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Nope! I'm in the conservative club too! LOL! I've got each ear double-pierced. That's enough for me! I've done henna tattoos, and liked those, but I don't like anything enough that I'd want it with me permanently! (And yes, I'm a huge chicken, to boot!)
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I have three,
1.the first a kitty on my ankle up my right leg,
2. then I got a piece on my neck. It covers the entire back and kinda comes around to the front but if my hairs are down then u can't see
3. a celtic wrist band
AND on thursday I'm getting another
4. a celtic love knot on my forarm!!!
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I've always heard that the closer it is to a bone, the more it hurts, and that the stomach is particularly sensitive. Members with multiple tats, what say you? True or false?

(I'm too chicken to get one. Me and pain are not real good friends)
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I thought the tattoo on my ankle hurt the most, of course I was younger and my thresthold for pain was lower.(Since I didn't have much pain before and was only a baby...like 16yrs old) The kitty down there starts out with his feet and tail right on the ankle bone....OUCH!!!!!!!!!! and as he goes up my leg I don't remember it hurting quite so badly.
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here's my tattoo.. Inspired by the bacardi bat on my lower back so it can be hidden when I want it to be.. And it HURT.. And I am NEVER getting another one, I can't even believe I got this one!

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Yes, Willie, that is true. Tattoos over bones are generally more painful. The rib cage is the most painful place you can get a tattoo, even if you have plenty of meat on your bones. The collarbone is probably the next most painful place. The older you get, the more painful they are, also. At 18, I slept through them. At 44, I whine a bit. Ok, a lot. I love having them, but I hate getting them.
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I would love a tattoo, buts its not going to happen. Im much too indecisive!
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the one on my back didn't hurt very much but the one on the back of my neck was a bit uncomfortable.

I was soooo scared when I got the one on my back and it wasn't anywhere near as painful as I thought it would be.

It was such a rush afterwards that I was showing total strangers!
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Yeah, I guess I am just a tattoo "freak". I have 14 total. Here's a link from when AP and I went:


I used to have pictures posted of all of them, but I think I deleted all of them
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I remember that day you posted, when I read it I was amazed that Colby got a tattoo- considering how she posted earlier she felt about them! LOL Then she went out and got another one. Twelve more to go Colby and you catch up with Sandie!
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I don't have any but I would like to get one! I have this cute shirt that has a girly looking kitty, I would love to get a tatoo of that and have it say princess purr around it. I also think kitty paw prints would be cute! Dh says no way though
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Hubby doesn't really have a say so if I get another one or not. He knows it, I think he's OK with it. I had my two when we met, so he REALLY didn't have a say in those! LOL
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Mine on my stomach didn't hurt that bad at all. It was kinda like a constant mosquito bite for me. I was stone cold sober and scared to death of needles but it was surprisingly not at all painful for me.
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I think the pain factor entirely depends on the individual. I got the 2nd one on my ankle about 2 months ago. I had 2 friends visiting, who each wanted one. We all went on the same day. The first got an angel on her hip. She was squeezing my hand somewhat through it. I got the paws on my ankle without any real discomfort. Then the other friend got a tiny little rose on her ankle. I had to lay on her whole body to keep her from moving!
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I'm so glad I saw this thread. I'd like to ask your opinions on something. Many of you will know that my Honey Boy went to the rainbow bridge a while ago now. I'm thinking of having a small, photograph-like picture of him tatooed pretty much over my heart (above my left... er...bosom). HB was very, very special to me and I'd like to memorialise him in some way. Of course, if I had it done, I would give the tatooist pictures of him to use as a reference. I'm very good with pain, so that's not a problem.

What do you think? What are the pros and cons? I don't know anything about tatoos.
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That sounds like a great idea to me! Most of the artists I have seen are actually very skilled and could recreate spirit of the photo.
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I probably wouldn't use that photo in particular, he looks a bit cross in that one LOL. I just wanted you to see what he looked like.

I'd love to hear your opinions.
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Tania, I think that would be a beautiful way to memorialize Honey Boy. My only advice on the tat itself is to make it small enough that you can add to it later if you need to (those kitty soul-mates happen more than once a lifetime, I'm sure).

When you start looking for an artist, be sure to look at photographs of their work. All the good ones have an album. You want one that "specializes" in photographs to ink, and they should have quite a few examples showing the original photo and the finished tattoo. Of course, be sure to ask about their sterilizing equipment as well as their art.

With that much detail you're going to be looking at a few hours of work, but I'm sure Rebecca (KrazyKat2) can tell you more info about that and what to ask the artist.
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I think his face is precious in that photo! When I went for my cat paws, the place didn't have anything quite like I had in mind. So the artist drew a few examples for me, and I chose from those.
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Heidi and Deb, thanks for your ideas. Perth is pretty...um...quiet so I'll have to do a bit of searching to find someone who specialsies in 'photo tatoos'
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You will need good, clear photos, 5x7 is good, preferably from several angles. Even if you have a particular one you want, this will help give the artist perspective when doing the drawing to turn in to a tattoo. It cannot be tiny and still look like a portrait of a particular animal, so it may need to be a little bigger than you would expect. The good news is, the breast is not a particularly painful place to be tattooed. I will ask my s/o to check the professional boards and see if there is a good artist near you.
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Thanks Rebecca, for your reply. I have some good, clear pics of him taken with a normal camera, so I'll dig those out. Of course, when it's all healed, I'll have to post a pic here! LOL I don't want the pic to be tiny, at least 2" square. Is that tiny? Do tatoos fade quickly?
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Certain colors fade quicker than others. White and yellow immediately come to mind. Black and red are the most steadfast colors (both of mine are only black and red, so they've held up pretty good). If you look at the picture of mine on page 3, that pic was taken less than 6 months ago, and I got the tat in 1996 I think. It needs to be touched up, but it still looks the way it should and the colors are still pretty vibrant.
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Heidi, that tat is in such good condition still!
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cream/lt brown cat looking at a butterfly on tall curved weeds. I had it made from an artist's print that I found on the internet, as I didn't care for the flash designs of cats at the shop. All of them looked "cartoonish". It is located lower left on my back.

I also have a Celtic symbol w/ a four-leaf clover located on my upper-right shoulder (backside).
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It depends a lot on hoe skilled your artist is, and how much your tattoo is exposed to the sun on how much it fades. I have several that are 10 years old that are still as bright as the day the were done. I never go in the sun. White and yellow are the first to go if it is going to fade.
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I go out into the sun so little, I have prison pallor!
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The orange faded on my,it is in a place where the sun hits it though.
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Well I finally have a pic of one of my tattoos - the flowers on my back - well not a great photo by any means you can't see the whole piece but it gives you the idea. . . I hope this isn't inappropriate to post just tell me and I'll remove it!

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Not inappropriate at all and very pretty- a living canvas of flowers.
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