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Got this from the weather channel - this is the PROJECTED PATH

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If this comes true you and your babies will be safe in GA.

I Just hope everyone will be safe!!
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Umm I hope it misses ya's places keeping our paws crossed
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Hellen , that would be great news for me .But not good news for the other places . I am still praying it will not make any land fall at all and move back out in to the ocean and also to slow down to nothing .
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Hedi - I know!! I hope everyone stays safe!!!

Most likely I'll be at home on Friday. If it's like Flloyd the whole area where I work - I am right across from the tip of Manhattan on the NJ side - was flooded. I was also told the train line was out for about a week.

Let's hope for the best for everyone...
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There is still hope , I don't give up hope that every body will be ok .
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Got this from the PSU Meterology forecast... Doesn't look to promising. So for those of us in the area, it's possible Inet wont be available when this thing hits.

Time for a hurricane party....

Whose gonna bring the ice for the Magaritas????
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Maybe it won't get any stronger and we will all be ok. I have been through 2 category 3 hurricanes, and though they were scary, I am not nearly as scared as I was yesterday.
I hope so, that grid puts it right on top of Jacksonville!
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Ken, I can't tell from your map...Is that the Chesapeak Bay area?

One good thing about living in Kentucky is that I no longer have to worry about hurricanes!

All y'all living on the east coast can come to my house to weather out the storm! I live in a dry county, so you'll have to bring your own tequila!
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Looks like it's going to hit just east of the bay, of course on our news that say its going to go right up the bay.

The model (the Part I didn't copy) shows it as a Cat I when it hits landfall....
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Looks like I will be just seeing the outer affects of it here in MA. Thank God.

I hope all the rest of you in the more southern/mid atlantic states are safe. If you don't see me here though, it means we lost power too.

Thanks Ken for the grid, that was helpful.
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Be safe everyone. Keep those kitties close!
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OMG the circle in the middle is right over Philadelphia!

We've never had a hurricane hit here before.
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Any one know if it's supposed to hit NYC?
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NYC is going to feel it, that's for sure! But in all the recent stuff I've seen, NYC is further North than they're predicting for first landfall.

We're in NJ up by the Delaware Water Gap - right next to PA. No matter where it hits it looks like it's heading north, our way. Hopefully it'll just be a lot of rain and not too much wind by the time it gets here.

So glad it's weakening, and from what I hear it's going to continue to do so.
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Thank God! It was supposed to be a doozy!

I hope everyone stays safe and dry!
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Guess I should start building that ark.

Stay safe everyone.
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Same here! Let's keep our fingers crossed that Isabel will continue to be downgraded to a Cat 1 OR MAYBE even miss us all!!!!

If you don't see me here during the weekend, it probably means I've lost power in my area which looks very likely.
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we normally have boring weather in NJ!! It is sooooooooooooo nice today!! I can't imagine us getting anything too bad.
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Kiwi, r u okay? There saying on yahoo for carolinians to evacuate. What about everyone else? Hope you guys are okay...keeping our paws crossed..
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Jellybelly - thanks for asking, I am in the mountains of western north carolina, far away from the hurricane, but still get bad weather like with Floyd.

Thanks for asking
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For all those in the path of Isabela please may you, your families, friends & of course your furrbabbies stay safe.
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I am praying for all of you ....((((HUGS))))
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Thanks! I need to hear that. Now, I'm starting to cry! I guess it is just scarier than I thought it'd be and it's harder for me cuz I live alone..

To all of us who are on the East Coast in the path of Hurricane Isabel, HANG in there!! We can make it through...
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I've been thinking about all of you this morning. Please stay safe!
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We have been watching it on the news. Pamela you are not alone, you have all of us, although I know the computer will be turned off, our prayers will follow you!
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and the plants and the deck chairs outside were hitting my window.. The hurrican Isobel flew past and hit us hard, many trailors were thrown around peoples yard and just one hour drive from here, trailor parks, had the caravans flying around all over the show, this is the biggest wind we have had for ages, I feel sorry for you guys in the US, It was so scary here last night!
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It's interesting to talk to people who are experiencing the storm at different parts of it's cycle.

We are supposed to get the tail end of it Friday afternoon into Saturday. The weather forcasters in Toronto are still warning of possible floods and wind damage as it heads north to Ontario.The road crews around my place have been out clearing the roads and cutting tree branches that could become hazardous during the storm.

I can't even imagine being at the beginning of this hurricane! Ick!

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It's going to be very scary up here in Ontario as well. I'm fully prepared for anything and everything. We will probably have quite a bit of damage just from the wind and the rain which is supposed to hit us tomorrow.

All emergency supplies are accounted for. Our biggest worry however is the trees that we are surrounded by (40 Acres). Quite a few of them are very close the our house, I think that's about the only thing we can't prepare for and I'm not cutting them down!
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I am hoping that everyone along with their pets will be safe with the hurricane. I am not along the coast so we do not get hurricanes. Our worry is the tornadoes. I have seen such devastation from them. I have everyone along the eastern coast in my thoughts and prayers.
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