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Thank you, friends, each and every one of you! Your prayers and support mean more to us that we are able to express!

Serenity has just had her midnight snack, and no more food allowed until tomorrow when she arrives home from her surgery. She sure is looking forward to getting her stitches out tomorrow! Poor baby, though, she will be going to sleep with one set of stitches and waking up with another!

Sierra knows something is going on tonight and is acting rather odd. Serenity is still being her silly little self! We will all be glad when tomorrow afternoon is here and Serenity is back home, safe and sound. Thank you, again, for all of your encouragement, we sure need it!
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She is such a little cutie =)

I wish her good luck.. and that the surgery will go smoothly with no complications

I remember taking my dog to be casterated... it was horrible.. we took him to the back room and put him onn the large stall type cage.. and as we were walking awway he started to cry.. and I broke out into a sob..
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How sweet that dear Sierra is aware that something's up! I will be keeping Serenity, Sierra & you in my thoughts & prayers tomorrow. I look forward to reading your post tomorrow that our prayers are answered & all is well!
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stay brave little one (that goes for you Mummy as well!!!) . Serenity you have the a world of cat lovers thinking of you and we know your going to do just fine
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You'll do fine serenity!!

Meow meow sends you positive vibes as well.. she says dun worry, you'll be fine!
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Oooooh big day!! Lots of love and hugs and special kitty scritches to sweet Serenity - and also to her anxious Meowmy and big sister Sierra!! Keep us posted!
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Sending lots of scritches and kisses to little serenity kitty!!
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Steph- Serenity will be JUST FINE, so stop worrying! The one who is going to have a bad day tomorrow isn't going to be Serenity at all!
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Steph don't worry sweetie, weve all been there and they've all came through it with no problems

I hope the day passes quickly for you both so she can be home with her mum and stepsister again
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Just dropping by to wish you good luck today sweet little Serenity. I can't wait to hear from your Mommy that you're back home recovering gently with your big sister

I'll be sending you calming thoughts all day
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Thank you so much!

Serenity is quite sure I must be very confused having forgotten her breakfast, so she's reminding me over and over! Sierra knows this drill and has found herself a little out of the way nook just in case it's her day to go to the v-e-t. We're on our way out and will be back with updates as we are able!
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Good Luck, Stephanie and Serenity! I'm thinking of you both, today!

Bless, Sierra! I bet she's sitting there crossing her paws that it's not her turn!
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Serenity, Sierra & of course you Stephanie, will remain in my thoughts & prayers today.
Hang in there girls. "This too shall pass." :
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Good Vibes & Good Kitty Wishes & Good Luck to Serenity
Will be thinking good thoughts for you today!
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Oh i hate it when they look up at you for their food but they can't have any
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Thank you for continuing to send your prayers and support to us today!

It was so difficult dropping off little Serenity this morning! Handing her over to the Nurse felt as if she might as well have been prying out my internal organs.

I was told I could call after 12pm, so at 12 on the dot, of course, I phoned. Serenity was just waking up! The nurse said her surgery went extremely well, and they were able to remove the sutures in her little paw!

I have kept as busy as possible with my tasks including grocery shopping, had my car inspected and oil changed, deposited my check, picked up Sierra & Serenity's food, put my sheets in to wash, and will now begin to vaccuum the floor in the bedroom and mop the floor in the kitchen and bathroom. Serenity is always so helpful with the floors, this will be a good time to get it done!

Sierra is a bit baffled wondering where her little sister is! She has just enjoyed her first peaceful meal in 5 months! She's being super loving and talkative, and we're having our very special Mommy baby time for just the two of us!

Only 2 hours until time to pick up baby Serenity! Thank you to my dear friends who are calling, messaging, and keeping up with our thread to help me through this stressful day!
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I'm so happy to hear everything went well!
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I'm so glad to read of Serenity's eventless surgery and recovery! It's great that her worried mama got some good news. Glad you could spend some one-on-one time with Sierra though .
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I know that what you are feeling right now is relief & joy that baby Serenity is OK.
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On my way out to pick up my little girl!!!
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Awwww....Baby Serenity, your Mommy is coming to get you sweetie pie. :
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Oh! Excellent! You'll be so happy to have her home safe and sound.
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Awww... give Serenity a little kiss for me. She's such a darlin!
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Just checking in on forum messages...are you both home now? Skritches to both your special girls.
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Baby Serenity is home safe and sound! All of her blood work was within normal limits, and her Dr. explained that the surgery went very well. Her little boo boo is healing nicely with her stitches removed! She must be so happy to have that bandage off!

Serenity has a brand new fashionable haircut, with her little tummy shaven, as well as part of her right arm where she had her IV and back left leg where they monitored her blood pressure. Her front right paw is extremely swollen, to the point it was rather shocking to see it. Her Dr. said this is not uncommon being on the leg where her IV was located, and the swelling will subside shortly. We will, of course, be keeping a careful watch on it.

She was given two injections for pain that should be effective until morning, and we have medication which she may receive every 24 hours hours to help with her pain. Sierra and Serenity will also be using a new supplement, the ingredients of which surpass our current formula. I will not begin this, though, until Serenity is healed just so if she was to have an unusual reaction, we could more easily pinpoint the cause.

Sierra doesn't care for our smell, and has hissed at Serenity and sniffed me over quite well, turning away in disapproval. We're using our Feliway, which is surely helping, and I'm about to have a nice shower.

Serenity is walking around, although a bit less gracefully than usual, even stopping to play with her favorite toy a couple of times. She's not the least bit interested in food, not even her treats, but I know that's not unusual. She has gone potty and is presently lying next to me as I type.

Thank you guys, again, for helping us through this day! We're so happy to be home!
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So glad you and the girls made it thru well
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Glad all is going well. You might want to wipe Serenity down with something that has her usual smell (and that of Miss Sierra) on it...it may help.
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oh my goodness! What great news and little s is doing great. That type of interest in "stimuli" after coming home so soon is WONDERFUL, Steph, as I'm sure you know - what a great sign! She'll be 100% in a couple of days!!!!

I can't wait to hear about all the special foods, nutrition, toys, games, and special sleeping areas you have in store for her. What could be better than to be nursed by a nurse?
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Yay for Serenity! She's such a little trooper, I'm sure she'll be 100% in no time at all.
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