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Yeah, not only the fact that we spent money and time making that feeder, plus the food and the extra bowls we had out there.. but now their main food supply is gone. Although I have a feeling there are a lot of other people in the neighborhood feeding them. My neighbor may try to contact the building owner and ask them if we can have permission to feed them there. If they say yes then we have some rights to the stuff, if someone decides to take it again. If not, well I dont know. But they will always have food on my patio. I wont let them starve.
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Sicy, I'm sorry for not taking the time to read back through the whole thread, but with all the work Scott's put together to convince his community to save a colony of ferals, any way to print out some of that info and use it to talk to the building and get official permission to "manage the cats" on the property? That's really the only thing I can think of!
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I am so sorry to hear that the feeders and bowls were taken. I hope you get permission to feed your "babies".
I live in an addition and other homeowners were not happy I was feeding my ferals all winter. But I also found out that three other houses were helping them out too. I guess they were sleeping and hanging out on my deck and shed and visiting other homes for additional snacks.
My husband and I live trapped them all this spring and took them to a farmer who welcomed them with open arms. Unfortunately, Momma cat was too smart for the live traps but not smart enough for the roads. We found her dead before she had her spring litter and took her to our private burial site and shed tears for her. I feel guilty because she would have still been in our back yard but for those darn live traps. She left because we were trapping her kittens. I cry everytime I think of her. She was a good mommy kitty.
Subee, whose yard is now empty...but the birds are happier.
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Well I touched her! For a sec..

She layed down on the scratcher, which is right next to my chair, and I held my hand/fingers out to her and she sniffed my finger. I pulled away. She got comfortable and layed her head down. She was so close.. I couldnt resist. I reached my hand slowly and lightly touched her ear.. then pulled away. She didnt move. So I tried again and touched the top of her head. She snapped her head up so fast!! So I pulled away. Then she just sat there and stared at me. I figure I better not push my luck!

I feel like it doesnt count though because she didnt know I was touching her.
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Oh Sicy this is wonderful
Yes she knows you touched her , you can be sure of that .
I think it was good not pushing your luck , the next time it may be a little longer for you to touch her . I think she was just seeing what you going to do with that long look , to see if she still can trust you . I peronal think that you did very good Sicy and I am very happy for you
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You think she doesn't know, Sicy? She knows! She was measuring you with that look -- "How far are you going, human? Not going to get fresh are you?" I think you played it exactly right, and if you go reeeeeeeeeal easy, on the same level, next thing you know she'll start leaning into it, just a little, then a little more....The ice is cracking, oh, yes, the ice is cracking. How sweet it is!
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That's Great SICY!!!!!! Eventually, you will be able to pet her! Isn't it an AWESOME feeling knowing that she is letting u closer and closer??
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YAY!! soon she'll be loving on you. Molly used to never let me touch her and now she writhes around in pleasure as long as I pet her head and neck.. below that though, and things get ugly. but it only takes a little time from the first allowed touching to get them to loving it.
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Just an update. I have not seen Prego for probably a month I am worried about her and hope she has just relocated somewhere else.. because there are about 4 sisters that are always on my patio and could have possibly run her out (they dont get along). Here are the main sisters.. they were trapped and spayed last year. b&w Fatty, siamese Snowflake and calico Patches.

Over the passed few months, 2 new kittens showed up with their momma.. they are the sweetest things. One b&w and one tortie. After about a month of feeding them and getting them to play, I was finally able to fully pet both of them. They absolutely decided that they loved scritches and pets

So anyway, they disappeared too for about 2 weeks and I started getting worried and sad.. because these have been the ONLY ferals I have ever got to pet, and now they were gone.. so One day I walked around the neighborhood in and out of the complex's near mine to look for them, or signs of other people feeding the cats.

I found them 2 apartment complex's away, spoke to a Russian man and his daughter that claimed they were 'his' cats lol! As I was speaking to him I saw Chatty (the b&w) run passed us and omg I was just so happy and relieved to see him. Then I saw Shyla (the tortie) run into the bushes as well. They have a great set up over at his house, he feeds them, he made them a little shelter with blankets inside and he says they are always there chatting with him and waiting for food.

With this great news that they had their own home, my neighbor and I convinced him to let us trap them to get fixed! So we called our lady from the homeless cat network and she did a TNR on them last week Hopefully all is well with them! They were my favorites *sigh* I just wish they would come back and visit me. Geez its literally only like 1 or 2 blocks away! But again, I think the 'sisters' that hang out here run everyone else away unfortunately.
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AWWWWWWWWWW!!! They look so cute!! I do hope Prego is okay though. Hope you see her soon. I know how worrying it can be when ferals stop visiting.. Hang in there and continue to post pics! These are cute. Glad Chatty and Shyla have a home and that you persuaded the owner to do TNR!! You are a big help and that's awesome.. Keep it up!!
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Here are some more cute pics of the feral sisters & Buddy


Fatty & Patches


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They are beautiful. Hve you been able to touch them??? It took 6 years with one of my ferals.
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Nope They all sit near me even a couple feet away and I can play with them sometimes with toys but I have only been able to pet Chatty & Shyla, the kittens, and they dont visit anymore since they found a new home. I wont give up though!
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Thanks for the update, Sicy -- the crew are all gorgeous. Hope Prego comes around sometime to reassure you.
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Sicycat, your Prego looks a lot like my fecal kitten, Kesara.

Don't you think?
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Wow yes she does a bit! She's got the split face. Too cute.
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Thanks for the update. I sure hope Prego is OK!
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Yeah I found this board today and I saw your post and just blurted out "That's my Kesara!" I couldn't get a full body pic of her (she still a shy kitty) but Prego reminds me so much of her. The big blue eyes, the coloring, etc.
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I cant believe my eyes. PREGO is here!! *tears of joy* I seriously teared up.. I cant believe its been so long since I have seen her and here she is, on Christmas! What a wonderful Christmas present. She looks great, and I just fed her she was pretty hungry but omg.. I am still in shock and just so happy to see her. I am dying to know where she has been. It's been well over a month. We played and I took some pictures.

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Wow she has really filled out compared to the pix you first posted. Someone has had her at their house I'll bet. She is still stunning!
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What a wonderful Christmas present...she looks good! Almost plump

Such a pretty, pretty girl.
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Oh Yay! Welcome back Prego! She doesn't look like she's missed many meals while she was gone, does it? She's fatter than my cat!
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I'm so glad Prego came back to reassure you! I'm sure she missed your friendship and playing with the feather with you. Maybe she found someone with a shelter and food source and didn't want to compete with the sisters.

Looking at the first pictures of her, and the most recent ones, its clear that you saved a cat. She's become beautiful and self-assured thanks to your care. You've done a great job with her and your other ferals. Thank you for saving these cats!
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How wonderful . She looks so calm and content. What a wonderful Christmas present for you.
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Sicy! What a wonderful Christmas prezzie! And doesn't she look great?! So glad that she came around to see you. Wouldn't it be lovely if she stayed for a while!
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I dont think she'll be staying I watched her try to hop the fence to come over yesterday and Fatty chased her away!! Literally REEEOWWWW HISSS HISISSSSS REEEOWW!!!!!!!!!! No wonder she doesnt want to come over anymore. The 'sisters' have taken over Well at least I know that she was eating somewhere because she looks healthy.
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I am SOOO glad that Prego is okay! She looks GREAT..
What a GREAT christmas gift!!!!

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Originally Posted by Sicycat
I dont think she'll be staying I watched her try to hop the fence to come over yesterday and Fatty chased her away!! Literally REEEOWWWW HISSS HISISSSSS REEEOWW!!!!!!!!!! No wonder she doesnt want to come over anymore. The 'sisters' have taken over Well at least I know that she was eating somewhere because she looks healthy.
Awwww.I am sorry that she is getting chased away,I know how much you care about her.
I am glad to see that she is looking good though,she is just as beautiful as always.
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