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Here he is at 10 weeks.
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Here he is with all of his siblings. He is so much smaller than them. He is still under a pound.
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Frankie is a hell of a tuff guy! I just read this thread today and read every single one. I hope he is forever loved. Linda
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Awww cute little Frankie! I'd scoop him up in a heart beat!

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Tammie, according to Yahoo maps, you are only a 10 hour road trip away from Teresa and Frankie ... so ... you actually could scoop him up!

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Man I wish I could have him. In that one picture he's just a ball of fluff but oh so cute.
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I'm really becoming concerned at the lack of growth Frankie is having. His belly if so full it almost looks distended and his legs in spite of working with him are still very thin. He is so tiny he can sit in the palm of your hand. It takes two hands for even the smallest of his siblings. I guess we need to make another trip to the vet. He is still eating and eliminating. He has been tested for worms. I'm wondering if he needs surgury to correct the shape of his skull? He still isn't seeing much if anything. Maybe I should start a Frankie surgery fund that goes directly to the vet. Any money not used could go to emergencies for other families. What do you guys think?
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My friend who rescues kitties has a little kitty who is about 13-14 weeks old now, but looks about 5 weeks old. But I have to tell you, that until about a week and 1/2 ago, he looked like a bandy-legged alien (NOT saying bad things about him--he is such a sweet little guy, and his name is "Little Trooper"!) But he has, very recently, REALLY begun to change in looks, put on some weight, is not looking bandy-legged anymore and he now looks like a REAL little kitten!! He was so, so desperately ill for so long, and he is finally feeling better!! My friend coaxed him along, and was very patient and loving to him--and he survived!! So, hopefully, in a week or two, you will see this transformation too!! I have been following this thread from the beginning and think you are wonderful, for saving his little life, and caring as much as you do!
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How is Frankie??????????????????????????????????????????
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He has had very loose stool and we have him back on flagyl. He is still eating like there is no tomorrow. He still refuses to eat solid foods. I have to water everything down and he sucks it up. Still no using the litterbox or playing. I'm beginning to worry about quality of life at this point.. He sure gets mad if you ignore him. He just wants to be held all the time.
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Oh Teresa I'm so sorry to hear about Frankie's condition.

Sending Frankie-Get-Better Vibes!

Love you! Sam.
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Thanks Sam! He is sleeping now and hopefully he won't have to take that nasty medicine too much longer.
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Ohh Good babey sleeping!

I wish him all the best Teresa
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Teresa, my heart is hurting for him. I really want him to be a happy and healthy kitty. Have you talked to your vet recently? Is the vet optimistic about Frankie's quality of life in the future? I believe in Frankie, if that helps. How are you holding up?
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I think I am as sick of bathing him as he is of being bathed! LOL Other than that we are doing OK. He seems to eat more if I hold him on my lap and encourage him. He is a huge attention hog and will let you know if he is uncomfortable.
I just don't want him to go through life and not experience any of it. Just eating and sleeping and getting baths doesn't seem like too much fun. I'll give it a few more months before I decide anything drastic.
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That's Sad but as a breeder you can't just keep every kitten you feel sorry for.....

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If I could, I would. My heart goes out to you hun!!

~ Salem
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Frankie is doing so much better today! He literally wolfed down his food and is looking more alert. I hope this is a sign he is going to make more improvments!

I was a little scaired when he got so lethargic even when I was holding him.
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Go Go Go Go Frankie! We are rooting for ya!

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Maybe it was that awful heatwave that made him lethargic! Now, if he would just play and use that litterbox! C'mon Frankie -- don't you want to bite and kick one of those little furry mice things?
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Frankie has been wolfing down everything in sight. He is still less than a pound and the loose stool took a little weight off him. I bought some baby cat to try to get him to eat some dry. I have to add a little wet to get him to think it is what he wants. LOL He loves the Turkey flavored Friskies Kitten canned food.
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How's lil Frankie doing? Anyone looking at adopting him yet? Hope he's still improving and hope all is well with you & the family too!
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Today he scratched at the towel before going pee. I hope that means he has an idea before he has to go. We need to find a tiny litter box for him to climb into. This is so fab! I can't wait to see if he will use a box.
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It would be so terrific if Frankie is getting the litterbox idea. I'm glad he seems to be doing better again. I was away from the board for a little bit and wanted to catch up on his progress. His 10 week old picture is very cute!
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I have no takers as of yet! I'm sure once he gets the idea of the box some one may be more inclined to give him a home. I still have to coax him to eat. Some times it seems like he gets distracted or forgets he is eating. I have gone back to feeding him by hand with a spoon. I think he is seeing at least shadows. He is looking around more.
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I have just read about Frankie from the beginning. What wonderful mommy you are to him. He sure is a fighter! I have never a a kitty that required this kind of constant care and can only imagine the exhaustion you are feeling. The closest fro me is when my 5 had upi all at the saem time and I had to give meds 2x daily. Is there respite care for kitties like there is for people? Keep up the good work. I will add you to my prayers.
I thought I would share a picture of my babies. Little Kitty is the white calico, Tubby is the black and white, Lucky is a grey strpe, Dawn is grey and fluffy, and Ozzy is brown stripe.
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Teresa, i have been following this thread since it started. Thankyou so much for looking after this baby so well.
I hope his condition improves,but even so he's such a sweetheart. If only i was in the US.....
Keeping Frankie in my prayers
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Frankie has had me a nervous wreck all day. He wouldn't eat no matter how much I coax him. I had run out of turkey flavor. Now he is eating on his own without me tryint to get "one more bite" into him. What a spoiled brat. If he would only gain some weight. I can still completely wrap him up in a washcloth. He is 12 weeks old this Saturday.
I want to make him glop, but if he won't eat anything but turkey flavored food I may have to add stuff to the mix. I have all the ingrediants.
I am just so stressed right now as I babysit my granddaughter every day this week and am getting sidetracked. She is under two years old and a cutie, but she is into everything. I can't leave her alone for a second and she hasn't learned "gentle" yet. I am working on it with her and she is much better at it. I passed out at nap time with her. I guess I am getting old! LOL

Hmmm respite care for kitties...I wonder if there is such a thing? Maybe I could start something!
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We have decided to put Frankie down today, He isn't walking, doesn't want to eat, and just stares at me with his sad sad eyes. He isn't growing and can't play. I just don't want him to suffer so we will send him to the rainbow bridge so he can be happy. I can' see making him live this way any more.
I'm so sorry that I have to do this and can't stop crying, but I have to let him go.
We will see what the vet says when we are there.
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