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Am going to head over to Facebook for 1/2 hour or so to play Bejewlled 2 then head off to bed to watch Criminal Minds, and C.S.I. New York.
Hope everyone has a good night sleep.
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I'm just about to head to the supermarket - Elmo & Sophie are out of wet food!
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I'm watching a little teevee before I go to work.
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wishing I was sleeping
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Wishing my sheets would get dry so I could go to bed!!
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Still sitting here in my p.j.'s trying to get motivated enough to go get dressed and start the day..
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I should be working but instead I'm playing on TCS & Facebook...only 25 more mins till my smoke break & only 7-1/2 hrs until I get to go home
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At work, wishing i was at home with my love and my kitties...
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Answering a couple of email and thinking about laying down for a bit. Seems my sleepless night has caught up with me.
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I'm just about to head home and have some apple crumble before I get ready for work.
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just got home a little while ago from my oh so crappy job now it's time to relax, play wit the babies & watch my show...I picked up some wine too so I'll be drinking as well
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I got home a while ago and am relaxing in my lounge chair logged into TCS with three cats in my lap! They've never quite realized that three objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time, but they try!
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About to go to bed!
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wishing I thought I could sleep
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Thinking about starting dinner early so I can get it finished up and spend a quiet evening first soaking in the tub for awhile, then curling up in bed with the kitties and a good movie. My sister dropped off a couple of movies that she had, Steel Magnolia's and Ladyhawke------two of my favorites.
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I'm just about to go to visit my Granddaddy's grave. It's been 5 years since he passed. He was the "King" of the NZ Cat world.
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Getting over the stress of ending a relationship and watching my new rescue, Friday, in his enclosure.
Friday is a native tarantula my neighbor found his his garage.
Since they spray pesticide out here, I'm going to wait and see if he makes it, if he does, I'll release him far out in the desert at night next week.
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Doing some TCS gift shopping, I have tons of points so figured it was time to share the wealth and spread them around a bit..
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Just got home from work. Waiting on Josh to get home so we can figure out dinner.....
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Had dinner. Sitting in lounge chair with beautiful Whimsey snoring in my lap!
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Think it is time for me and the kids to call it a day. Hope everyone get a good nights rest I know I pretty worn out so I don't think I will have any problems getting to sleep. Nighty night all......
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Going to start dinner here in a couple of minutes.

Shouldn't take to long to make so after that just tiding up the kitchen then figuring out what I am going to spend the evening doing....
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Thinking I should be asleep, but am too pumped up.....

I guess it would help if I got into bed and at least tried to sleep LOL.

night folks.
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Gonna Check out a couple of things on Facebook then think about cleaning out my fridge. I know that there is a container in the back that when I bumped it putting stuff away last night growled at me.....
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Sitting around....thinking about studying
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I'm trying to do my chemistry homework. Or I was trying. It's stoichiometry (who's even heard of that?!) and while I seem to be able to do it in class I'm totally lost now. So I figured I'd catch up on TCS posts!
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Watching cats 101, and thinking about lunch
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Well my refridgarator is all clean and tidy now. Nothing in their looking to escape as we sleep tonight. Not even sure what was in the container and certainly wasn't going to open it and find out. So that about it as far as my energy for today. I just put a tensor bandage on my wrist and am going to take a bit of a rest. Independance Day is on the Space Channel this afternoon so that will give me something to watch...
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quickly caught up with people, as my friend is playing on her computer....now I'm bout ready to go kick her off hers.
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I'm just about to go and pick Flutterby up from the airport!
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