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Originally Posted by Soka
I tried telling my mom, but she said if the cat doesn't get declawed, she has to stay out on the porch (which gets super hot in the summer) and I don't want her to have to live out there. I want her to be able to come inside and roam the house just like any other indoor cat. My fiance's mother said that there is a vet in town that does very well with declaws. Both of her cats are declawed and they were both up and running around like their old selves by the next day. I have no choice in the matter. Either declaw, or she lives on the porch where it gets really hot (90 and up in the summer) and well below 40 in the winter.
If you clip the claws like once a week, the cat really won't do any damage..did you tell your mom that?

It doesn't matter how "well" the declaw is done..it's still unneccesary to the cat IMO.
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I will try to talk to my mom about it, but like me, she is quite stubborn. She's afraid that if Miki lashes out at Lacey, that the claws will catch Lacey's eyes or something like that. I will talk to her about getting the claw covers. Hopefully I can change her mind. I don't like cats getting declawed, especially if she ends up getting loose, she won't be able to hunt or defend herself. It'll take some convincing on my part though.
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That is why my Skittles has hers still. There is other ways to detore the scratching.
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Update: Well I have successfully convinced my mom to use the soft paws on Miki instead of getting her declawed. As soon as my check comes in, in May, my mom is going out to get Miki an automatic litter box. Oh and something unexpected, my grandmother (who hates cats and is allergic) likes Miki. Who would've thought. My mom says that my grandmother is always saying how sweet Miki is and how wonderful she is. My grandmother doesn't fall for cats easily. Actually, she's never liked any of my cats. So this is a big thing for Miki and myself. And I think my mom has fallen for her too. My mom really wants to get the automatic litterbox for Miki so she can come into the main part of the house, and she is always telling me she'll give Miki a kiss for me. Its so cute how I bring her home and both my grandmother and my mom (who wanted me to give her to someone else) have fallen in love with her. How could you not?
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what wonderful news all round, no declawing and your grandmother and mother like her but your right - how could you not fall in love with that sweet girl?

awwww she is so lucky that you took her in and now she has the chance at a perfect loved filled life This really is a great story!!
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That is awesome news that everyone loves her and she won't have to be declawed!! Thats really great!
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All right!! No declawing for Miki!

Regarding Soft Paws--you're gonna have to be persistant with those; most cats try to get them off, and you have to glue on another prety often till they get the point that you're not gonna let them walk around without their soft paws on!
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Update: I swear, my mom loves that cat just as much as I do. I was just talking to my cousin online and he said him and my mom were trying to find a 'cat tree' or kitty condo for her. I swear, this cat is going to end up spoiled. Before I know it, I'm going to be sleeping on the floor, and Miki will have the bed. Miki has even claimed a certain spot as 'hers' on the porch. We have an old fireplace/furnace that she like to crawl under. It has only one opening and she crawls in there where its cool. She is such a nut.
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Hey, if she claims the bed, at least you'll have a warm bed to get into in the winters! Cats aren't big enough to claim the WHOLE bed, no matter how hard they try

Good for the cat tree thing--make sure it's got a scratching post thingy on it... cats scratch, fact of life, whether they have soft paws on or clipped claws or even no claws at all... instinct. And it'll give her something to scratch so if the soft paws come off, she'll be less likely to damage furniture.

Oh, yeah, and most cats love kitty trees with some sort of hideaway thingy in them. It's like a law of science: "Any small, comfortable place in the house must contain a cat at the earliest possible moment."

How'd Miki take to the soft paws?
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Haven't gotten them yet. I have to wait till I get back to Richmond, hopefully by the 13th of May. When I get back, I'm setting up a vet visit to get her up to date with all her shots, and also set an appointment to get her spayed.
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awwwwww I love it!!!

the scratching post is a great idea as it will help keep Miki's claws at a good length and she can be taught to just scratch that. Both my boys usually only scratch their post (about 95% of the time)
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Yea, my mom is really worried about her furniture, so softpaws and scratching post are definatly on the shopping list.
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Spay her before her next heat because your mom and grandmother might not like her again....
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I don't know when that is. She's 9 months old but I've only had her for almost 3 weeks.
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If shes not spayed..........maybe she is already pregnant? If you have had her for three weeks and she has not gone into heat that may be why.
She is beautiful!!!
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Well I did post about my suspicions that she was possibly pregnant, though those reasons could have been her going into heat. She ate a lot and was highly affectionate. The amount of food she was eating was nuts. She'd get a packet of wet food everyday, and whenever the food bowl was empy, I'd fill it with dry food. The bowl isn't that big. About a handfull of food at a time in there. While that isn't a lot of food, Miki isn't a big cat. She is actually smaller than my fiance's 7 month old, but she would eat two bowls of this. So the equivallent of a days worth of food for this kitty is a packet of wet food and two handfulls of dry. Is that too much, or just right?
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On the bag of cat food (kitten food) your given her it should say how much she should get. My cats get 1 1/2 cups of dry food every day (each) and thats it unless I treat them to some wet. My cats eat Iams.
As for her being pregnant....are you saying shes been in heat then? I thought from your post that she has not been in heat for three weeks since youve owned her? My cat goes into heat every two so far...yuck and shes not due to be fixed until the end of May. So I thought since yours had not then maybe she is pregnant........only time will tell. I would think if she doesnt go into heat soon then shes probablly pregnant.
You will know when shes in heat.......the butt up in the air and the hind feed kneeding and the strong desire to get OUT along with the meowing, crying and possible spraying. Our cat also becomes more loving when shes in heat although she is not a big crying in heat. But Snickers sprays so thats not fun.
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Well I'm not sure if she has been in heat or not. She is HIGHLY affectionate, but she hasn't been putting her butt in the air, or had a strong urge to go outside. When I took her out on the leash, she just wanted to explore, and when I took her inside, she hung around the door for a few minutes, wanting me to take her back out, but then she gave up after maybe 5 min and came back to play. She is not a big meower and the only time she meows is if you walk into the room and she wants you to pet her. And the packets of food she gets are the same amount as a can. If you were to pour it into your hand, it'd be a little less than a handfull.
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I think you should get her check if in 2 weeks she doesn't go in to heat. By then a vet can help you in either way.
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Well I won't be there for another two weeks, so my mom will have to keep an eye out. She'll be going to the vet in two weeks anyway, as soon as I get home. *crosses fingers* I'm really hoping she's not preggers.
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I think your probablly feeding her enough. If your not she will let you know by meowing all the time until you do feed her. If she seems content then your probablly fine.
I would think youd know if she had been in heat so theres probablly a strong possibility she is pregnant. When you take her to the vet in two weeks they may be able to tell and they may not. Alot more work for ya if she is....Let us know how it all goes!
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A cat's early pregnancy can be safely terminated when she's spayed... of course that would have to be a moral choice on your part, whether you want to do that.

She *is* just nine months old, though; and while most cats are mature at that age, maybe your Miki is just a late bloomer and going into heat irregularly or not at all yet... who knows? Or you may have overestimated her age...
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Didn't the vet where you where in collage house her for you for a week or 2... Did they say she was in heat there. If am correct you have been home for 2 weeks right.
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When I had boarded at the vet when I first got her (I couldn't take her home just yet since I was at college) I asked the vet how old she was and he said judging by her teeth, she was 9 months old. I'll talk to my mom hopefully within the next few days and tell her to keep an eye on Miki and look out for signs of her going into heat.

As for the food, anytime I go near the bag of dry food, Miki seems to go nuts. She doesn't meow at me all that much, but she tries to stick her head in the opening of the bag and immediatly starts eating when I pour the food into her bowl. I'm not sure how much a 9 month old is supposed to be eating, but she goes through two bowls of dry and a packet and literally cleans her bowl. There was only one time that she didn't finish all her food, and that is when my mom put down a bowl of chicken soup for her and she probably ate all of that, and that was a big bowl.
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so a time frame of what a month she has been inside the house or the vet office.
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I got her on April 11th. That was the day she was brought down from the tree. She was boarded at a vet till April 21st. She has been inside the house since. So three weeks she has been inside.
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Ok......My Stormy is 8 months old. She eats 1 1/2 cups of dry food every day. Thats it!! I put out the bowl in the AM with that amount and thats all she eats. Everyonce in awhile she will get some treats but thats her total amount for the day. Like I said she eats IAMS so each bag has the portion size on the back of the bag for how much your kitty should be eating. IT sounded like to me thats shes getting enough. But if shes still a tiny little thing and you want to give her a little more then I dont think that would hurt.
Im putting my guess on her being pregnant. LIke I said its pretty obvious when they are in heat. Of course she could just be too young, BUT I dont think so.........lol She may only be a few weeks along...........time will tell.
I dont know if Im beating a dead horse or not.......Im unsure if you were still asking about how much food or just explaining how much you were giving her. Forgive me for my babbling if you werent.
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Well, I'm still not sure how much I should be feeding her. It seems no matter how much food I put down, she's always ready for some more, well most of the time.
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Like I said read the back of the bag......it usually goes by your cats weight. You dont want to overfeed her too much or that will lead to long term weight gain. Stormy had me wrapped around her little paws when she was tiny and would cry and I would feed her.......big mistake. lol Now shes a tiny bit on the heavy side but we are trying to fix that with feeding her better food and smaller amounts. They arent going to starve if your feeding her the recommended amounts that are on their bag of cat food. They might act like they are but they wont.
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Ok, well I'll ask my mom about the bag next time I talk to her. Miki is in Richmond, while I'm in Wise. I swear, I am so attached to that little cat. I miss her so much. I hated leaving her to come back to college. While Lacey is there, she has her to play with (if they play at all, I'm not sure.)
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