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omg she looks so different!! I'm glad she's back though and that you can have a great Christmas.
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Actually it is quite common for a lost cat to be beat up or ganged up on when they come home. Sometimes it is just the fact that the cat isn't yours but one that looks remarkably similiar- (sorry but that does happen)But when they come home they bring the scents of the outdoors with them along with their new stress scent. One way to keep the cats on the same playing field is to use either your perfume a scent they are used to, or bathe them all in the same pet shampoo so they smell the same. If you use your perfume, spray it in the air, stick your hands in the spray and then rub briskly. Let dry and pet each cat.
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Thanks Hissy, what great tips! How about vanilla extract? I heard somewhere you could put a drop on their noses...
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Hmm..I've never put the vanilla extract on their noses.

I've put it on the side of their face, where they rub things with it and mark their scent and at the base of their tails. Just in case if they feel the need to check out that area.

It's soooooooo fantatastic to hear that Tigger is back home.

Merry Christmas to you, Darrell, Tigger, Kanga and Roo.
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Tamme- That's fantastic news! I'm so happy for you and Tigger! I think a few treats are in order, I hope she puts on weight soon!
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Tamme, wonderful news. I was really worried that you had to go away not knowing where she was. It sure must have cast a pall on that vacation.

I may have missed this. What was it you did that led to her being returned? Posters? Ads? Its really interesting, and probably helpful for other people with the same sad situation, to know what worked in getting her back home.

And don't you really want to be able to ask her what happened? Where was she when you were looking for her?
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Tamme - that is amazing news!!!! I'm so happy that Tigger and you have been reunited.

Poor little angel does look SOOOO thin - hopefully heaps of prawns, tuna, chicken and the like will soon perk her up.
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AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW! She looks so THIN AND SMALL!!! I'm sure with your love, care, time and TONS of food, she will be "plump" again..

I agree with Hissy about the smells- that's why I asked how Roo and Kanga were acting with her because I knew she'd be smelling differently and that's how cats recognize each other by smell from what I understand. It will take time but I'm sure Roo will accept her.. (I know it must be hard to see Roo not getting along with her though...)

Seeing those pictures made me want to reach out, pet her and hug her. I am so happy you got her back!!

Again, how did the neighbors catch her? Did she just walk up to them? Did they have to coax her to them? How long did it take for them to get her in?

Well, ENJOY your GREAT CHRISTMAS with ALL of your babies (especially Tigger).
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She sure looks a little on the thin site now . But I know with your tlc she will be back as her old self again in no time .
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Awww - She does look tinier . Poor thing had a rough time out there in the big world. I love her cute double chin in your siggy picture, lol. She's such a beautiful cat!!!
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man, she really looks thin... but i'm sure she'll fatten up in no time!
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Oh, Tigger does look so tiny! Poor little girl, she's really been through it!

Vanilla does work, and you put a bit under the chin and at the base of the tail on all of the cats so they all smell the same no matter where they sniff.
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Originally posted by Sammie5
I may have missed this. What was it you did that led to her being returned? Posters? Ads? Its really interesting, and probably helpful for other people with the same sad situation, to know what worked in getting her back home.

And don't you really want to be able to ask her what happened? Where was she when you were looking for her?
I put out colored posters of her door-to-door. When the people saw the poster they said "Watch her come here" because they've got four inside/outside cats and they keep food outside for them. Two weeks later they saw her in their backyard and caught her. But they had lost the poster by this time but luckily Tigger still had her collar on and they used the number on that to call us.
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Wow I would bring them a Christmas gift basket or something.. how nice of them.
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I'm making Christmas cards with my cats on the you think that's enough? Perhaps I should do more... they wouldn't accept our reward... Any ideas? A basket is a nice idea...
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How about some little cat toys for thier cats? They would probably enjoy those is they are cat lovers
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I second the cat toys/treats idea. I'm sure that they would accept things for their cats rather than themselves being the selfless people that they are.
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Oh happy day! I think this is the first xmas miracle! I'm so glad that Tiggers home! I've been following this since the first post and I'm so relieved! I'd be a wreck if that happened to me! I'm so happy for you!
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Sorry this is a little late, but I haven't been posting recently due to being extremely busy at work and being sick.

I would like to express my extreme happiness for you and Tigger and I'm so glad that you have had her returned to you. I'm sure it's the best Christmas present you could ever ask for. I'm so happy for you. Have a Wonderful Holiday season, now that Tigger is home!!

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Thanks guys, you're all so nice!

Don't forget to sneak a peek at the pics posted of her on page 15.

You all are right, it IS the best christmas present ever!
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Tamme, this is so great! I imagine your are in cloude sever!
She looks so tiny, the little darling. If she only could tell you about her days away from home...
I think I would make a basket for the people whe found her, with all sorts of goodies for them, and their cats!
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Tamme, I haven't had time to stop by the Lounge recently, but I wanted to say what an ordeal!!!! I'm so glad Tigger's back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please pass along an extra few scritches from me?

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OMG!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!!!!

I hadn't checked this thread for a few days....because every time I did I got so sad that Tigger wasn't home yet...and I was starting to give up hope....and tonight I thought I would go and see if there was any news......and now I feel so bad for not having checked sooner, and for starting to give up hope... and so HAPPY that Tigger is home!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how much this has been on my mind!!!!!! Tigger coming home and Hissy's Racer getting better have been at the top of my prayer list every night.....

I am so THRILLED that Tigger is back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

This just makes me so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am just so sorry I didn't see it sooner!!!!!!!!!! Please give Tigger a big kiss from me!!!!!

*and please forgive me for starting to give up hope...I have just had so many things lately that I have given up hope for that Tigger coming home just seemed as hopless after awhile....please forgive me for ever feeling that way, I knew better...God takes care of his children...human and fur babies...and know that I did continue to pray every night.*
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Hi everybody,
I only want to let everybody know that this time I really managed to enter the States without any trouble contrary to the last time.I'm in California visiting my son, his fiance and not to forget their superimportant dog.They live in a lovely spot the wheater is wonderful, a lot warmer than in Germany.Nevertheless I have to go back on tuesday since there is a husband and another son waiting for me at home.and the purries of course.
Well, that's it.
Merry Christmas and health and happiness for the years to come
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