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With this situation with Ms Kitty, the leasing office is giving me an eviction notice because I had an unauthorized pet here for 6 mos. I have to pay them a $300.00 deposit and back rent for the 6 mos she was here. I was absolutely appalled that they would strike such a low blow and said as much to her. I have to speak to the manager tomorrow. How cruel is that?

I simply do not have that kind of money, with Uncle Sam taking such a huge chunk and no health insurance and all the other bills my limited disability check has to cover. The only way out of having to pay it is if Ms Kitty was my companion pet and necessary for my depression. As a matter of fact, with her gone, I am amazed at just how much she meant to me and how therapeutic she was for me.

She was such a major presence in my life that the hole left by her is HUGE! When I couldn't even get up and take a bath or take care of myself, I had to take care of her. She was so damaged when she adopted me that many people tried to tell me I needed to get rid of her or relinquish her, but I couldn't do it. The way she appeared at my door and the timing of it convinced me It was Divine intervention and she was meant to be here. I had even been praying about having a cat cuz I was so lonely and so ALONE! We had such a rough start and went through so much together. I was ecstatic when she started coming up to me and nuzzling me and actually giving me Kitty kisses! She stopped biting and scratching me and stopped the "drive-by" attacks on me.

Her and Peanut were getting along great and made such great companions for each other. As a matter of fact, Peanut is lost without her, walks around looking for her, and cries much of the time. She tries to get me to pay attention to her constantly. She misses her so much!

Ms Kit followed me wherever I went…to the bathroom, in the kitchen, sat at the window when I went outside and was ALWAYS in the window when I got home. She slept beside me, sat on the back of the chair and sofa when I was out there. She was finally enjoying playing with the feather toys and loved the laser light. The woman who took her from me told me that she had kept her tied up outside and that is so cruel to Ms Kit….She LOVED climbing. She loved the to shelf of the bookcase and the closet and even liked sitting on the rooftop at night and checking everything out. She never, ever strayed far from home and never tried to get away. Even when she was in those ferocious heats, she never tried to get away to mate. She was finally happy and content.

I love her so much!
She finally became very affectionate to me. She filled a need in me and kept me from that horrible loneliness that has plagued me for so long. I simply don't know how I'm going to make it without her! P'nut is sweet and precious, but it's not the same. Now I have Baby Girl (unnamed, yet) who is only 3 weeks old and has to learn to drink from a bottle, bathe herself and everything else she needs to know to be a cat. She needs to be bottle fed every 2-3 hours around the clock.

I have to get some kind of letter so I don't have to pay all that money and it certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how important they are for my depression and how much their presence has motivated me. Especially now with the loss of Ms Kit. If they weren't here, I don't know what I'd do.

I have to take the baby with me all the time, because she has to be fed so frequently and she is so tiny (6 oz.) I don't want to leave her alone here. I was tossed out of Wal-Mart a few days ago because she was with me. I carry her in a decorative carrier that doesn't even look like one. Someone heard her little cries when she was hungry!

The point I'm trying to make is that I asked Barbara to help me with this and she said that her supervisor won't permit anyone to write a letter because they do not know me and did not know me 6 mos ago. I pointed out (very nicely, I might add) that I was transferring to a closer facility with the same provider I've been going to not an entirely different company. The medical record should be able to provide any information about me that she needs, unless Norita didn't bother to keep thorough notes. I suspect that may be a factor, because if she questioned why I missed appointments, then all the phone calls I made trying to reach Norita were probably not documented. Which probably means that all the unreturned calls I made to Norita were probably left out, as well. My conversations with Lori (?) may have been, but nothing improved, even though she promised it would! She promised that my needs and most of my wants would be met. That, of course, as you know did not happen. Not much happened until you took over my case.

While Barbara was telling me all the things the letter would not say, I finally asked her what it WOULD say! Her response was that she did not know. So I simply stopped trying to stand up for myself and asked her to do the best she could for me. So much for being my "Advocate".

Well apparently, the CatNabber uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............................. .....................................................................8888

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How terrible! I'm so sorry you and Ms Kit have to go through this. I hope everything works out and you two will be together again. Perhaps you can work something out with the leasing office... like make small payments?

Wishing you and Ms Kit all the best,
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i'm confused... won't the apartment people charge you the same $300 for the kitten as for Ms. Kit?
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
i'm confused... won't the apartment people charge you the same $300 for the kitten as for Ms. Kit?
Yes, it sounds like the situation is getting very complicated. How scary and sad and stressful for you!
Sending you prayers and vibes for calming and encouragement!
Can you call mental health and/or call your local United Methodist Church and ask if they have some Timotheans to come visit you and give you encouragment & comfort? They might also have some ideas on how you can fight this!
Because in my heart of hearts, I know that Ms. Kit might get out and return to you and I want her to be able to stay with you when she does
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I don't quite follow... the neighbor didn't pay the living expenses for her cat and you let her into your home to take the cat back? I wouldn't let anyone in my apartment to take anything... not even the leasing office. They have no right to come in to your home and take things without your permission.

I would pursue legal action against them. Also, if it really were the womans cat, then the financial responsibility would be hers and not yours...
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OMG, I don't know how that post ended up here! It was part of an email I wrotr to my former case manager for my mental health center....TALK ABOUT TOO MUCH INFO, huh??!!!

I couldn't find the "edit" button. I must have had an attack writing it because of the runaway letters!

Well , apparently, this women seems to be friends with this leasing agent cuz she was all about sticking up for her and talking out both sides of her mouth about her whole situation. One minute she said she had posted signs, the next she was saying signs weren't allowed. She lives right down about 6-7 houses from me and I never heard about a lost white cat…I even asked several people and someone from the office. This Cat Snatcher even got another white cat so she could mate my Ms Kit with him…..Boy, is she pissed to find out she's been spayed! She actually seems to collect white cats, her other cat is an all white male and she didn't want BabyGirl. (grey & white)

I just came back from going over to visit Ms Kit and I'm sickened by what I found out! MsKit is extremely nervous, not relaxed at all! She is going backward and I know she's hurting her! She's not allowed to sit in the window and she loves to do that!

I brought P'nut with me and she got out of the carrier. I couldn't get her to come out of hiding so I went back to my apartment to get a red laser light. When I got back, the Cat Snatcher was going after MsKit with a fly swatter! I heard her make contact and Ms kit let out the most horrendous cry! She was growling as well! I am just sick about this. I have no clue how to proceed! CS (cat snatcher) has not come up with the vet papers as promised and the office refuses to show me anything. They're going to be held liable as well whenever I do proceed!


Pnut was terrified! I'll bet while I was gone, she hurt her!!!!! I caught art of her with my camera, so I have proof!
When I cropped and zoomed the shot, you can barely see the white fluff of Ms Kit who is hiding in the corner and the green swatter and CS's fat azzzz. I'll try to add the pictures.

Thank God for you guys and all the support you've given me. I don't know what I'd do without you. Typing is hard for me, but I had to come right here and share with peeps :-) like me who would "get it"





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ok, you need to report this woman! if i'd been you, i'd've taken Ms. Kit home w/me, & told the CS to call the police if she wanted her back [specially since you have pix!].
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THANK YOU! I'M planning on doing something this weekend...steealing her back!
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Does this equal proof of animal cruelty? Most states have laws protecting animals. Good luck to you and prayers you have your fur family back together as soon as possible.
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Report her for hitting her with the swatter.
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Okay this is what you need to do!
1) Call the SPCA and explain to them the entire situation. If they do not take action ASAP call the police.
2) I KNOW there is some organization in place to protect the rights of disabled people to make sure they're not threatned or pushed into do things. I have no idea what that organization would be called, but perhaps talk to your case manager/advocate to find out? The leasing manager could get into a LOT of trouble for unfair actions. She cannot say "oh well if you give my friend the cat then we won't charge you a pet deposit, if you don't give her back you have to pay money we know you don't have or get kicked out." That is not legal!
3) Make a file of all the pictures, vet records, even food receipts if you have them. Anything that shows you cared for this cat for the last 6 months.

Good luck!
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Good to see that you've pictures proving the abusive CS!

Hope to see you and Ms Kit together again. =)
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Good job getting those pictures.. that's so terrible! I'd definitely report her.

I hope you get your Ms Kit back.
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I have been so depressed and sad. It's hard to do anything at all! I also, just before all of this happened, had taken in a woman who was homeless....and well, she's not sticking to her promises, (agreements we made prior to her moving in) and it's affecting me big-time!

Anyway, the Catsnatcher came by yesterday....she wanted to borrow something from me, and when I asked to visit MsKit, she said no! WHAT TOTAL GALL!
I'm trying to be nice so that I can see MsKit, but it's hard!!!!

I'm also exhausted! BabyGirl requires round the clock feeding and she only eats 1-2 tbsp at a time! She won't lap it up from a lid or eat softened kitty food. Pnut is starting to nurture her more & more, but I don't know how much playing is too much....she nips and taps at her. BabyGirl will cry out once in a while,but I am right here and I've never heard cry out in any pain or distress. She does, however, do her best to give it right back! You should see this tiny baby flailing her paws and bunny legs back at this giant kitty cat!!! I can't imagine CS nurturing this baby! I've seen them together and she thinks nothing of hitting her on the paws or nose if she grabs on with her little paws or baby teeth too hard! I try to keep her safe and out of sight when this woman is around!

I HAVE to help MsKit quickly! Thank you all so much for your support...I desperately need it! I was reading some of my first posts here and am so amazed at how far MsKit has come!
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from what i can make out this poor kitty was in a bad state when she turned up at your door,i take it you took her to the vet,i would ask the vet to write a letter stating the condition the cat was in on her first visit,whatever happend to possession is nine tenths of the law? Its a pity you didn't get her micro chipped when you got her but as you say you never saw it coming.

I take it this woman lives near you,if so if she lost the cat many months ago why didn't she advertise her as missing if she loved the kitty that much she would have done,as for you getting evicted well that's just stupid as she doesn't have any proof the cat is hers either.

good luck hope you get her back and in a better condition than before

Ps this woman doesn't deserve to keep animals if she ill treats them
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Originally Posted by scarecrow2007 View Post
Anyway, the Catsnatcher came by yesterday....she wanted to borrow something from me, and when I asked to visit MsKit, she said no! WHAT TOTAL GALL!
I'm trying to be nice so that I can see MsKit, but it's hard!!!!

I've seen them together and she thinks nothing of hitting her on the paws or nose if she grabs on with her little paws or baby teeth too hard! I try to keep her safe and out of sight when this woman is around![/color][/size][/font]
i'm really confused. why is this woman coming to your apartment and why is she anywhere near the kitten?

i realise it's a difficult situation but you need to get your cat away from her now. i would make up any excuse and then just pick her up and go. if she's prepared to hit her with a fly swat infront of you then goodness only knows what goes on behind closed doors.
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Any updates on the situation??

I'm just waiting and hoping to hear that you have her and all is well!!!

Praying for you!
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I'm looking forward to an update, too. Hopefully a positive one.
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Please, do NOT allow this woman into your home anymore! I understand wanting to play nice with her until you can get Ms.Kit back but you have to draw the line somewhere. If she wants to borrow something she can wait outside your LOCKED door for you to get it.
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Any updates on Ms. Kit?
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How about an update on the situation?
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i'm saying this while cuddleing my cat: don't let her be taken away. i love my oreo and i would stand up,lie, and strait up die for my cat. shes my bestfriend/dauther!. NOTHING IN THIS UNIVERSE CAN TEAR US APART!

good vibes
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Do you have any updates for us yet??

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Originally Posted by h~chan View Post
Do you have any updates for us yet??

Hi all, first of all I want to apologize for taking so long to post. Your messages meant so much when I was finally able to see them!
So much has happened and I've been unable to post…I became very ill…my illness worsened which it does from time to time. Which then necessitates adjustments in my life to deal with the changes. I went through a severe depression and at the same time had to deal with all of life's problems, issues and situations. "Opportunities for growth!"

Then for a while I didn't have internet….I also couldn't get on to the site for a while. I finally figured it out with the help of another mom who helped me get to the bottom of the problem. Thank you so much!

My little family has grown. Peanut is getting bigger and is the sweetest girl. She helped nurture Tippy primarily by taking over the bum licking job, thus relieving me of that chore.
P'nut moved in with me when she was a few months old. Totally her choice…she was feral and has adapted superbly! Her sister is out there and is totally feral. She had kittens and when I feed them, she hisses, spits and tries to scratch and bite me, even while I'm trying to put the food out!

Then Tippy, who was given to me by the catsnatcher, was about 3 weeks old when I got her. About a month after Tippy, I found a little bundle of fur on my doorstep who was Lilbit who turned out to be 1-2 weeks old. Eyes barely open, kinda just scootin around. Then a few weeks ago Catsnatcher once again visited me with a little boy. He seems to be just a little older than Tippy, and was terrified of me. He pretty much stayed hidden until he saw the girls getting all this lovin and sugar, so he decided to check it out. Well, the young lad was STARVED for affection! He can't get enough! He is just the sweetest little guy I've ever seen. Whenever the CS comes by, he hides under my bed until well after she is gone. She decided at one point she wanted him back, but I put a quick HALT to that! She'll never, ever get a cat from me! I still kick myself for giving up my MsKit so easily! I should have stood my ground and refused to give her up! I was so intimidated by the complex management and the police who had no business getting involved in this! I know better now!

Which brings us back to Ms Kit. I was never able to get any help to get her back. My only hope is if she ever gets out and runs away again. She is back to her old behavior of biting and scratching again. It breaks my heart and there isn't anything I can do about it! I can't stand to see her…it hurts my heart all over again every time I do. I think she remembers me. I can't get there too often..I have trouble walking that far.

My babies are so loving! They all sleep attached to me. Tippy thinks she is MY baby and she & Lilbit both think I'm their personal pacifier. I've never seen anything like it! My boy's temporary name is "Bubba". I need help naming him!

I'm so glad to be back. So many times a question would come up and I'd want so bad to ask here! Like why doesn't Lilbit show any interest in food? She's at least 8 weeks old. She has no desire to eat whatsoever. She's healthy, growing, curious, playful. Just won't eat food!! Tippy is on the slender side. I don't know if her leanness and lankiness is normal or not.

For the last day & a half, Tippy has not been feeling well. No fever but extremely lethargic. I have to place her in the litterbox…she won't walk over to it. She just stays curled up in my arms or right beside me on the bed. She has no appetite…she actually looks gaunt. She may have lost weight, even. I try to give her fluids, but she fights it and barely takes sips. When Lilbit came, Tippy began to want to nurse on the bottle again, so I've taken advantage of that and try to give her fluids through the bottle.

I have no money for the vet, right now, but I'm so worried about her. I also now have 3 fertile females and a male! When does he start to procreate? It took forever to save enough to get Ms Kitty fixed! Now I have 4….

I thank you all so much for your concern, help, advice, support, and just being here for me. It meant so much to me!
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if you can't afford to neuter them all at once, i'd do the girls first. they can start heats as early as 4 months, altho that's a bit unusual. my last one had her 1st heat # about 5 months.
the only drawback to waiting for the boy is that he may start spraying []... but he can stay fertile for up to 2 months after the neuter, so that's why i suggested girls first.
check out this site to find a low-cost spay/neuter clinic in your area: spayusa
that's where i took my last one & she did just fine.
be aware [you probably are] that once they reach sexual maturity, they'll be interested in going out, so you'll have to be vigilant if they're not done ahead of that time... not to mention, you'll end up w/kittens if either the boy or the girls aren't fixed by then.
glad to hear you can get back here - we've missed you! sorry about MsKit, but maybe she'll make it back to you someday.
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OMG...Peanut is already fertile..she's run out a few times while in heat. I'm surprised she isn't pregnant. Her sister is feral and already has a litter. Tippy is next..she approx 9 weeks old; give or take.

Thanks for the info. I didn't know. I'm kittened out for now. God seems to bring them to me...I certainly didn't go get them! I love them all dearly, but it's a lot of work and I can't even financially handle the ones I have!
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Originally Posted by scarecrow2007 View Post
OMG...Peanut is already fertile..she's run out a few times while in heat. I'm surprised she isn't pregnant. Her sister is feral and already has a litter. Tippy is next..she approx 9 weeks old; give or take.

Thanks for the info. I didn't know. I'm kittened out for now. God seems to bring them to me...I certainly didn't go get them! I love them all dearly, but it's a lot of work and I can't even financially handle the ones I have!
There are places that can help. I would look into the Feral coalition in your area. Sometimes there are vets that will give you a cheap price or rescue groups sometimes give vouchers to use.
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