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doh! no pic came up, I'll try again!
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I love all the new pics!!!

Here's one of Saki giving kisses

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Here is a picture of my wife, Terri, with Amber in one of her favorite places. Taking a ride on your shoulders
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Holy crap that cat is getting big.
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Yeah, she is getting there
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Sicy I love that pic .

WOW Amber is huge and very pretty , no wonder you wanted a Bobcat . What a cutie .
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I couldn't resist this one. I went to lay down for a nap today and my boys joined me. You can only see 3 of the 5 that were laying on me. Little Oscar (my foster) came up and snuggled into Muddy for the first time today. They groomed each other for a while (yea!) and Bogart came and laid down on my head. Sage was sleeping on my hip and Spanky on my feet. These guys are my blood pressure medicine, particularly when Muddy reaches out both paws to my face to love me.

OK, so I told my husband that Oscar is going to be hard pressed to place since he has such strong separation anxiety and that we might just have to keep him ((((( ))))). His comment back was "and this is a surprise to me how?" LOL
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Ohhhh Momofmany you look so cute with all them kitties
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bumping the fun thread
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WOW this thread is totally awesome....I love being able to put faces to names....all the kitties are such cuties.

Here is me and Daisey
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And of course little Blossom
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Daisey's mum what beautiful pictures!!!
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Here's Saki laying on me and purring in my ear and licking my earlobe He's so sweet.

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I finally got pictures of my crew snuggling with me! It's a rare occurance since neither of them are lap kitties. Echo's been pretty lovey the past few days, so maybe it's her New Years Resolution!

I thought I'd share them with ya'll....
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And my favorite picture of Echo & I!
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You all look great , I love it . Shell I love your pic , you look so cute in it . Sicy what can I say : Saki . And Daisey , you are a very pretty lady .
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Tiki wasn't nearly as thrilled as Echo was...but she got over it!
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And the last one...
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Shell, did you cut your hair? Tiki doesn't look too thrilled in that last picture, but she is definately a beauty.
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No I didn't cut my hair..it's just pulled back in a pony tail. God..I'd never cut my hair THAT short! I'd have an afro!

As for Tiki...she's definitely got the Himmie Attitude! But she has good reason to be cranky since she's not feeling good. I'll cut her some slack this time!
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Shell, you look like one of my cousins that lives in Omaha.. I will have to see if I have a pic
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Shell, I think you'd look pretty good with short hair. But I guess if it wouldn't co-operate that would be bad news. My hair is thick but doesn't do what I tell it to do. Right now I'm growing it out. Grr, I hate those akward inbetween stages!!
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Ok First time posting pics so let me see if this works!!!
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here's a pic of me and dog, the pic is about a year old now so my hair is a lot longer. i don't know if you can see but she's wearing a christmas bells collar (and not liking it)
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Dog? LOL.. that's funny. I love your grey cat
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I'm not particularly fond of these pictures but I don't have many of us together. Mostly because he's not a big fan of being held. The way I'm holding him in the pictures is pretty much the only way he'll tolerate for longer than five seconds. Even then he doesn't look too pleased does he? Hehehe, didn't help that my sister barely knows how to use my camera so it took ten years!
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Zoey doesnt like to be held either. She lets out this horrible meowing whine like someone's killing her
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Here is one of me and Leo. I like this one. He doesnt like being held.
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Sorry to many new pics to comment on individually but everyone and there cats are precious!

Oh and it's great to finally see you Cindy.
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Me and Frosta a few months ago. (September I Think.)
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