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Thanks for your input. Pikey really gets excited when I tease him with treats and then eats as many as I give him, then goes over to his food, checks it out and walks away. And just for the record, I have switched several times a day from wet food to dry, back and forth, etc. My sister thought that there may be something wrong with the IAMS I bought. Tomorrow I will buy some IAMS kitten food. Also, I'm gonna have to return the wet food the vet switched me to as it is too solid and I can't shoot it from the syringe.
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If he really likes the treats, you might try putting a few in a bowl with one or two pieces of the regular food, and see if he'll eat the regular with the treats.
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Yay poo!

I bet he'll eat on his own more when he realizes that that's the way to make you not need to force-feed him.
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I was actually just thinking about what both of you mentioned. I'll try the treats and food trick when I get home. I have to say that although Pikey is a smart cat, I don't think he will put together the syringe and eating thing. He seems to be repulsed by the food. I've tried many different types also, and the only thing he'll eat on his own is the treats. Its strange. What is it with the treats that he likes? Also, they wet cat food the vet gave me and insists that I give Pikey is very solid for wet food, so I have to manually smash it all up with before I give it to Pikey, so it'll squeeze through the syringe.
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Just got home and did an experiment. I laid out some kitty treats on the floor and Pikey ate them. I then put the kitty treats in his bowel and he would not even approach them. I then took the treats out of his bowel and placed them on the floor and he ate them right up. I then put out some IAMS kitten food which I just bought out on the floor with the kitty treats and he ate both (but not a lot of it). Interesting don't you think? Any ideas?
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Originally Posted by roby22 View Post
Just got home and did an experiment. I laid out some kitty treats on the floor and Pikey ate them. I then put the kitty treats in his bowel and he would not even approach them. I then took the treats out of his bowel and placed them on the floor and he ate them right up. I then put out some IAMS kitten food which I just bought out on the floor with the kitty treats and he ate both (but not a lot of it). Interesting don't you think? Any ideas?
John - My lucky had a period when she hated her food bowl. She loved food around the apartment though - as if she was hunting for food
Try to put kibbles in places where she usually hangs out - a handfull on the arm of the couch, another close to her bed, another close to her food bowl... Just in different places... First do not put the food in a container. After she starts eating, start putting the food on the same places, but inside of containers. Eventually you will need to coax her into eating from her food bowl again, but that can be easily done...
Good luck and many vibes for your girl....
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Pikey ended up not eating that much, but I was/am really encouraged that he will eat on his own. The cat food that the new vet wants me to use (which I am doing now) is very difficult to administer. It is very solid and has to be totally mashed up (which isn't easy) and is very difficult to send through the syringe which makes Pikey very uncomfortable. He is a good sport, but it kills me to continually irritate him like this. It is something that absolutely has to be done, but I feel he is start to not trust me anymore and no longer looks at me as a friend and protector. That is what is tough emotionally. But he has to eat, and I'm off again to force-feed him
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Just gave Pikey his nightly cat food force-feeding and it is becoming hell. I have to mix it so much with water so it'll go through the syringe that it literally took maybe 100 injections to finish it all. And the little guy has to endure that three times a day. The other cat food was easy to inject through the syringe, but this is awful. This is a wet IAMS intestinal formula. I just wish he would start eating on his own. And how is he expected to when he's fed all this food through force-feeding? He never ate that much food anyway, even though he's a huge cat. I'm becoming depressed about all this. He will not let me continue doing this abuse too much longer. One thing is for sure, our relationship will NEVER be the same. He will NEVER trust me again and rightly so. The poor little guy.
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Roby, I know exactly what you are going through, it is such a painful emotional thing, but you are doing what's right. I used to cry before and after I force fed kismet (yes all three times) I managed to calm down while I was feeding her, and I'd do it in the dark to some soft music, helped calm us both down. I thought she hated me, she wouldn't even look up anymore when I came in a room or patted her it was so hard. I was never very good at the force feeding either, I always got it ALL over her, me, the towel, the room...... But now, almost 2 years later, she is exactly back to the sweet girl she was. Once she got her weight and strength back nothing was different (even though she was force fed for over 2 months) she lets me pick her up, brush her, play with her, clip her nails..... she jumps on my lap, purrs, sleep with me, etc. Cats are very forgiving, and I'm sure your baby will trust you again, please don't worry too much.

At night when he goes the longest without feeding.....are you leaving out all sorts of food for him? (this is when he will most likely start eating again). LEave out baby food, wet food, tuna, treats, anything you can think of and see if he'll eat it during the night. Even just a little bit.

Also maybe you should switch to the Hill's A/D for force feeding. This is by far the best food for syringe feeding, it goes through the syringe nicely when mixed with water and has a very high caloric value. This is what i used and I mixed it with warm water everytime. I did 1mL at a time, 60mL/feeding, atleast 3 times a day.

GOod luck

Originally Posted by roby22 View Post
Just got home and did an experiment. I laid out some kitty treats on the floor and Pikey ate them. I then put the kitty treats in his bowel and he would not even approach them. I then took the treats out of his bowel and placed them on the floor and he ate them right up. I then put out some IAMS kitten food which I just bought out on the floor with the kitty treats and he ate both (but not a lot of it). Interesting don't you think? Any ideas?
I just read this. This is excellent news, this is how kismet started eating when she started to get better. As I mentioned before, keep up with the force feeding, but leave little piles around at night (Not in the bowl, just on the floor wherever) I bet he will slowly start eating them at night, and again, not just cat food, but treats and anything else that seems appetizing to a cat.
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I wonder if Pikey is associating his old bowl with discomfort? If you don't want to just leave food on the floor, is there maybe a dollar store or someplace where you could pick up cheap flat small plates or saucers - anything that's a different size - and, as mentioned, leaving the food in that, in different areas?

Have you told the vet about the problems with using this new food - maybe they can suggest something you can mix up with it to make it easier, while still being healthy.

You're a hero - and I can imagine that all the stress and lack of sleep is getting to you as well. But Pikey definitely would not still be here without you - and he'll forgive you. More prayers for a speedy return to health and a normal life for both of you.
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Thanks for your very kind messages. I have been leaving food out on the floor and what Pikey will do is eat a small bit when we wake up or when I get home at night and then no more. As for the food, the vet won't let me go back to the food you mentioned which was perfect. She insists I give him this IAMS "intestinal low residue" food in cans. What I've been doing is adding water and then mashing it up until its almost a liquid and then feeding it to him in the syringe. It means I have to give him at least 20 or 30 syringe fulls per session. Speaking of which, its that time again. By the way, I'm glad to hear that the cat you force-fed for 2 months is alright. It gives me hope.
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You might talk to the vet about mixing the food with a different liquid, like Rebound or CatSure. That way you may be able to feed fewer syringefuls since you'd be diluting the food with a caloric liquid rather than water.
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Johnny, what about putting this canned in a blender or food processor before you add any water. I did this with some canned food and it turned very watery.

Hang in there. Things will and are getting better. You have done an amazing job taking care of your friend. He will come back around to his old self. All the best to you and Pikey.
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^^^Yes, what she said. I've done it before, it is very smooth and watery that way, goes in/out the syringe easily. Go to walmart and buy a cheap blender if you don't have one. Mine cost $14, you don't need a high power one, it's just for wet cat food.

Also, try giving him a gob of NutriCal or Hairball meds once a day, or every other day, it works well for constipation. My cat got constipated while recovering from surgery, and the vet didn't seem concerned at all, I was worried because he hadn't pooed in 4ish days. I thought and thought and came up with NutriCal/Hairball meds. One of the main ingredients in these products is various oils, and it reallly works, my cat pooed a few hours later. Now I use it at the first sign of constipation!

Good luck, and please don't feel so down. While he may not understand what is going on he knows that you love him. He knows you care. And he WILL forget about the meds/force feeding, I promise. Animals are very forgiving by nature. Even cats.

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I just wrote a long update and it completely disappeared. Too busy to retype it. Pikey still hanging in there. Starting to eat SMALL bits of IAMS kitten food on his own. I'm still force-feeding him a can of "intestinal" cat food a day.
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I am glad that he is still ok.

It's actually a good sign that he is fighting you, is shows he has enough strength & will to fight, he hasn't gave up either.

Get well soon dear Pikey.
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I had a thought earlier today about getting him to eat on his own. What if you offered him a meal right before you feed him, since that's the time he'd most likely be hungry anyway, and if he eats it he doesn't have to get forcefed? (Or, if he eats just a few bites, he gets to wait a few more minutes before getting fed.)
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The fact that pikey will eat ANYTHING on his own is fantastic news. Kismet went over a month where she wouldn't touch any food, no matter what, and she started really slow, a few kibbles or treats a day (I continuted force feeding)

You are doing such an amazing job

for you and pikey
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Thanks everyone. I offer Pikey his kitty treats before I force-feed him and he usually goes for the treats and then nibbles just a bit at the IAMS kitten food I put out for him. One positive development is that I am pretty certain that he ate some kitten food from his regular cat bowl, which, if true, would really be a first and make me really excited. I take him back to the vet Monday, for follow-up blood tests. Hope all is well with all of you.
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Johnny, I truly appreciate you sharing your journey with Pikey with us. I know it was rough at the beginning with some of the responses you got here, but I am sooooo glad you stuck it through.

I've been thinking bout Pikey the whole time.... You are doing an amazing job and you should be commended for it.... these days too many people would not even TRY to help, they would euthanise instead.

Your thread has been very educational, and I'm glad, so glad, Pikey continues to improve.
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Just read over all your posts, I am so sorry Pikey is feeling so ill! I hope they can figure out what the problem is
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Thanks for the kind words. Pikey did eat a bit out of his bowel this morning, but very little when I was at work. He is in good spirits and gaining weight back, but still not normal weight yet. They are not sure exactly what happened to Pikey, but they found somewhat elevated levels of fat at the pancreas and liver. They will check those Monday again. Also, he has been on antibiotics for almost two weeks for a slight bladder infection. He is going to the bathroom again normally. That was a major issue for the first two weeks. I'll keep everyone posted and thanks to all.
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SUCH GREAT NEWS!! this thread has made me so happy! I'm so sorry for what you've gone through, but bless you for coming here and getting the information and saving Pikey! Thank you thank you thank you!

You continue to be in my thoughts
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It's wonderful that you're finally seeing such an improvement. that this is the decisive turning point.
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Hi! Went to the vet today (Monday) and she ran more tests (blood). I was feeling fairly optimistic, although I still have to force-feed Pikey. The vet didn't sound so upbeat, however, saying that Pikey has elevated enzymes in the pancreas and liver and that is VERY serious. They were having computer problems with the blood test, so they are going to send Pikey's blood sample out and she said to expect results by Thursday.

Pikey threw up quite a bit when I got him home, but it may have been just the trauma of the vet and taking the blood which took the tech a bit as it wouldn't come out easy. Anyway, I just finished feeding (by syringe) him the prescription cat food and he seems rather cheerful. I would say that in terms of behavior, he is about 70% back to his old self again, but the vet really scared me today and I am gonna get a clarification when she calls me Thursday about his chances for survival long term. I will feed him through a syringe forever if need be. The little guy is really being such a good sport it just breaks your heart.
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when my Java decided to quit eating, i got her to start again by giving her people salmon [her favorite thing!]. i figured even tho that wasn't a 'complete' diet, she was at least eating something... eventually, she began eating her regular food again - altho she still enjoys getting salmon [wildside freeze dried] as an occasional treat.

is there any people food that Pikey is really fond of?
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I hope the vet can give you some good long-term news when you talk....Pikey is so lucky to have you, and my prayers continue for both of you.
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just to give you a little more hope, kismets liver and pancreas enzymes came back badly for weeks, even once she started eating. Also I had Cello at the vets for a different reason and based on his blood work the vets thought he wasn't long for this world, well that was 2 years ago and he is happily purring away on my lap as we speak. If Pikey is 'acting' better, you will notice this, the vets won't, and that speaks volumes. Keep it up.
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Thanks for the encouragement. Pikey is doing better. Monday, when I got him home, he threw everything up. That, combined with what the vet said, really had me worried. I'm happy to say that today and tonight, Pikey seems to be doing very well. Both this morning and especially tonight when I got home from work, he ate quite a bit of the IAMS kitten food I bought on his own, just like in days of old.

I am still gonna force-feed him now a container of baby food just to be on the safe side and then force-feed him tomorrow with the vet cat food again, but am I ever happy. He really does appear to be doing well. I'll keep you all posted and thanks for the post. It really gives me hope, no matter what the blood test says tomorrow or Thursday.
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One of the office workers at my animal care & control department told me about one of her cats, who had stopped eating when mom went off to visit her human daughter and her new grandaughter for a week (even though kitty had a pet sitter stopping in three times a day - all the other cats did fine, but this one was upset, apparently). The pet sitter had contacted the owner, and kitty was taken to the vet after two days, but still....this was one stubborn kitty about eating when her mom was MIA, I guess.

Anyway, this kitty was diagnosed with the liver issues and at first the outlook was grim. But,and who know why other than continued vet care and a lot of intensive care from the owner (like you), this cat did end up making a full recovery.
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