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No, when I was actively doing readings I forced myself to learn the meanings of the cards and how to recognize those meanings using the pictures themselves. Then what I do is let those pictures and meanings talk to me and tell me what they mean in that reading.

For example (and please forgive any mistakes, I haven't actively read for about 6 years)--Death can mean rebirth, but when you're asking the question about your job--what does it mean there? New job? New career? New position? New people at work? The industry goes kersplatt? What about this question does this card actually mean? In one case it meant that I was going to move to SD and get a new job. In another it meant that I was going to resign, but the owner of the company was going to do anything to get me back (including firing my boss). On the second case I misread it and thought that it meant I was going back to graduate school on the first one, I knew I was going to get a new job (just not where).
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Found this from a link on the Compuserve astrology forum. I have edited it to take out the "technical" stuff; for those who are interested, the entire article is at the linked posted below. The notes bracked in asterisks are mine. ~Sue

©2002 by Richard Nolle
last revised UT 01:40 JAN 1, 2003

Mars - named for the Roman warrior god and root of the word martial - is emphasized this year as never before in recorded history. When the Red Planet stands in opposition to the Sun at the end of August 2003, it will be just over 34-1/2 million miles from Earth - the closest these two planets have been in over 70,000 years. This is the culmination of a cosmic cycle which has been building toward a climax since the Neanderthals shared the planet with our ancestors. That's what happens this summer, when Mars will loom brighter in the night sky than all the stars, outshone only by the Moon and Venus.

An extreme Mars like this, in astrology, points to all things martial coming to a peak here on Earth. While Mars certainly has some positive astrological connotations (courage, ardor, competition, ambition, strength, etc.), the negatives are a bit on the scary side: war, assault, attack, brutality, violence, etc.

January 14 brings Mars to the opposition point of the November 20, 2002 lunar eclipse. Another Mars-eclipse activation follows in short order on February 4. Astrological tradition holds that, around these dates, the headlines will be replete with reports of conflict on both the personal and collective levels. From street crime to murder and mayhem, to terrorism and military posturing and outright war, these are perilous times. Danger happens not only by design, but also by mishap under these Mars configurations: accidents, fires, crashes and explosions are par for the course. Look for all of them to make headlines within a few days either way of the many significant Mars phenomena of 2003.

***On 2/1/03, the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded over Texas***

Although anyone could be a potential target at times like these, there are a couple of astrological indicators that seem to fit the obvious trend toward another US-Iraq war. For one thing, the January 14 Mars-eclipse pass is in direct opposition to the Moon in Iraq's independence chart, and right on the ascendant in the US Constitution horoscope. For another, the February 4 Mars-eclipse pass falls on the ascendant in the US Declaration of Independence chart. The combination of the two looks for all the world like a sign of Gulf War II - or else a coup to overthrow Saddam Hussein in hopes of preventing a US attack. Either way, late January to early February looks like a time of peril for Iraq and the US.

**Gulf War II started in February***

The really big Mars deal doesn't happen until the Sun-Mars opposition at the end of August. Whoever thinks a swiftly concluded Persian Gulf War II settles the world into a Pax Americana early in 2003 is tragically mistaken. This late summer super Mars thing says peace and quiet remains far away, that danger and conflict are close at hand.

Among the national targets must be counted Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Mexico (death in plain sight), Russia, the UK, the US and Venezuela. Canada is especially singled out, it seems to me, because the 1867 independence chart features a Virgo-Pisces Mars-Jupiter opposition: labor strife, a crime spree, a public health crisis of some kind. And of course there's the US, where as noted President Bush's natal Mars is in the crosshairs (also the Sun-Saturn conjunction in the US Constitution chart).
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I would have never guessed there were so many on this board. Count me in ... solitary eclectic witch.
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Has anyone encountered their spirit guide(s)? Mine is named Abby. I saw her once when I was about 12 years old. She came to me one afternoon when I was in my room reading. She came right through my bedroom door and sat on my bed right next to me. She didn't say a word. Scared the daylights out of me. I had forgotten all about her until 2 years ago, after my husband died. Then she came back to me. She said I didn't need her until that moment in my life when he died. She feels closer to me than my own sister.

Would love to hear your stories!
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my hubby ment his when he was younger. His name is michael. He has dark hair and blue eyes. Got him out of alot of trouble when he was a kid. I'm a big chicken and don't like to "see" things. I just feel things. So i have never seen or ment mine. I can pick up when there is an energy shift though. My husband is very good at this sort of stuff. I'm still learning. he says i'm a baby soul, I don't think so! he is a very old soul
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Mine is Russell. Noticed him in college when I was playing around with a Ouija board (which I no longer do). Had a very spiritual experience with him about 3 or 4 years ago in which I had a wonderful epiphany regarding my own beliefs.
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My husband was also a very old soul. A psychic friend of mine told me that the mortal life he left 2 years ago was his last mortal life. She told me that this is also my last mortal life.

I briefly saw my spirit guide. She came through my bedroom door and I looked up because I thought my sister, Jan, had come into my room. Well, I caught a brief glimpse of her and she vanished. She had long, golden, flowing hair, and was wearing a white gown. She glowed a silvery white and had a beautiful rainbow aura. She sparkled and radiated like nothing I ever saw before. About an hour later, I was still laying on the bed totally engrossed in my Nancy Drew novel, when I felt part of the mattress "sink" like someone just sat down. I didn't see anyone, but I just knew it was this woman that came through the door earlier. That was 28 or so years ago. I've never forgotten that moment. Like I said, it wasn't until 2 years ago when I realized what that experience was all about. I've never seen her since that day, but now I realize she's been with me ever since. She is my sister in spirit, and she guides me through the tough times in my life. I've always been an intuitive person. Some things I just know. People ask me all the time, "how did you know that?" I tell them it's just a lucky guess, but only I know the truth ... it's Abby.
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I don't have a Spirit Guide per se, but my father's spirit has never left me since shortly after he died. At times, I can very clearly smell the nasty cigars he used to smoke, in circumstances where I couldn't possibly be smelling someone else's cigar. I dream of him a lot, but they're not "dreams", they are he and I sitting down talking about problems in my life, or issues with my mom and sisters, and discussing how I can deal with them. I awake feeling as if I have just been sitting having a real conversation with him, and I know on some level that is exactly what has happened. Sometimes, when my mom is particularly depressed or ill, I ask him to send her a dream. Sure enough, she calls me a few days later to tell me about the dream she had about my dad...
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I love dreaming; most of the time. Sometimes I dream some doozies. I've gotten fairly good at intrepreting my dreams. I don't like to specifically interpret other's dreams, because I believe we each have our own personal dream-lingo (symbols.) I help identify symbols, and provide suggestions for what the symbols could represent. I also help people understand what emotions colors represent, but in the end, I let them draw their own conclusions.
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me and rich (my hubby) dream the same dreams alot. When we wake up we can talk about them and know what was going on. It is kinda weird. Last night we both had the same dream that we were back in eigth grade. It was funny because when he woke up he said did you have any dream, and i said yep a weird one that you were in we were back in school, and he said eight grade right?
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I have a deck of Tarot cards (The Cat People, imagine that) that I use in situations where I'm facing a difficult decison and find it hard to make up my mind. I've found that laying out the cards (or even pulling one randomly out of the deck) and reading the definitions given in the handbook help me clear up what I'm unsure about. It's all intuitive, and I've found that what definiton causes the strongest reaction or gives me that "gut" feeling often has to do with the answer to the problem I'm trying to resolve. I've never read for anyone else, and probably never will. But, I've found that it's given me a form of communication with my subconcious mind.
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I'm fairly new to Witchcraft, since I was raised in a Bible belt town, where anything different is 'devil worship'.

I still struggle with people I have known for years admonishing me for not having baptised my kids, and not carting them off to Sunday school every Sunday morning. I work with a lot of zealots who think its their duty to 'show me the way' and pull me from the grips of my evil ways. These same people ask me to bring in my Tarot cards, and read for them

I'm tired of having to defend myself against these onslaughts- am I ever going to be accepted for what I am? I never shove it in anyones face- the only reason they even know I'm pagan is because after being asked time and again why I wouldn't attend the church functions of my coworkers I finally told them. I have only one person at my workplace who respects my beliefs- but we feel the need for secrecy because of all the crap we get from the others. Do any of you have problems like this? Its so frustrating.

I so wish there was a legitimate coven in my area that I could be a part of Its so lonely sometimes, the one thing I DO miss from my church days is the sense of community.
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Melissa, there are listings for groups and individuals on www.witchvox.com .

Witchvox is sometimes more "out there" than I would like, as far as their articles, but their contacts list is amazing. They also have listings for local stores.
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Thanks Sue I know whats going to occupy my morning- thats a big site to search

As a side note I love the picture in the upper left hand corner of the first page.

We have one pagan shop in this area, that I'm aware of- but its 2 1/2 hours away. Its called Little Mysteries, and I just love it! The workers are always dressed in medieval gowns and such. So interesting
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There is a wealth of info there. I don't bother with the articles anymore, but it always amazes me how many pagans there are around me! Sometimes I feel like the only one, but obviously I'm not!

I'm not with a group right now. Did the coven thing a few years back, it wasn't quite right for me. But I do miss the sense of community, yes. Would love to go to a big open ritual again one of these days...
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I can't openly even discuss alternative religions in my situation because our son is actually hubby's with another woman and she'd bring up anything to get my husband to lose his share of custody. She does everything she can now.

She even told the mediator that she should have him every Easter because she goes to sunrise service--our son doesn't even know who Jesus is. I'm trying to teach him all the good stuff from each of the religions I've studied. My idea is to let him know what's out there and let him choose when he's old enough to do so.

SHE, however, only thinks of herself and will do anything to screw anybody if she thinks she's going to benefit. I have such a hard time backing off, but I believe in the law of three so I do what I can to avoid her.

I would love to have others around here where I could discuss this, but I think it would do more harm than good because of the silly custody battle.
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That was cool!! If my boss wasn't the ring leader of the zealots I'd post that on the lunch room bulletin board

We are forbidden to have any visible tattoos, odd hairstyles ( I was going to put a few blue streaks in my black hair) or piercings at my workplace. If I came in to work with my nose pierced for example, I'd be fired on the spot. I'm going to take the chance that my future tongue piercing won't be dicovered by the brass
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Sue- there is a big Pagan festival planned for some time in August about an hour away from where I live. Everyone brings tents, there are workshops during the day and bonfires and rituals at night. Due to my work schedual I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to go.

My friend went last year and she loved it. She said the ancient songs they sing around the fire at night are so powerful is has many in tears. THIS is the kind of community I'm craving
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My family took it pretty well. My mom was alittle dissappointed, but now she understands. If I ever have kids I want to teach them about all religons and let them make up there mind. My hubby and I didn't really know what wiccan or even pagan was. But I stumbled on to it and relized that was all the stuff we beleave anyway. it is nice knowing that the faith i pick fits me and i'm not just a religion because my parents were.
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I avoid debates on religion when being personally attacked about my beliefs. The time to debate is not when I'm in the lion's den.

When confronted by zealots, I simply say, "The last time I checked, this land that I stand upon is called America. And unless something changed during the night, freedom of religion is still the foundation of America, and thus my birth-right." This usually quiets people down.
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While I'm not actually Wiccan (I'm Gnostic), I've studied Paganism, and Wicca in particular, quite thoroughly in search of my rightful path. Truth be known, Gnosticism has a LOT in common with Paganism, so I consider myself semi-Pagan, as well.
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Tybalt, I just read this--it's sooo cool! Thanks for posting it. Now maybe I can get rid of the missionaries that won't leave us alone.
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You can order copies of that online. It looks just like those insidious Jack Chick publications.


Their other one, about Prayer in Schools, is pretty funny too.
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Greetings all!

I didn't realize there were this many of us here! I feel right at home!

My Craft Name is Sylent Rayne, and I've been Pagan for years! I never really studied Witchcraft until a month or so ago, but I have found my calling.

I'm an Eclectic Witch with Wiccan and Celtic Influences.

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PA And vicinity Pagans:

Lancaster Pa Pagan Pride September 6,2003 from 11am-6pm.
To be held in the Lancaster County Central Park, pavilions 2 and 3. Admission is a non perishable food item for a local food bank.
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I am a Chrisitan....and believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but what I like about TCS is that we can all have different beliefs on things...including religion, and still like each other and respect each other as people. I think it is great that noone comes in here and flames anyone for how they believe. We all have a right to speak our minds here about our beliefs...be they religious or not, and we still respect each other.
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Can you feel the Love?
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Debby, that's one of the things that made me make TCS my home. I don't generally tell people my beliefs just because I don't want to be converted, chastized or told I'm going to hell. None of that happened here, although I know there are Christians who are very strong in their faith here. That impressed me a lot.

Welcome Rayne!
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I agree. It is far more important how you live your life than what creed you follow.
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I just wanted to inform you all that I have created a Yahoo group that is about discussing topics that affects you in your everyday life.


Greetings and Merry Meet!

I created this group for those who wish to get away from the drag of a long day. Though mainly pagan, this group is open to all. Everyday Pagan is not meant as a spell group, or as a religious debate group. If a spell is needed, we will direct you on where to find one, or offer to help off-list. Share your thoughts, your life worries, your smiles and break-downs. Need to rest? You are welcome here! We will do our best to help you out when in need.

Blessed Be,
Rev. Sylent Rayne
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