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Ack! I am beginning to like Sean too. He is growing on me (like a fungus?). He has become alot better since Rob got booted. I really hope Neleh or Paschel win - they both seem super nice.
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Aneesa from the Real World is just plain disgusting, and I'm sorry to say that!:tounge2: It's disgusting when they show her sitting on the toilet I'm surprised they haven't sent Tanya to see a specialist with her kidney problems -- I mean peeing blood constantly isn't a good sign! I'm surprised it hasn't done more damage to her kidneys...... Is it on this Tuesday? I didn't see the previews!
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Hey guys...I thought I'd let you know..I started a thread for the real world, if we want to discuss it there!
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Guess who wants to negotiate with Playboy??? No, not Gina..Zoe!!I don't know about you, but I don't consider her a great beauty. Of course she might have other redeeming qualities, but centerfold material??
(Leeza Gibbons made the announcement.
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Oh what a joke! I'd pay not to see her naked. Heck, I don't want to see her clothed. I don't like her at all.
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I just don't see Zoe as being Playboy material.
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Are you sure it's PlayBOY she wants to be in, or PlayGIRL??? Sorry, couldn't resist! :LOL: :LOL:
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:LOL: You're too funny Debby! :LOL:

She DID have a very masculine body- not really sure what the typical Playboy following would think about that one.. I mean, I know times are changing, but.... :laughing2:
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She did seem just a little bit "butch" to me, but then I suppose that isn't fair of me to say...but hey, it's what I thought! :LOL:
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Debby, thats exactly the impression I got too. She is a little "butch". Not to mention, usually the playboys are very "beautiful" in the face. I am by no means trying to insult her, just don't see her at all as a playboy bunny.
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I think my hubby would agree!
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I don't think she might win, she's already voted off.
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I'd agree Zoe was very manly, LOL! I don't know about you, but I could've sworn that everytime she'd lift her arms up, you could see hair underneath her pits!

Anyways..... Ethan from last season's show was on The Howard Stern show this morning (Tuesday), and I guess he's been dating Jennifer Love Hewitt for 5 days!
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Zoe naked, ugghhh. Yeah, Zoe looked pretty rough. If she poses it should be interesting to see the armpit hair.

I hope kathy wins, but I think it will be Paschal.

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My vote's for Paschal too (I've reniged my vote for The General- hes being a jerk lately ) GO PAPPY!!!
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Originally posted by Tigger

Anyways..... Ethan from last season's show was on The Howard Stern show this morning (Tuesday), and I guess he's been dating Jennifer Love Hewitt for 5 days!
what happened to his girlfriend he had before he won the money?
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What did you think of last night's show? I thought the judge did an exceptional job throwing that boulder underwater! But I wonder why food wasn't smuggled to the hungry tribe this time? Could it be because the money was coming out of Jeff's pocket? Hmmmm- and Neleh offer to give everyone a taste of the candy in her mouth? LOL What was that about? Have to wonder what in the world is going to happen next week? The way they are playing the trailers, it looks like a life-changing event takes place?
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Pappy did a great job with the rock - underwater strength wasn't the issue - technique was. I still think he should have taken Vee with him as it was her birthday.
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I was quite disappointed in Neliah's behavior. She was acting very immature when she was rubbing it in all their faces about being clean and so well fed. I had really liked her as a contestant, and I still do, but I was a bit peeved with her treatment of the others.

Way to go Pappy with that boulder!! That was really cool!

I was glad to see Tammy go. I figured it was going to be her, or the General. So when he won immunity I was sure it was her.

Can't wait for next week!
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don't know about you, but I could've sworn that everytime she'd lift her arms up, you could see hair underneath her pits!

first off , you can see hair under all their armpits , they're on an island , they dont have razors & shaving cream.

secondly , it doesnt make a woman "manly" if she chooses not to shave her armpits ,
half the women i know dont , and i dont see it as a physical characteristic defined by men.
that's sexist thinking.
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Well, Blue, I think its in the 'American' culture that arm pit hair is not feminine. I know in Europe its accepted and perhaps elsewhere, but here in the good ole' USA its pretty much considered a NO NO.

But you are right, they are on an island and they don't have the ability to shave. So its a given that they probably have hair right now.

I think most people don't think Zoe is playboy material because of her overall appearance and behavior. She just seems a bit gruff to be dressed in a lace teddy gracing the cover of a nudy magazine.
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She cleaned up well though, I saw her sitting on the jury at tribal council and hardly recognized her. Besides, Playboy can make anyone look wonderful by the time they get done with makeup and lighting and stuff.
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Well, I'm a little sorry to see Tammy go. She was a hard worker with a good attitude. I would have rther see Vecepia go. I'm tired of her whining and complaining. I think if the General and Tammy had gone to Kathy, Neleh, and Pappy, they could have gotten V off instead, except maybe that Tammy is too strong in the competitions.

And Neleh definately wasn't too conscientious about her behaviour! I don't think they could have smuggled much back other than the bread, but they should have brought back candies, other than one in her mouth (ewww, how rude!). And she and Pappy were both rude in making fun of the food, especially in other's earshot. I also couldn't believe how Pappy didn't even bother to answer the General when he asked for help in the pig snare when Pappy was just sitting around.

Next week sure looks interesting though!
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I really liked Neleh up until last nights show....but she really got on my nerves with all her "oh my heck" every 10 seconds and offering to share a sucked on piece of candy with 5 other people was really lame. And sitting there with her feet up, smelling her hair, and not working.... pleeeeease.

I was glad to see Tammy go, though...but now I think unless things change, I won't be too sorry to see Neleh go next time.
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Looks like something big happens next week! I'm wondering if someone gets hurt & has to leave, because they are standing around crying. Maybe Sean falls off the tree?
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Maybe.......the General steps in his own pig snare? I had to laugh when he was explaining to the others the reason he wanted to build the snare is because he loves bacon! Anyone else see a smokehouse and curing salts on that island? Not to mention, they are only there for what 9 more days?
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HAHA!! Good one, Hissy! I didn't even THINK of that!!!! :LOL:
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my Heck!" LOL
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Hey, ya wanna come over and share this piece of candy I've been sucking on? There's plenty left...:LOL:
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