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Prayers & Vibes to Kissy and the Babies!!!
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RIP Nugget
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Oh MaryAnne - I'm just catching this now, what a story of highs and lows. I was so happy that whoever discovered them contacted you - knowing they would have the best shot at life. Then to hear about poor Nugget - I'm so sorry for the precious little kitty. What a miracle for the others though. Sending mega happy and healthy thoughts for them . Grow strong little kittens.
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As I sit here with tears in my eyes, I send warm wishes and hugs to you for being there for these babies. I'm so sorry about nugget, but maybe God has another plan for him. We'll keep checking in to see how they are doing.
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I am sitting here with tears in my eyes as well.

I just wanted to say that I think you are an angel, you are the best chance those babies have at living a happy and healthy life.

I can only imagine how hard it must have been for you to let Nugget go, but you made the only decision you could.

I just wanted to wish you and the kitties all the love and luck in the world and to thank you for doing what you do and inspiring others to be as caring and compassionate as you are.
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How sad for Nugget. I hope the others make it though!!!
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What an emotional rollercoaster you must be on!! Unfortunately, I've been on that ride too; very draining.

God bless you for taking these newborns in and showing them human kindness & love. Sorry to hear about little Nugget and sending good vibes to the remaining babies.
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I'm sending vibes and saying prayers for these little babies. I'm sorry Nugget had to cross the Bridge, but he won't have to suffer now. Mary Anne, words can't express how much I admire you for saving so many lives and having the strength to go on when one of them doesn't make it.
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Oh my I'm sitting here at work bawling my eyes out! I REALLY don't know how you do it. Your heart has got to be HUGE. God Bless you!
I will be praying for your furbabies!
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It is a gift that God has given me, if I don't use it, then why did He give it to me in the first place? That is how I look at it. All of us are gifted in various areas, this just happens to be one of mine. I cry for them when they leave, but I understand that my home is sometimes a transit station and I am here to guide others into a better world-
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Aww, poor Nugget But at least he went to the Bridge knowing love instead of in the field alone.

Sending lots and lots of good health vibes to the remaining three little darlings.

RIP Nugget
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Thank God you are there for these sweet innocent kittens MA.
I will be praying that your healing hands can bring them through this.
R.I.P. little Nugget
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I just came across your thread. I am so sorry about Nugget, but you spared him a painful death Will pray for the others
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RIP Little Nugget

Praying for the other little ones. They are in good hands with you, MA
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Here are the Hay Kitten Survivors so far-


Barley- this poor tuxie it takes so much out of him to produce stool for me. He lies exhausted in my arms when it is all over-

Here is Alfalfa, two shots because of the
unique coloring

You can't see the belly here because legs were drawn up. But there are spots of color on the chest and tummy-

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I'm so sorry you lost little Nugget, but at least he knew love, if only for a short while. I'll keep praying for his mates, that they grow strong in your care -- they've at least got a fighting chance, with you on their side.
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Mary Anne, your babies are so precious. You are their angel. Bless you.
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Barley is adorable...what is his prognosis? Can they help him with this as he grows older - via special diets, meds, surgery?
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My condolences to poor sweeet Nugget

You are incredible. These poor little ones couldn't have ended up in a better place. Never stop doing what you are doing, MA!
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Wow what lucky babies they are to have ended up with you! They couldn't get a better chance at life.

Poor sweet little Nugget-man. He was so cute and beautiful. He's lucky he got lots of love and care in his short time here.
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Good luck with these babies, RIP Nugget.
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Poor babies...they can't be more than a few days old! So many times we read or hear about kits in dire straits due to the ignorance or cruelty of humans. These little ones had to take the hit from Mother Nature. How unfair.

They're in the best hands possible. Bless you and Mike for taking in yet more waifs.

RIP Nugget
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you never ever cease to amaze me MaryAnne - bless you, and its an honour for me to call someone like you a friend

RIP sweet angel nugget, I am so sorry your time here was so short, but you were loved, play happily sweetheart

sending lots of love and thoughts across the ocean to the remaining hay babies - stay strong little ones, you have lots of support behind you from all over the world
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What an Angel you are MA..what an Angel...these little babies could not have landed in better hands. Poor little nugget..but peace is not his.

Cute nameing them each after a Hay sweet babies. If you need anything to help them...let me know i will do whatever i can. sweet babies.
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RIP little Nugget

MA, you, Mike and all the critters will be in my prayers. God Bless
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Thanks Kate, they just need prayers and strong thoughts. Feeding time is a joy, it is elimination time that is so rough for them. They scream at the top of their lungs and I know that it must hurt, either because they are not fully developed yet or when they were left out in the cold their organs started to shut down and now I am demanding they come back to life.

I cry every time they poop on my hand, for it is a large victory for a small kitty. I am sure the momcat abandoned them, sensing something was not right, as they do not typically have kittens out in the middle of a field because of the potential for exposure. I just hope someone finds momcat and spays her so this doesn't have to happen again. This, perhaps a consequence of an inbred-inbred colony, or just fate and allowed to happen. I just want them to live, to have a chance at a life they were almost denied.
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Awww MA the poor things I can imagine the relief you must feel when they poop even the tiniest amount!.

Their still in my thoughts and prayers, and as each day passes it's a blessing
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MA, you are truly an angel...............I just found this thread and want to add that I think those kits couldn't be in better hands...........RIP little Nuggett, and mega vibes to the remaining kits............
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They're so tiny!
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RIP Nugget, sweet baby. Thinking of you and the babies. I'm so thankful that they found their way into your life!
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