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I'm paranoid about burning the house down. Sometimes I may check 2 or 3 times to make sure my rollers are unplugged, heaters off, stove off, etc. I really don't like doing it but I can't help myself. As far as being car jacked, robbed, or locked out I really don't even think about it. Just the fire thing.

Oh and I have a car fire issue too. When I was younger my exbf bought some old car to restore and one night we were in it and it caught on fire and it was soo scary we had to get the fire dept to put it out and stuff. It was the biggest fire I'd ever seen in my life, with windows busting out and stuff. Now everytime I smell smoke while I'm driving I panic, and it's common around here for people to burn garbage and stuff so my fear is a pain in the butt.
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Originally Posted by Kellyyfaber
Another thing I'm really cautious about is cleaning up after I prepare raw meat. I'm almost compulsive about it, I pretty much sanitize everything in the kitchen afterward.
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I am like you about keys! I also have a thing about making sure my purse is zipped so nothing falls out of it.
Making sure the house is locked at night, stuff like that.
Making sure my kitties are safe......
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I could go on and on about what I am cautious about, but the number one thing to me is MAKING SURE MY CATS DON'T GET OUT!!! I lock the door in case the wind blows it open even when I am just outside.
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Wow, Darkeyedgirl, you and I have several things in common! I am cautious to the point of being anal when it comes to food. Everything is investigated thoroughly before being consumed. Fast food? Uh, hardly. My husband used to get frustrated with me (like if something would sit out for more than half an hour, I won't eat it unless I can reheat it to the point of being super hot), but now he just accepts it and laughs at me. Can't help it, I'm paranoid about getting sick.
I, too, am overly cautious when driving around bikes. They have absolutely no protection, and I want to make sure I have enough time to react.
I always lock my car doors when I'm driving as well. You never ever know what people will do nowadays.
Our house is always locked, even though we live in a very safe area. My inlaws never lock their doors, even through the night. I just can't sleep if I think our doors are unlocked.
Now, this is a little weird, and I will be the first to admit it. Ever since I was a child, I've had issues with the power going out. No matter when it goes out, I know. If it goes out in the middle of the night, I wake up. I don't know why, I just have anxiety about it. So, I must always know exactly where a working flashlight is. I know, a little strange and perhaps childish, but I cannot get past it. Also, if I go camping, I must always sleep with a flashlight in case I wake in the night. I seem to have an issue with being able to see what's around me.
Which brings up my issue with tents. I cannot sleep in tents very well because of the fact that you can hear everything around you but can't see it. Scary for me! So, this goes back to the flashlight.
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We lost power last night. I have no flashlights but I do have a zillion candles. It was mighty pretty, no electricity, candles burning all over the house --- in "uncatreachable" places!

So I'm buying flashlights tonight.

Re: being cautious about food, I think nowadays with mass-production and (especially) in fast food places, people are sorta careless. The two things that caused my worst-ever food poisoning were Creme Brulee from a nice italian restaurant (I thought it was *supposed* to taste sour? so I ate the whole thing), AND then of course mom's 3-week old German potato salad leftover from Christmas. Once again, as a 15 yr old teenybopper with an iron stomach, I ate the whole plate, and I thought, "gee this is sour".

*puke session*

I think everyone in every city everywhere should lock their doors at night. PERIOD. With all the sex offenders running wild and all the freedom they have, you better believe I lock my doors. And well I am prolly the most paranoid woman on planet Earth when it comes to my cats. I check the screens on my windows & stuff so I make sure they don't get out.
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I agree with all of these posts!
We live in a bad, but usually quiet neighborhood, & someone actually DID walk into our apartment looking for someone else! I was behind the counter doing dishes & got defensive immediately, ready to break a coffee pot over his head-it was pretty freaky.
A tip for the ladies that I haven't seen here..when you are approaching your car in what you consider a dangerous situation, use your car as a mirror to see what is behind you.
Aside from the things mentioned here, I'm also paranoid about sick people coughing flu on me-you know, the people who don't cover their mouths.
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Hmm. Maybe I should worry more ...

I do double-check spelling and grammar. I used to be paranoid about calling in sick to work, etc., but now I'm not because, hey, people get sick and I use maybe three sick days a year, tops.

I always bleach the area after cutting meat. I always unplug irons and curling irons when I'm done using them. I lock car doors when driving depending on the area. I'm very careful to check behind my car for neighborhood kids before pulling out. If the door's been open, I make sure that I can find all the cats. I make sure ground meat is thoroughly cooked and that raw meat juices never make it onto anything we eat, though I'm pretty fearless about food otherwise. If you don't wear a seat belt, you don't ride with me. I am careful not to trip over my cats. If I hear a kid screaming in a store, I will try to determine if they are just giving their parents a bad time or if they are really in trouble.

None of this stuff really causes me a lot of anxiety; it's just precautions that are part of my daily life.
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I'm very cautious about the food. Like leftovers-if not eaten within a few days-into the trash. Or eating out, I don't care how fancy the restaurant is, if it doesn't look or smell right, I'm not eating it or letting the kids have it.

Also seatbelts and carseats. My cousin lost a 3 year old child in a car accident-she was actually in a car seat but it was back before they were very good . My kids always sat in car seats when they were little! (The youngest is 5 and just graduated to a booster seat! Here in Illinois kids have to be in some kind of car seat until age 8-which is ridiculous! )

As far as door locking goes, I am out in the country in a safe area, and not a big fan of locking doors, especially by day when we are home. But I would be terrified without a good sized intelligent dog to keep my family safe. She makes me feel safer than any door lock !

But I heard some of you say you lock the door when you are driving. I just got an 01 Taurus, which locks the doors when I drive! Unless a door is ajar, then they won't stay locked. Which worries me a bit-what if I am driving somewhere unsafe, like in Chicago, and jumped in the car quick, or left the trunk a little open. And the doors won't lock?!?!?! I know it will never happen, but....

Interesting thread!
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Oh, and cat hair in food! I have a dog and three cats inside currently, and needless to say we get a lot of hair. I'm not saying I'm a slob, but reality is I'm sure my kids have eaten more than their share of cat hair! But when I fix food to take to work, or church for a pot-luck or carry-in, I am SO CAREFUL to scrub every cupboard (in case stinkers have been walking up there) and remove any possible hair from the area!

I never want to be one of "those people" where everyone is afraid to eat what they brought! And although I know a stray cat hair here and there is not at all harmful to my family, I would not expect anyone else to feel the same!
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About keeping money on me at all times!
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This thread makes Roosevelt's "all we have to fear is fear itself" sound kind of old school, doesn't it?
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I am psycho and unsocial and afraid of people. Once a month the Culligan man comes over to change our filter (we have very rusty tasting water so we pay for that so we can have better water) O_O SO I was home by myself and Im like!!! ONG I dont want to talk to this person! So I quickly shut my window, closed the blinds, pushed the off button on the monitor, closed my bedroom door, and pretended to be asleep O_O the guy like knocked for 5 mins and then came in and did his job :P I know its paranoia but I just dont liek strange people O_O Maybe its because the ouse was messy and somewhere deep down I dont want people to see a messy house? Do you think cats pick up on things like this? Because elliot is afraid of strangers too O_O Oooh crazyness... Yeah O_O When I go to sleep at night I always take off my glases and put one of the uh o_O parts of the glasses through it so I wont lose the ring in the night :P (class ring) O_O Yep. GOsh I always type too much when I type.. theres somethign wrong with me :P

Another funky thing Is I dont liek to put my money in banks O_O I feel it is so much easier to just say, well I want this ill get 20 bucks out of the bank and buy it, but when I have the money on me I think "Hm Wel I dont want this pile to get smaller, maybe I wont buy that" O_O I am just wierd :P
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I, too, am overly cautious when driving around bikes. They have absolutely no protection, and I want to make sure I have enough time to react.
Thank you, Bossinova and Darkeyedgirl! There's no such thing as being "overly" cautious around bikes. The simple fact is that a bike can stop much faster than your car, and odds are that you're closer to the bike in front of you than you think you are (this is the generic you, not you specifically.)

I wish more people were like y'all, maybe I wouldn't get so freaked when I'm out in traffic...

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Originally Posted by vespacat
I usually keep my door unlocked during the day (while I'm home), and will lock it up at night. When I go out, I always lock up.
That's how it is at my parents house as well. The doors are always unlocked during the day, sometimes even with the garage door open, sometimes the porch door will be wide open! Always locked up at night though.

Obviously, living in an apartment is pretty different though. I'd never leave my apartment door unlocked!
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and in crowds, i hate eing in crowds, i always think someone it gonna stick their hand in my handbag and try an get my purse , i always end up holding the top of my bag so nobody can get their hand in there
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When people show up out of the blue at my house I clean like crazy, my mom always tells me to sit down and not to worry, but i keep going.

When Im at my sisters I find my self cleaning up a small area of the house.

I always have to drive with my window down. I can't hear anything so i'm scared I wont hear a child or anouther car comeing up, plus i feel faint with out fresh air blowing in.

I CAN'T sleep without a fan running or a radio on. Its a comfert to hear the fan run. I tried sleepn without either on and couldn't.

I cant stand it when people call and dont anwser or they anwser and act rude.

I hate it when people cut across my yard to get to a friends house./ I always go out and tell them to use the sidewalk.

ONE time a person DROVE through my yartd(i live in a duplex, side by side houseing) I asked her not ot do it and she said "I'll think about it."
I chewed everyone out for tha and only a few were nice enough to stop , but I chewed that lady out! THey almost hit my LESHED dog.
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The only thing I'm really cautious about is remembering to take my contraceptive pill every day. Don't want any 'little Nicky's' running around!
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