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Got this e newsletter a while ago, I posted in the S.O.S also. Its got info on helping animals from the hurricane.
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still so unreal when i see this everyday it still makes me cry im thankful this hasnt happen here.I moved to myrtle beach sc two years after hurricane hugo folks still talk about it till this day.
the guy who owns hooters and hooter airlines has paid for 50 people or more to stay in myrtle beach at the motels they will be here tuesday from new orleans and some are staying in conway
its good to know how much people really do care at a time like this im going through some stuff and im dropping it off this week i hope someone can use theses things
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I posted on this thread a few days ago about a guy who was stranded in his attic in New Orleans who was a coworkers friend. He rode the storm out because he had a dog and a cat who had just given birth to a litter of kittens.
He ended up moving from his house to a hotel in the French Quarter with several other displaced people. They found plenty of food in the hotel, and actually ate steak a few nights! They didn't have any water though. The guy, Jason, got in touch with a good friend here in Jax who headed out to New Orleans in his van to save them. He knew he would have some trouble getting through the check points so he had the hospital here give him a letter to help him through stating that they were expecting this person as a patient (he has a terminal illness). He was almost stopped but he begged the National Guard to let him through. He got to the hotel and by the time he was leaving he had accumulated 7 other people and 17 animals! They are all headed back to Jax. I know they are going to need to find homes for some of the animals and was thinking about asking my fiance if we could have a kitten, but I don't know that would be the best thing right now.
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