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OMG!!! How wonderful!!! Mary Anne, this is just amazing. What an excellent horsey mommy you are!
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I am so glad to hear this! As much as I love cats, I have to admit that horses are my weakness. They are such noble, extraordinary creatures.
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That's such great news!
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AWWW- I was cleaning out my files this morning and I found his baby pictures!

He is still doing great! We are working with him gradually to let people (besides me) lift up his feet.
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What a cutie
It always is amasing how cute baby's look , no matter what kind of animals
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Racer was an adorable baby, and I'm really glad he's made so much progress lately!!!!

I was trying to find a smilie that looked like him and this is the best I could do...
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Lovely baby! So glad he continues to improve and be more comfortable!
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LOL! Thanks Lorie, right now I wish he looked like that!
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I'm happy to hear Racer is makng so much progress, and I love the baby pictures. Hope he keeps improving!
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The vet was out and was quite frankly delighted with Racer's progress!!!!!!!! When I released Racer after the exam, he went bucking and snorting across the pasture in a high gallop!

Next week though, we are going to tranqulize him because he has to have his shoes pulled, then his feet trimmed and new shoes put on him. Because of the amount of work that will be done at one time the sedative is needed according to my farrier and my vet.
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You and Racer seem to be beating the odds...I'm sure the bond you two share has only grown stronger, and his recovery is a testament to your love and care. What great news to read at the start of my day!
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I am so glad that he has made so much progress. Board magic is amazing.

And more board magic going Racer's way for his sedation and his shoework.
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That is soooooo wonderful, MA!

Too bad the sedation is necessary, but it is understandable. You'll both be in my thoughts. Hope it goes well.
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I am so happy to hear that Racer is still kicking high lol . Well M.A. , I am sure it will be ok . As we all know now that he is a fighter for life
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Another favor please if you will? Keep a kind thought tomorrow for Racer as we sedate him for his shoing appointment. I am hesitant about this, because I have never been with him while he was sedated by this drug they are using. Supposedly once I inject him it will take 45 minutes for it to take effect and it will take the edge off- but I keep remembering my one horse who had such an adverse reaction to sedative long ago that put him in seizures, so I am a bit apprehensive, though I will do my best not to show Racer this has me upset. The appointment is late afternoon 3:00
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Be sure M.A. I will be praying that everything will go well for Racer
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We'll be sending positive thoughts your way,

wishing Racer all the best tomorrow,
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Praying for Racer -- what a spirit that guy has! Praying for your serenity, so that he isn't upset. Praying for everything to go well. You'll keep us posted, of course
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Hope I'm not too late.

Best of luck with the sedation.

Sending out calming vibes to you and Racer.
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{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Racer & MA}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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Sending you mega positive vibes to calm you and Racer down...
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The shoeing went really well. Racer got groggy (though he still danced with the farrier for a few minutes when Clint picked up his bad foot) But he simmered down again and the old shoes were pulled off, he had a corrective trim and then the shoes were re-applied. No farrier using his frequent flyer miles this time, and other than Noddy trying to hitchike a ride in the back of Clint's trailer, the visit went really well.

Clint was encouraged at the amount of new healthy hoof growth coming in, and Racer had a total of 8 old abcesses that were scraped away! Clint said it was a good thing I was soaking his feet before the abscesses blew as it minimized the damage to the hoof. It's funny, I saw those lumps on the bottom of his feet when I would pick his feet in the morning, and wondered what they were? They in no way resemble the abscess that I am used to dealing with caused by a cat bite. These are like hard rocky type bubbles on the bottom of his feet.

He keeps these shoes on for 6-8 weeks and then (hopefully) they can remove the shoes altogether and let him go barefoot again!

Thanks to those of you who sent a prayer my way, they were needed and they did make a difference, that shot wasn't that strong! LOL
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You two have been in my thoughts all day, and I was just in the midst of some moderately mindless stuff, when I had a feeling there was news. Checked email, and sure enough there was the notification of your post. Crossed my fingers, but somehow didn't think I needed to 'cuz the energy has felt very positive every time you wandered through my mind.

Very nice news. Please give the boy a nose rub from me.
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I am so happy that everything went well with Racer today .
8 Abcesses , wow that is a lot . I am sure they must have hurt him a lot . Racer sure goes true a lot , poor baby .
((((((HUGS)))))) to you .
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Great to know that things went well.

Eight abcesses on the one foot? OUCHIES!

Sending out **Recover from grogginess** vibes to Racer.
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He had four on each foot- poor horse.
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At least they're gone now.

Racer had better rest up before he decides to gallop around.

And Mary Anne, you really should sit down and tell Noddy about the dangers of hitchhiking.
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I'm kicking myself for not visiting this thread earlier, I'm so glad the shoeing excercise went well.. 8 abcesses.. heck.. Poor boy, So glad they are gone. Big hugs to you and Racer! AWW he was the cutest button as a baby!
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Oh - that is so great - Yeah Racer !!!!
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I'm so glad for you (and Racer), it's always nice to hear good news
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