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My Cat Is Very Sick!

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This is just a short post to ask that if any of you have a moment, then please can you keep my 6yr old Bengal, Pau Sau( pronounced Pow-Sow...as in in the word WOW! ) in your thoughts.

A couple of days ago, his weight plummeted, he is sleepy, and not at all well. We took him to the vet on Saturday, and the vet was shocked. He'd only seen him 10 days previously, and his weight has dropped so much, he is just under 4kgs ! He hasn't a blocked gut, or bad teeth, he had gastroenteritis (sp?) but was recovered, and now this. The vet said we have to be very worried now, and start to prepare ourselves...just in case. He gave us a tube for a stool sample, but to be honest, his stool is like water, and he won't 'go' in a non sanded litter box! We are taking him back to the vets first thing in the morning. He has dropped more weight today, and is now dehydrated inspite of drinking a fair bit.

Please pray for us, or keep us in your thoughts. I am so scared right now. We have only had him since November, and I love him so much. The very thought of having to say goodbye to him just makes me start sobbing.

Anyone with a spare miracle up their sleave...please can I
borrow it for my Pauie, for a little while ???

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Happier times, a few weeks ago :
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Oh no! I am so sorry for your furbaby! I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

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prayers coming from NY!! Keep us up to date!.
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One more :
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OH NO! I truly hope he pulls through this! Sending lots of prayers and get well wishes!

Is there any way you could take him to a Vet ER tonight? If he's dehydrated, it could be VERY dangerous!
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Sonia I am going to put this in our Health forum for you-
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Spoke to our vet a little while back and he said that he will definately be ok for a few hours, and if he gets worse before 7am, which is when we are seeing him, he'll come out immediately to me, if I can't get to him. Pauie is sleeping at the moment. After what I described, and the webcam shot of Pauie's skin pinch test and eye close up, the vet thinks I'm fretting a bit to much over the dehydration thing, just now, and that he'll be ok for a few more hours. He would rather give it that time to see if I can catch a stool sample in the meantime.

It's going to be a very long night !
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I'm so sorry about your furbaby Is the vet going to run some tests?

I will keep him in my thoughts
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Sonia if you can get a hold of some Pedialyte and give this to your cat, that will help a lot.

About the stool sample, if you use dried beans, it *fools* cats into thinking that it is cat litter and you can get a sample for the vet. Has the vet ruled out giardia? Coccidia? As a precaution, stop giving your cat tap water and instead buy bottled water for him.

Best of luck, many will be pulling for you here.
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Sending prayers and best wishes to you and Pau Sau!
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Prayer coming to you from Florida.
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I hope he starts to feel better soon. Me, Tibby and Corkscrew are sending some good thoughts your way.
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I am soo sorry to hear about your baby :angel2: My prayers all the way. I know someone is looking out for him.
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How's your baby today?
any updates?
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I hope your baby gets well soon. I'll be keeping him in my thoughts.
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I hope your kitty is alright! Me and my kitties are sending HUGE hugs and prayers over!
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I hope you baby is better soon!
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The vet said that we have to be very concerned. They are keeping him in. He could barely walk by 7am, he's too weak. Also, he usually yowls all the way to the vet...this time in the car, he slept. Woke up on arrival, but was sleeping again by the time we got into the waiting room. The vet said his temperature is low, although the dehydration isn't to bad. His gut doesn't feel blocked, although it's gassy, but something is clearly wrong.

The tests that are going to be done, are blood, urine, feaces, and general intensive observation. He is on a drip as we speak. The vets
are looking for gut parasites, and blood anomilies, but usually there
is a rise in temperature for gut parasites. The vet said the situation is very serious. He is now just over 3.5kgs in weight.
Now all we can do is wait and pray

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Sonia, has your vet tested Powie's liver enzymes and blood glucose? Has he checked for signs of jaundice -- yellowing in the ears, eye whites, palate, which are signs of liver trouble. You mention that he's drinking quite a bit yet is dehydrated -- excessive thirst could be a sign of diabetes.
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Hang in there... I've been in a similar situation and I know how you must feel... My heart goes out to you and your baby. Have Faith Sonia. Your kitty needs you.
All our thoughts and love...

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I just wanted to send you and your cat my prayers from Canada..I hope he gets better..and please keep us posted..poor thing...*HugS*

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There are a lot of people pulling for Pauie - I really hope he pulls through.
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Sonia love, I'm thinking of you and your poor kitty and sending love and strong thoughts your way.

Do you think he's eaten some poison?

I hope the vet is able to shed some light on what the problem might be.

Let us know how he gets on.
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I am sending you strong, positive thoughts for the recovery of your furbaby. I hope that you will soon hear some good news, and that they can quickly work out what the problem is.
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My prayers go out to you. I know how terrifying it is to have a basically healthy cat seem to just go downhill overnight. I really hope everything works out for you.
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Thank you everyone. I have printed all this out for my family. It is amazing how much your kind wishes are such a support to us. Thank you a million times over !!!

The vet called at 7pm. He wanted us to bring Pauie home. Pauie refused to eat, and hadn't toileted all day. The vet said he was getting mentally worse there, so we should come and get him. The drip was having little effect, so they took it off in the afternoon.

The vet took some bloods, which we get results back tomorrow, x-rayed him ( no blockages ), took a saliva swab...that was negative for oral bacterial infections. He also had hopped to get some other litter tray samples, but Pau was not so obliging ! He didn't go for over 12 hours...poor love.

Pauie recently started rasping his tongue as he chews, on his top teeth on one side. The vet checked his teeth, palate, and jaws, but it revealed nothing abnormal. It's odd but I can't help but think it's all connected. I've never seen a cat use it's tongue to chew food with, and so audibly too...that was when he was still eating properly. It's so weird.

As soon as we got Pauie home, he went nuts...if ever a cat was about to burst ! Anyway, the vet gave us some special cat litter that is sterile and non-absorbant and is especially for gathering samples. Mum quickly prepared the litter box, and then gave the all clear. I opened the carrier, and Pauie dived for the box. Hoorah !!! We got our samples ! He purred his silly little head off as he half heartedly tried to cover his samples ! A very happy, and relieved kitty!

He ate a tiny amount at home, but the vet said that over the day he has lost a bit more weight It's such a battle. He is very guant looking. He looks like a proper neglect case.

Well, all we can do is keep going with trying to feed him every few hours. The sample results should be back by the afternoon too. Fingers crossed it will reveal the answer. The vets are as stumped as we are with Pauie's sudden rapid decline.

Thank you again for all your support. We really need it right now.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
Sonia & family
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Hi Sonia. Glad to hear Pouie is home. I hope this problem gets figured out real soon. It can be very frustrating and frightening having a sick animal on your hands. They can't tell us how they feel, where it hurts, etc. Unfortunately, a lot of times the vet can't tell us much either. We just have to pay attention to their subtle signals.

Please continue posting and let us know what's happening with your cat.
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To tempt his appetite try baby food, chicken or turkey. If the vet gave you A/D that would be best, there is also a nutritional paste called nutro paste you might want to buy. I would even suggest kitty kaviar which you can find advertised in the Market Place, anything to get him to eat- try warming up his food in the microwave first. I will think good thoughts for him and for you.
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When our cat had the cat flu we gave him Nutrigel. It is an energy paste full of vitamins and minerals. Maybe you could try giving him some of this... We gave it to sylverster... His condition was greatly improved after the first 24 hours...

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