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Don't you just want to tell someone to buzz (well not QUITE the word I want to say) off when someone tells you what to do!:tounge2:
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IMO, the only reason Sarah stayed is because Rob was afraid to give up the safety of having control of a second vote. That was more important to him than the 'good' of the tribe. He needs Sarah around for that extra vote. It's a shame, because team moral is down anyway (3 consecutive losses) and they need unity. Sarah is obviously not a a team player, and that was really driven home by her comment at tribal council. I loved it that Gina called her out. Even if Sarah was thinking it, she shouldn't have said it out loud.
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Tigger, Unfortunately, that person is often your boss! I quit a job once because I couldn't stand the verbal abuse. Yes, I wanted to tell him to "buzz" off, but I didn't want to sink to his level, so I said before I walked out, "And as for you-------(long pause), God bless you and goodbye. It's very upsetting. Lately, my son is getting bossy, and I am ready to kick him off the island! Actually, many times bossy people are saying these things " for your own good," but they make enemies in the process of trying to help. It isn't always what we say, but how we say it!
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Survivor lovers, The Amazing Race starts again tonight at 8 p.m. It's worth watching. I understand that it will be on a different night after the opening show...Wed., I believe.
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Just in case someone doesn't know, Survivor is on tonight, Wed., because of Basketball games scheduled for Thurs. The treat is that The Amazing Race follows it immediately.
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Can't wait to see tonights episode of Survivor!!

I don't watch the amazing race, but their is a celebrity boxing thing on the fox channel right after Survivor, Tanya Harding is one of the people on it, it looked good, so I will check that out after.
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I'm so glad someone posted that Survivor was going to be on tonight! I didn't have any idea they switched nights I would have been so upset if I had missed it..thanks Jeanie for taking the time to post about it!
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Survivor Night!!!!!

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Let's hope Sarah goes tonight!!
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Sarah goes next too!:tounge2:
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i didnt know it was on tonight until yesterday, whew, i cant imagine what i might have done if i'd not realised; i'd probaly break my t.v.
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:censor::censor::censor:?? They got rid of HUNTER?!? Are they idiots? Wait..the fact that they voted off their strongest member kinda answers that question I LOVED his final words- they were so true. Hope Burnett mixes the game up a little or else that tribe is going to be in trouble. I feel bad for poor Gina, to be stuck with a bunch of losers. I love the Rotu tribe, they've totally got it together. They seem like such wonderful people. I guess they lumped all the dopes together in the Maraamu tribe...
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Sure didn't expect Hunter to be voted off. And what's with Rob is is King of the Island or something? Poor Gina she is going to be the one to do all the work for that tribe now. What a dumb move, the other guys voted Hunter off because he was such a threat. man oh man......
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I FELL ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!!! And then I just read this that they got rid of Hunter!! Oh my, they are idiots!! I'm convince now!! How the hell is Sarah and Shawn still there?????????????????????
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Didn't you really admire the wisdom behind some of the reasoning? Such as: You don't really need strong people to win competitions.(?)
Fear is the most important thing. (This is real leadership.)
Well, I don't think they have to worry too much about winning. They'll be home soon.
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They are all really dumb for kicking Hunter off! It's going to be just like last Survivor ...... Gina will be the next to go. Oh, well, I can guarantee they will never win the challenges. It doesn't matter because I like the other team much better..... They have really come together.

I felt bad for the nurse getting stung by an urchin and then getting bit by an eel! Although ..... why didn't he pee on himself?
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less dramatic if he peed on himself- IMO Besides, what idiot goes and overturns rocks in tropical waters without using a stick? Just like their shelter leaking because they used palm fronds instead of bananna leaves. I loved what Hunter's parting comment was. I see a major rescue for that worthless tribe.
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I was laughing my a$$ off when she peed on his hand! Holy dramatic and scripted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He could have just as easily peed on himself and avoided all that drama!!
Just my opinion though!!
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what about Rob's comment. "If they fear me, they will obey me!" What he thinks he is Dom Coreleone- he is going to make them "an offer they can't refuse?"
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Got a caption for this photo of King Rob? How about "Golly! I thought this was a horse's head?"

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talk about a frustrating episode, my god.

i was in shock when Hunter was voted out, there was absolutely *no* logic there,
and Rob, what the hell is up there? can you say 'god complex' ?


i bet they are going to have to split the tribes up again with marramu with so few members and
gina's new situation.

i adore the rotu tribe, those guys are great.

we also watched the amazing race and Jeanie G you were right, it's a great show ! i loved it
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Robs a big jerk who thinks hes something special I HATE people like that...I just love Neleh from Rotu- shes so sweet and genuine. That whole tribe is awesome, they seem like a big happy family. Wasn't it gross when Rob from Rotu cut his toe? Bleck He was stronger about it than I would have been.
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I was SO shocked when they voted Hunter off!!! I TOTALLY didn't see that coming!!!! What a bunch of morons!!! I only like Gina, and the one woman, can't remember her name, it starts with a V on that tribe now. I did like Rob, until his whole they will obey me thing....who does he think he is??????? Geesh!!

On the other tribe, I like several of them. Too soon to tell about them yet.
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Oh and Melissa, when that guy cut his toe, I was trying to eat supper, and they kept showing his cut toe, and I lost my appetite!! :laughing:
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Originally posted by adymarie
You bet I am looking in a crystal ball. I can't see Rob, Sean & Sarah wanting to keep Hunter & Gina. Their only chance is if Vecepia changes sides.

Boy did I call that or what! Anybody need a crystal ball reading?

I think John (the nurse) couldn't pee on himself as he probably peed when he went in the water.
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:LOL: Thats probably true Ady It was so funny when he ran to the beach yelling 'Does anyone have to pee?Anyone??' They all gave him the wierdest looks..I was sitting here by myself laughing my butt off :laughing: Then the cats gave ME weird looks
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Speaking of (ahem) urinating, my sister dropped a lit cigaret in her lap while she was driving, and my 75 year old mother shocked her by saying that at a time like that, with her luck, she wouldn't be able to go! Why, though, didn't the woman (can't think of her name) who helped him go in a container, and why did the rest of the group have to stand there and look? I felt sorry for him, not only because of the injury, but the cure seemed even worse!
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i dont like "V" (vecepia) she is just following the rest of that stupid tribe, her vote could have got sarah out,
but she voted with the rest.

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i found this on another forum ::: http://www.realitytvrefugees.com/for...?threadid=1625

it is absolutely hilarius


With Many Apologies to Paul Simon
To "The Sounds of Silence"

Hello Jeff Probst, our old friend
We come and meet with you again
‘cause we’re the sorry tribe
Jeffy, would you take a bribe?
And the minute that we walk out on the stage
You know our rage
We are the Maraamu-mus.

We are restless, we’re alone
We fight, we bitch, and then we moan
While Sean is swimming in his raft
Rob’s thinking: “who will get the shaft?â€
While his eyes flash toward Sarah’s chest
And there they rest
We are the Maraamu-mus.

And in the other tribe I saw
All are working, four and four.
People acting without fighting
Taking turns without complaining
People jiving like one big happy tribe
While we all die
We are the Maraamu-mus.

“Foolsâ€, said I, “You do not know
We are on a television show
Take my lead that I might guide you
Winning is an attitudeâ€
But my words like silent raindrops fell
Not on the Maraamu-mus.

And each one came on the stage
And they each wrote down their page
And it came without warning
As Jeff read each sign it was forming
And their signs said:
“We’d rather keep a princess than a Fed Ex pilotâ€
That sealed my lot
With those Maraamu-mus.
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Blue, that was priceless! Well, now we can sit back and see what happens to those geniuses. I hope we get the last laugh.
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