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Is the sweet kitty in those pictures the one that is missing? Golly, I sure hope she comes home soon. If I were closer I would come help you look for her.
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Yes, that's her! I love her. I know what you mean, I wish I could help everyone on here find their kitties!
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I came home tonight to a phone call from a woman who said she is positive she had my cat in her yard last night around 9:30PM. This woman lives further away than the last siting by about 2miles, maybe 3. She said "she's small right? Not full grown and not a kitten, but defintiely not full grown" i said yeah she's only 7 months. She said yup, I guessed six, but she was sitting right here in my yard,my son tried to grab her. She was really friendly with us but when he got too close she ran to the woods" She hadn't even seen the sign until this morning when she pulled over and said "that's the cat that was in my yard". She said her face is unmistakable. Oh god this is killing me! She has a path shoveled in her yard from her house to her woods because she has male kitties (fixed) so that's where she was sitting. She told me she was gonig to put more food out there tonight to try to lure her in. I don't think she'd let me trap there as she has cats too that could get in it. I don't know what to do, i just have to sit here and wait =(....... She will call me if she see's her at all. It is killing me inside. I just want to be one of the people who is seeing her and I want to run and grab her and never let go.

We are having a snowstorm tonight. The first one we've had since she left 10 days ago so I'm scared. I don't want her to wander anymore I jsut want her to stay put at someone's house long enough for them to grab her.

=( <--waiting by the phone
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thats a really good sign! if nothing else it shows shes still alive and seeking out human residence/food sources again.

prawns are near enough the same as shrimps. they are very smelly and were Mavericks faveroite treat. tuna would work too.
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i think this is a really excellent lead, just let the woman call.

also, if this woman is friendly, ask if you may trap overnight and for her to keep her males in for about 24hr, if that's ok with her
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OH WONDERFUL!!! I wish i lived near you, cause I would come help you search for her! I have said several prayers for you and your kitty and will say another one this evening before bed. I really, really hope that this has a happy ending and your little one comes home to stay!!! Come on girl, come back home---we're all worried sick about you!!!
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I've been following your story and hope your latest lead pans out! I am thinking about you and your little furry loved-one! I think Rarepuss had a great idea -- see if the woman will put out food and a trap and keep her boys inside overnight.

Good luck! I'll be sending good vibes!
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oh i'm so anxious for an update!!! Please come home, kitty!!!
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any update?
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Oh, I pray that she has found her little one!!! Please update us soon!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!
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Hi Guys,

Sorry to take so long with an update, but really it's only because I have no update =( and I have just been getting increasingly sad. Today is the 2 week mark since the last time I saw her. The woman who last saw my kitty hasn't called again. I did speak to her the next day and she said she left food out and was calling her until midnight. She lost her cat last year for 2 weeks when a neighbor found him so she was very sympathetic and helpfull. I brought up the humane trap but she seemed a little put off, but she did say that there was no problem in approaching the cat, that she could have scooped her up very easily because she was walkign towards them, but then her son came around the corner with her puppy and she ran into the woods.

Anyway, what I did was I went by this woman's house, and I put up 6 more posters in her area, and then I put flyers in the 16 houses closest to hers with a letter that said she was spotted near there and please look under decks, sheds etc. for her.
I feel like she is getting further and further away with each passing day instead of closer. That woman's house is 2.5 miles away. I don't think she can find her way back from there. I think she is quite literally, lost. My heart is breaking just sitting here, not able to do anything.. so i think I am going to go on a long walk up and down that woman's street. The good news is that it's only 2 houses from an elementary school and she said her son and all those kids LOVE looking for lost pets, so I put a poster at the school.

On the upside, I am defintiely attracting cats at my house now!! Finally! No one in my neighborhood has cats so i know they are at least from across the woods. I set up a video camera so one of them I caught on tape. The other, a black kitty, I saw on my deck when I got back from hanging signs thursday night. He ran right off the deck when I pulled in the driveway but i was happy to see a kitty near my home!

Anyway, this morning I woke up and went out onto the deck to call my kitty and I was sitting in the sun when i noticed the trap door was shut.. so i moved the towel away and heard "meow" =) It was the black cat. I felt so bad. So i let it go but it didn't run away, it just sat there and rubbed up against me lol. It was dirty so at first I thought it was a stray, but it was crying at my door wanting to get in so I think it's domestic..which of course made me thing "oh no, what if someone else lost their kitty and I have it right here"... this whole ordeal is so hard. I dn't know what else I can do now but wait. I'm losing hope of the chance that she'll come back on her own.

=(... I miss my buddy.
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oh bless your heart! I feel so horrible for you. Please don't ever give up, though. Miracles happen every day. I am still praying for the safe return of your little kitty. We're right here with you every step of the way.

Please God bring her home!
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My aunt once lost one of her kitties for 6 months in a medium sized city, but eventually they found her. Now I hope you find your kitty long before then, but don't give up hope yet either!
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I love stories like that. It keeps me going. Thanks so much! How did they find her kitty after so long?
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Hmm, I checked w/ my cousin and it turns out she was gone more like 3 months, still, thats quite a bit of time.

She showed up in someones back yard and was looking a little beat up from being out so long, so they took her to the vet. Since she still had her collar they found my aunt. My aunt was calling the local shelter a lot to see if she showed up too.
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I had a cat who was gone for two weeks, and then suddenly showed up again. Thin and dirty, but OK. I do hope you find her soon - I know how you must feel.
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hey sweetheart, I know this has been agonzing and I've been reading it every day. it is very hard for me because mine did not have a resolution and I still have a big yellow ribbon around a large fir tree here in my yard, 2 years later. I will never take it down. I did not want to deject you, so apart from underscoring all the excellent advice, I have silently read. You are one brave, strong, determined owner. My father lives in Boston, where are you? He is in Belmont. One of my brothers is in Jamaica Plain. From the looks of your aerial you appear to be further out. I took a good, hard look at the aerial (what a feat to post that, amazing) and your little one will not walk through the woods to get back to you. I don't sense that at all, but I do think she's out there and has bonded with another kitty or another person. My only advice is to set your alarm VERY early, 4 or 4:30 a.m., right when it gets light and call her. Bundle up, take 3-4 sweaters or t-shirts you can part with an leave her a track home. Call her, stop, and listen.....
Do you have a bicycle? I rode in a 6 miles radius every evening for 4 weeks....I have been where your heart is and I am praying for her, sending very strong vibes your way. Please PM me if it becomes too much to bear. We are all here for you!!

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so sorry to hear your baby is still lost don't stop just yet, she'll come back, i'm hopeful, you're doing such a great job .
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You guys' support is absolutely amazing. I really can't tell you how much you all have helped me and show such concern. I am going to just sit tight for this week I guess.. I'll put an add in the paper for this week again tomorrow and maybe make a few more posters and put them up in other areas of the town. I'll put a new kitty buffet out there as it's soggy now (rain).

Thank you all so much for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. It helps so much!
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Hi all. I just put an add in the paper again for this week, I am going to set up my kitty buffet again (since the past couple of nights have been rainy mush) and continue with the video taping. I'm also going to make more signs and laminate them so if the ones that are up now start to get ruined I can replace them easisly.

At any rate, I have a question about trapping. Right now, I have my trap on the deck with just one bowl of dry kitty food in in. I have my kitty buffet behind my house up on a table. I have caught two kitties eating at the buffet pretty much every night. I had no kitty eating from the poarch (and also no wild animals), but the day I cought that one kitty it was on my poarch. My poarch is where my kitty is very familiar with so my question is, should I move the trap to where I have the buffet or leave it where it is? I know I could set up two, but I only have one video camera and want to make sure I'm seeing the cats that are coming.

Also, I have the food up on a table so I don't catch another racoon, but some of it spilled onto the ground. So far all the kitties coming to my buffet, are eating off the ground. They never hop up on the table. The smell of all that food must be attracting them though!

Let me know your thoughts/suggestions
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Unless your lost kitten is a feral, why would you need to trap her on your porch?

Our Mooie cat was missing for five weeks and returned, however, as one of the previous posters' messages telling of a yellow ribbon around a tree for her/his cat, our Mysty cat has been gone for two years. My gut feeling tells me that he was hit by a car and a good samaritan removed his body from the road.

Good luck in finding your kitten!
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I don't know much about the trapping, but I do remember Mary Anne (Hissy) suggesting you use dry *dog* food rather than cat food because the smell is stronger and carries further or something like that, so I would take that into consideration.

I was saddened by the news today that one of the kitties (the only female of the litter) ran away from the lady's home whom I gave her to. I was FURIOUS needless to say. First of all because I thought I made it very clear to her that i did NOT want to give her the cat if she was going to let it be outside like her last one (whom her husband accident;y ran over in the driveway ). Anyways, they are good people, but VERY irresponsible apparently and am finding out too late. Those kittens are my pride and joy---I helped the mommy deliver them, I raised them and paid for everything for them--and it was my every intention to find them GOOD homes, where they would be safe ALWAYS.

Nala ran away from her house just 5 days before her appointment to be spayed...which makes me evern more furious, since now she is out in the wild most likely pregnant---if she is even alive any longer. I am pissed.

I wish she had told me sooner so i could have made effort to find her, since the lady acted like they didn't try to hard to find her. Come to find out this happened in January and I am just now finding out.

i really do feel your pain...this cat wasn't even mine anymore, but i still feel like I should go over by where she lives and search for her!!! My mom and i have talked about going to search for her, and if we find her, the owners WILL NOT get her back! I will definitely keep her!
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She was never feral. Had her since she was just a baby, but i put the trap on the deck in case she was visiting home at night for food and then leaving again. Your Mooie kitty, she/he came back on her own? Or did someone find her?
I'm sorry about Mysty =(

Lacey- I'm sorry your kitty ran away too, maybe they are just out there with their little kitty boyfriends =(
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Originally Posted by kteegirl24
Lacey- I'm sorry your kitty ran away too, maybe they are just out there with their little kitty boyfriends =(
If they are, they had better be careful or they will end up pregnant! I sure hope they don't! And those boyfriends of theirs better be taking care of them!

But, in all seriousness, i really do pray that they are both perfectly safe and will return home very soon!
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You are right to put a trap out, even though she is not a feral cat, she is reverting to one now. She has to in order to survive. If there is anyway you can leave a way for her to come into your home without inviting trouble, you can try that too. I also suggest now that the soiled cat litter is probably used up, you switch to cat attract cat litter and see what happens. Lay a trail to your home-

I am sorry she hasn't been spotted recently. One of mine was gone a year before I spotted her in the window of a house- so don't give up hope! NEVER give up hope!~
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Oh my gosh in the window!! How in the world did you spot her there, wow!
Where can I buy cat attract cat litter? I've never heard of it? I want to buy some since you're right. Her litter is now over two weeks old =(

Also, I'm wondering if she's trying to find her way back home from her own scent, will the felaway interfere do you think?
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Another sighting! This is right near the last woman who saw my kitty. She said shes' been in her neighbors yard for the past couple of night and she's going to try to pick her up. She's going to give me the number of her neighbor tomorrow if she can't get ahold of her tonight. She said I could put the trap in her yard tomorrow, but if I can get the neighbor to leave some food out in the trap that would be even better. It sounds like her so much! This is agonizing!
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I am WILLING this beautiful kitten to come home to you!!!!!
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