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Yeah, you might be just a tiny bit too far away for me to borrow the trap!

Here are more pics of the babies that halfpint rescued...they're adorable!

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Thank you kelly,
I have alot more pictures but I don't wanna hog this site lol,
I have one of Mommy nursing before I took the babies away from her, I think I will wait till I get them all together,
I guess I will start those trips back to the vet next week and get the babies all fixed up, I have a home for one already
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Awww...very CUTE!!! BTW...what a wonderful example of how one person can make a difference. Now mom won't have any more litters and these kittens have a chance at a loving home.

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Thank you Katie
Yes mom's all done, but also I keep thinking what if I had not gotten the other 6 females wow mega mess huh, I have a home for 1 maybe 2 of the babies so far, I wish I could keep them all they are so wonderful, I like the black and white she's very sassy and that's what I would name her also, they all will be going to the vet in the next couple of weeks to get what they need and they are very social so it shouldn't be to hard (I Hope)
I am working on taking them to petco through a gal that works for the H.O.P.E organization here in Upland, she has been a great help to me also. I know everyone is loaded to the hilt with wants and needs, Thanks for all the help I got from everyone
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Oh these babies, I just want the grey and white and the blk and white, they purr all the time, My hubby said I don't think we need anymore, Oh gosh it's going to be hard to see them go, The black and white in a nasty sassy little thingm greedy to, but oh so sweet, I would name her Sasty lol
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They are just gorgeous, and you can see they have mega personalities. Good luck with finding them homes - I am sure it won't be too difficult!
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Originally Posted by halfpint
Update, Mommy is at the vet getting all her stuff done I am so glad
Now I am working on actors and others for animals to see if they will help with the babies for spaying and nuetering the rest I will have to suck up, shots, testing, worming and such. I just think there's a better chance to get them homes if they are all fixed up
Anyway I felt bad for mommy last night and this morning, she couldn't figure out why I put her in that carrier, I think she's mad at me now but I will make it up to her this evening
Too cute! If you weren't so far away I would come snatch up at least one of the babies--I'm clearly a tuxedo addict!
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I have 5 tuxedo's lol, I don't know if you saw all the pics on this thread, Miniman is the one I kept , the mommy cat is also tuxedo, everyone of them are so differant to, I have a beautiful bigole fat boy I trapped last year, he's very handsome
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Beautiful babies. It was fun to catch up on this thread, and see the adorable pics. I like the gray and white baby with a black spot on its nose. Just so cute! I wish you luck in finding them good homes. It is sad to see them go, but it feels good to see them loved by someone new!
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Oh boy I hate to brag but these are the best little ones,what a joy they are now they Love to be brushed, They are the smartest little sweet ones lol, I can't help it, I am sooooooooo glad I have them for a short while, and I am so glad they are doing so good, This has been the best part of all the work of doing this for almost a year, besides knowing that all 16 of them are alive and well, I think I was a momma cat in my other life lol, Sorry for bragging
( no not really)
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Well today was a big day for 2 of the babies they are at the Vet getting all there stuff done and they were so good, bless there they went right in the carriers didn't make a peep till I took them down stairs, of course the other 3 are looking for them I hope everything goes well, I will call at 2 pm to see when I can get them, I just these guys they are so vert sweet They all 5 were Females so that's less babies to worry about also
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I got the babies back, they seem to be doing fine still dopey, and the Gal at the Vet said they were very good, so I am Pleased that they do have some manners
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Aww! So glad to hear it is going so well.
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