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I Need Some Tcs Board Magic For Myself This Time!~~

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I feel a bit sheepish asking the TCS family to send me some good vibes, but tomorrow I am going into the hospital at 12 noon for about 2 days. I will be undergoing tests for a brain tumor.

Now I am going to put on my slumber party face! I am bringing my jammies, my books, and photos of Eric, Sasha, and Saba, and almost everyone else I love, but I will not have access to even my laptop. I cannot have visitors or mail! I will be wired with electrodes for about 24 hours and told to sleep, think, do math problems, and generally hang out with the residents and machinery all night long while I am monitored and they run a million tests (yet again) on my blood and nervous system. I will have a CAT scan, and MRI, and sleep in a very fancy-schmancy lab without mice. I will be very cool in my hospital jammies with my dalamation slippers, you will not believe!

Around Christmas I almost fell asleep at the wheel of my car. At first we thought it was some carbon-monoxide that had gotten trapped inside, but then when I went to pick up Saba, driving home I almost passed out, but I was in the truck instead. The past two weeks I have fought off various forms of vertigo and been unable to stay awake when driving and doing quiet tasks. It has not impaired me at work, but it does enough that I need my brain to be engaged almost every minute of the day or the blackness feels like it's coming back. The best I can describe it is like a fade-to-black in my head -- or a sleep witch that is trying to shut me down and I am fighting it.

Yes, they already checked for inner ear malfunctions, equilibrium, M/S, leukemia, everything under the sun. So this is why I get to go do the BIG STUFF. No, nothing in my family, but my father has had two very small tumors in his brain for the past four years that have not changed properties (therefore begnin) and all I can say is they better find it and fix it, because I want my TCS. 2 days is a LONG time!

How can you possibly tell the brain doctors "oh, gee I am SO SORRY I am being such a pill doctor, I really, really want my TCS!" -- a huh? a what?
"...why on earth would this patient want a webcam for a cat??"
So if you can spare good fighting thoughts (although we don't know who the enemy even is!! ) that would be great!
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I hope the doctor gets to the bottom of your cause!!!!!!! You are definitely in my thoughts as you go to the doctor!!!! Could it be from when you were injured (Im sorry, I dont know the full story but I remember you talking about getting hurt, was it a snowmobile accident?)

Mega hugs and vibes your way!
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Elizabeth - I didn't know! Of course my prayers are with you! I had horrible bouts of vertigo two summers ago. It is so difficult trying to figure out what's causing things because the brain is such a mystery still. Sending you big prayers for them to find out what's causing it and that you get back to us soon!
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Eddie, you are definitly in my thoughts and tonnes of board magic going your way!

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I would be there in a second if you were allowed visitors! I hope they give you some answers to this puzzle of yours. Tell Eric to stop at a big toy store in the mall and look for water toys. Trust me, they will save your sanity. They are small containers of water with different themes. There are balls to put into hoops, rings to put on stakes, or animals to run through mazes. They aren't that expensive and they do keep you entertained with boredom is screaming at you.

Please have Eric give us a call if we can do anything at all, or if the "dog man" gets stuck with the cat care-

You continue to be centered in my prayers-
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Good grief, Elizabeth! You're going to be exhausted after they get finished with you! I do hope they can get to the root of your problem and that it is easily fixable. You sound very brave. Keep it up!

On a boredom-buster note: I find that I can loose lots and lots of time with our electronic Yahtee game.
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Lots of good vibes headed your way.
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Good heavens Elizabeth, please don't feel sheepish asking for board magic!!!
I had absolutely no idea you were having problems, and I'm definitely sending you major healing vibes, thoughts, prayers and anything else that will help you, and help the doctors get to the bottom of this!!!!!!

Sending you tons of cyber-hugs too!!!!
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All 3 of us are sending love and prayers!
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Elizabeth...I will be thinking of you often over these next two days, and include you in my prayers.
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Good luck Elizabeth with the tests! I hope everything turns out well. Keep you in my thoughts.
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I will be thinking of you and sending good vibes your way. And I will say a little prayer for you as well! Good luck!
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Oh Elizabeth, don't be so silly! How could you not ask us for vibes! I will be thinking good thoughts for you these next two days!
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Elizabeth hon... Of course I will keep You in my thoughts and prayers that all those tests get to the root cause of your problems.... Dont ever feel shy or embarrased about coming to us because we are your cyber family sweetie.
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I will add you to our prayer list!! *HUGS* Hope everything turns out ok!
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Elizabeth.....big hugs and prayers coming your way that they get to the bottom of this. Don't worry, we'll make sure nothing "good" happens here while you're gone.

Keep us posted on what's going on with you.
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Good luck. I hope they find out what's going on. Lots of good vibes and board magic being sent your way! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Lots of vibes coming your way, good luck with the test.
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Oh Elizabeth!
I'm so sorry to hear of your complications. I will be praying and thinking of you. I wish you the best, please update us as soon as possbile.

Best wishes for great health!
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Elizabeth...A huge NYC hug and good vibes coming your way STAT! Show 'em that they do not know what they are talking about! XXX000
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Oh, Elizabeth!! Of course you come get vibes!! How could you not?? It will be a very long 2 days for us, too, until you're back, and I hope you get answers very quickly!!
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I'll be praying, friend.
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Elizabeth, with all this board magic coming to you, you're sure to get through it all with flying colors!

Adding my and to everyone's.
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Oh Elizabeth, you are silly, not wanting to ask for vibes

But seriously, my dear, you will be in my thoughts & prayers, BIG
Please pass some of those hugs to Sasha and Saba and Eric, I have LOTS to go around
Please come back as soon as you can!!! I will certainately miss you while you are gone
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Lots of good thoughts and prayers coming your way!
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Eddie - I just caught this

sending an amazing amount of vibes your way from across the ocean my friend I hope they find the answers that you are so desperately
searching for right now

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Oh heck I hope they find out what is up with you and that it will be something simple to fix up you have all my good vibes comming your way and big hugs are comming with them get well soon and let us know how you go good luck
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Lots and lots of good thoughts coming your way from us. I hope they sort it out and it is not as bad as you fear.
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Elizabeth!!, that's what were all here for!.

I hope they get to the root of the problem so you can get back to normal!

Sending you ((((mega positive vibes)))) from here in the UK
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Just seeing this today. You are definatly in my prayers and thoughts! *HUGS*
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