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Your boy is an inspiration!!!!!! This is great news!!
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I am so happy to hear that he's starting to regain his strength. Been keeping you all in my heart these last few days. Keep on healing Az, there are so many people and animals that are waiting for you to get better.
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OMG that is the saddest story I have ever heard. I had to get my kittie pts 2 months ago because she had what I think was kidney failure and I just lost my job, no money and my dad said he couldnt spend too much money on her. The vet said about 400 to 500 dollars to keep her there under ssupervision and no guarantee she would live. The only decision I was given was weather to have her cremated and saved in a little container, or cremated with a bunch of other animals after being pts. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through to hold her as she was put down. Your story made me think of her and I started balling. Especially when you told us the part about putting the phone in his cage and talking to him.
I wish you the best of luck with him...Im praying for him.
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Happy for you!
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Only just come across this thread....oh my....

I am surprised that i haven't fried myself, tears are falling all over the keyboard.....

Az is one determined cat. I feel sure that he will continue to improve, he is one tough cookie.
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Aww, am so pleased to hear this!! Haven't been able to get on this week, so have read the last 4 pages all in one go. It is so good he is doing well at home.
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Az took a look a deaths door, said forget that **** and went back on the porch, then back on the grass, and now he's across the street!

Good Job! I'm so happy things are looking SO much better
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Thanks for the update. Things certainly look a lot brighter than they did a week ago. Sending vibes that he continues to improve in leaps and bounds.
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Wow. Reading this made me tear up. Just thinking about if something bad happened to my kitties makes me sad. I'm SO happy for you and I hope that Az continues to get better! I know he will.
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Ooooh yay! I just can't get my breath with how much things have turned around! And to hear that there is a chance he may get his sight back is just fantastic! When will you next get to see him?
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More prayers for Azrael.
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I just can't hold back the tears. It's such wonderful news. Thankyou so much for sharing the story of this strong wonderful kitty with us.

Az - your a fighter & your proof of how strong the will to live can be, and what a positive attitude can accopmlish. Keep fighting the good fight.
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Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! WTG, Az!
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I can't thank you all enough for sticking with Az and I through this whole thing. It's definately been an ordeal and you're all the best

Az stopped eating last night and his cold seemed to get worse. Mom took him back to the vet. They think he wasn't eating because his nose was so stuffed up he couldn't smell anything. They put him on stronger antibiotics, but said the cold wasn't in his chest, so it's still not too terrible, but they'll keep an eye on it. He's supposed to be on a prescription diet (which he was eating before, so they dont think it's a matter of him just not liking it), but the vet told mom to give him whatever he would eat for a day or two just to get some food in him while his nose clears up. So tonight, he dined on tuna

Mom also sent me some pics of Az from tonight. You can see all the places where he had to be shaved for the IV's and other things, so he looks a little funny... and to me he looks a little worn out, but I don't know if that's easy to see in the pics for anyone else since I know what he looks like normally....

But here's what she sent:

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ohmy those pictures brought tears to my eyes

I hope your nose clears up real soon Az and you can get back to being the happy boy that you are. Your such a fighter and I can see that in your eyes now. Thankyou so much for sharing these photos with us
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I hesitated about checking the thread but am so glad I did. Az is such an amazing fighter! We are still keeping you guys in our thoughts.
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awww poor thing. It's good to see him standing up, considering what he was in less than a week ago! I'm so happy he's a fighter!!
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This thread is a tear-jerker for sure. I am so happy for you!! I just want to kiss that gorgeous boy!
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Hey, Az, you're doing great! And all your fans are pulling for you! Keep it up, Sweetie! Hope that little "code id da doze" clears up soon!
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When I saw the thread up again I was scared to open it, but so glad that AZ has come through. Seeing him the photo's it is hard to believe that a week ago he was close to deaths door.

We all send lots of hugs accross the seas.
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Oh Az! I am in with you! I don't think I've got so hooked on anything as I have on checking this thread to see how Az is doing. When do you get to see him?
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Originally Posted by Pombina
When do you get to see him?
Hard to tell, but hopefully sooner than later!

Originally the plan was to bring all three boys down as soon as I closed on my house. That way I could have my kitties back and mom could come landscape my house! (She just retired and joined a Master Gardener program, whereas anything with leaves and a stem has a death wish around me ) But after this, we want to make sure he's darn good and ready to travel first - especially since it looks like mom will be driving down and that could be a 2 day drive. At this point, it's looking like I might not see him until the family comes down for Thanksgiving.

I'm hoping I can fly up for a weekend or something to go visit him. It's just tough with the dogs here and having to kennel them and such. (They're very hyper, young lab mixes who get bored VERY easily when they're in a kennel.)

So it's all very up in the air right now. But, hopefully I can work something out to get up there soon *fingers crossed*.
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Levi, Jordan, Isaac & Maggie wanted to send some special kitty hugs to Az in the hopes that his cold will go away quickly & he'll be able to keep up the good work on recovery. Maggie wanted to send a special note that if he's ever in Milwaukee she'd love a date as she thinks he's dreamy.
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*Sigh* Well....

Az was recovering nicely... was allowed outside the bedroom. Was reintroduced to his buds Jack and Johnny... Johnny is spending his days curled up with Az to help him out. Jack is still unsure what to make of Az since Az is still shaky and wobly, etc.

But Az started getting lethargic. Back to the vet. Temp 104. Az has pneumonia. Now on two types of antibiotics. Not doing well again.

Guess we'll see how this goes.... this poor kid. What a mess!
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Poor little guy.......he has been through so much! You, your family, and Az are in our thoughts and hearts.
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OOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Poor Babe! What more does this sweetie have to endure before he's well again? Here come the prayers and vibes for sweet Az Hope you're feeling much better real soon! And "Hang In there" vibes for all his humans, too
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Still in my prayers... poor kitty
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ooohhhh no, I am so sorry to hear this... come on little fella, be brave just a little while longer
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Ohh no I hope Az can get through this poor little chap lots of hugs and vibes from Lanzarote
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Poor Az! I'm so sorry to hear he's doing poorly again, and am keeping my fingers crossed that he pulls through the pneumonia.
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