to hear about the second kitten hope the rest are ok . poor little guy RIP little one =(
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OH NO!!! Just checked here after I checked on Skittles.... Why didn't the kitten live?? Do you know? Sounds so awful...I would be crying.....So glad the others made it,though!!! I would like to see the cuties!! I have yahoo,too, jennifer_firth2000 ....may I see? I'll show one of mine!!

Now we wait on Skittles....***SIGH*** takes forever!!!
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Why don't you think she has any milk? If the kittens are nursing and not crying too much, then she has milk..... it can sometimes take a bit for it to really come down and fill in, but I bet they are getting something.
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Is it just me or is the update on Skittle thread missing??
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Nope it is not just you-I just went to go check in and it told me I no longer had access to her thread and that it could be the administrators had inactivated my account. I sent Momof3rugrats a P.M. to see how she was doing. I hope that she is okay and resting comfortably.
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I think that thread is missing!

Congrats on the 4 little ones! Just when you think the panic of labor begins...then comes those worriesome next few days and weeks.

Just keep your vet's number handy. I do know it can take a bit for the kittens to nurse, or for the mother's milk to begin pumping. Have the colostrum replacement formula handy, and KMR. 4 bottles and nips too. Are they in a cozy spot? Perhaps leave momma be for about a half hour, and go back, and see how everyone is doing. If kits begin to cry...they're hungry! Wait a bit further, and see if momma begins to nurse.

I'm so happy for you. Everything will work out great, you will see. Queens come with more instincts than they sometimes know what to do with, but it all kicks in in due time!
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I have squeezed her teats and kinda rolled them around a little between my fingers and nothing at all comes out. two of the kittens were meowing quite a bit but now they are cuddled up with momma and sleeping. do you think them sucking is bringing the milk out? If i need to go get kmr and bottles its gonna have to be soon b/c i have two small kids that have to get to bed soon.
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Yeah, I would pick it up now, before it's too late to run out and do it. You never know what will happen!

If you need some help, please refer to the sticky about kitten links at the top of the forum - there's a lot of good links there.
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Congratulations Nikki! And A Well Done to Sponge too!
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here are a couple of pics of the kittens. they are kinda hard to see but i didnt want to turn the flash on.
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Nikki they are TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OHHH they so cute... i want one... mine is all grown up she just turned a year old... but she is still cute
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I just got back on for a minute tonight to check how Sponge is doing. Congrats on all the babies!! Love the pics!

When my Kassie delivered hers by c-section, I though the same thing about the milk, but she did have some, I didn't know for sure though cuz I couldn't get any out. I actually was able to tell when the kitten came off of the nipple and I saw it then.

Hope she and babies are doing well. Good job Sponge ...you rest well tonight with your new babies!
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They are soo adorable-I wonder how Skittles is coming along?
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Skittles is fine, She'll be posting again soon! Yippee!!
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Nikki her babies are just like her... So cute..
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I've heard it's very difficult for a human to get milk out of a cat. Are the babies looking like they're nursing? Falling asleep on the nipple? Then they're probably getting milk.

They're beautiful, by the way. How are you ever going to tell them apart?
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How is Sponge and family today?
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How's the new mama and babies doing this morning?

Did ya get some much needed sleep? Is hubby and the kids feeling better I hope??

You take care of your sick and now expanded family!
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I hope you are all getting well deserved sleep..........
SHHHH no one wake mommy and the babies...
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We went to the vet today and she has mastitis (not sure if thats how you spell it or not). so the vet gave me some med to give to her twice a day for 5 days and said the kittens should be able to nurse from her and actually get something in a day or two until then i am bottle feeding.

i can tell them apart pretty easily. the first one born is real quiet, he looks just like the third one born (grey and white). the third one born never shuts up LOL. then the 4th and 5th one is different. the 4th one is a lot lighter than the 5th one. i will try to post some pictures tomorrow of them. maybe with it being daylight i can get better pics.

my husband and kids are doing much better. ty for asking.

and no, i didnt get much sleep lastnight. LOL

ty everyone for your kind words yesterday and today.
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I am glad all is well please keep us updated.
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bless you for taking time to update, have been worried about you, your family, Smudge and all the little ones. I guess you really have your hands full. good luck, try and get some sleep or you will end up sick next. Kittens are adorable.
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Good news!!!!!! I am not having to feed the babies anymore. Sponge has plenty of milk now to feed them. She is a wonderful mother. All the kittens seem to be doing very good. They all have gained weight already. I havent weighed them today but yesterday when I did they had gained really good. I checked in on them when I got home tonight and they are all curled up with momma asleep. There is one of them that climbs all over her constantly. I feel really sorry for her at times. Three of them will be laying there eating and the other one climbing all over her. It looks like we have 3 girls and 1 boy. Someone posted a site on here that showed the difference between the male and female kittens and that has been SOOOOO helpful. So tyvvvm to whoever that was. I will try to get some pics of them tomorrow if I have time and post them.
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I just weighed the babies and they have all gained a little over 2 oz each since they were born.

does anyone know the average weight of a kitten when its born?

these weighed 3.9 oz, 3.7 oz, 4.2 oz, and 3.5 oz. I didnt weigh the one that was stillborn. it looked about the same size as the rest of them. they are all over 5 oz now!
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Wonderful that all is going well and Sponge is enduring the joys of being a mother! Like all of us I am sure, I look forward to seeing pix.
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The average weight of a newborn kitten is 3-3.4 oz, so it sounds like they're doing super!!! I'm so glad to hear that Sponge is able to feed them on her own now...there's really no substitute for the bond that comes from nursing.
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She had good sized babies then if the average is 3-3.4oz, especially the 4th one born, she was 4.2oz. Here are some pics I just took of them. Since they are gaining weight its getting harder to tell which is which with the two grey and white ones. LOL

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they r adorable
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