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And where are our pictures?! You're supposed to walk 2 miles, uphill, in the snow, to drop off your film, you know!
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Wow! What a pretty girl! How is she doing now?
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Whisp is absolutely gorgeous! She looks so soft with silky looking fur.
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Whisp is such a perfect name for this sweet kitty. She is a gorgeous whisp of a cat!
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She and I had a pet fest last night. I went out to feed her, she is in the barn, and I ring the cowbell when I put out canned food so the ferals know. She came running up and I had squatted down, so she just crawled in the middle of the food tray and rolled over! I scratched her tummy and rubbed her all over, it was a real break through her exposing herself to me so vulnerable. She alternates sleeping in the barn, under the house or on the front porch.
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That's wonderful news, Hissy! How interesting that she would show you her belly - as you said - putting herself in that vulnerable position. Fantastic! I've learned so much from you in the last 7 months and think it's great to hear the continued enthusiasm in your posts when you have a breakthrough with a new feral. I am so happy for you and Whisp!
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Thanks- I am working on building a trust with Orange Crush- the big orange feral that is decorating our backyard bushes creatively with urine! LOL He is a monster (size wise) and he and I have an uneasy alliance right now.
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What a beauty she is! I'm glad things seem to be going so well.

Did I miss pictures of Orange Crush? We want to see that big guy!
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Nope not yet- I need a new battery for my camera- plus I don't have a closeup lens- and he doesn't let me get very close!
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Major breakthrough with Whisp this morning!

To backtrack, there is a mom skunk hell-bent on having her babies underneath our house. Everytime a cat goes underneath the mom lets out a warning and the cats scream and leave! So far the house is the only thing getting "hit"

So Whisp lost her bed for awhile. I put a large carrier outside for her, draped it with a saddle blanket then put moisture barrier over the top of it to waterproof it, duct taped the plastic so the wind won't take it away- and put soft bedding inside. She loves it!

Last night I was sitting on the steps talking to her and keeping my hands to myself. She is one of those ferals, that because she has never had human contact, petting overstimulates her and she bites. So I was talking with her and she came right up to me and started rubbing all over me. I am still keeping my hands off her, (learned that the hard way awhile back) and she got more insistent about her bumps, until she almost knocked me off the stoop! So I started making what I call passing pets, barely touching her being very quick, not leaving my hand in one place to long. It was sort of funny like a synchronized dance between her, my hand and my arm. We did this for about 15 minutes, and finally reading her signals, I tucked my hands as far away from her as I could and she laid down right next to me!

This morning, when I went out to bring her food, she ran right up to me for the FIRST TIME! I keep telling her she needs to come in the house, but she prefers the front yard- which makes me nervous, but it is where she wants to be now. I liked it much better when she was in the hay barn- but with the skunk roaming around, I think I see her point.
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Holy cow!!!! That is wonderful! You really do have a way with ferals.
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she just came in the house on her own terms! I had the entry door open and I was sitting on the floor and I called to her using her special name and a certain tone- her call is "hey there lady-girl" she came inside! She sniffed noses with Kahuna and Taz and then walked over to the cat condo and went up that- but when she got to the top- she saw the ceiling fan (it's 98 degrees right now) and that scared her, so she jumped down and ran back outside. But it was a good beginning! I am hoping I can get her inside within 2 weeks, she makes me nervous in our front yard. The road isn't that close, but it is out there.I just pray she won't find it.
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I'll keep her in my thoughts, too. Don't wander pretty Whisp girl!

Another great success story for Mary Anne. You truly are amazing with these animals.

OH, and I know it's OT, but I told hubby last night about your Momma Skunk problem, and he suggested that you put bags of charcoal around the area she hangs out in. Charcoal absorbs odor, just remember which bags were used for this purpose and don't grill with them! LOL
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Thanks Heidi! I will do that. We put up screening late yesterday and it worked well to keep the skunk out of the new addition, but poor Kenai couldn't get out to go potty. The cats just leap over the wire. Normally the skunk would too, but she is pregnant and they get very cautious when they are pregnant and don't climb. We only smelled her a little bit- I think she went into the shop to eat last night. I had to put food out for the midnight ferals- so I did so in the shop. This morning all the food was gone and a slight odor in the air remained. LOL We will try the bags of charcoal and see if that helps-
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I was sitting at the computer tonight when I heard this really nasty low growling, that I have never heard before. The windows were open and I knew that Whisp was asleep on the front porch. I listened again and didn't like what I heard. I know skunks don't growl so what could it be? I opened the front door and Whisp was all puffed up like a poison toad. She was staring off around the corner of the house, and I looked around and there was a huge racoon. Normally, raccoons when they see humans flee, but this one didn't he lunged! I grabbed poor whisp by the scruff of her neck and she was not happy, and I swung her inside and slammed the door. I carried her upstairs spitting and hissing to the cat room-totally destroying all the bonding that we had accomplished. I could cry, because now we have to start over, but there was no way I was leaving her out there with that racoon.

It is supposed to be 98 degrees today so I brought Whisp down and put her in the bedroom. She is now under the bed- but at least she is safe from the outside predators. All my cats but Cleo were inside last night, and they weren't thrilled at the confinement.
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OMG How scary!! Those coons can be pretty nasty, and if this one actually lunged at you.....I'm so glad you got Whisp inside. She may not have liked it, and you may have to work harder with her again to re-gain her trust, but the alternative is just too horrible to think of!
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Wow! I have lots of racoons here. They aren't afraid of me but they always keep a distance from me and watch every move I make. They seem to have an understanding with the cats....if there is still food in the bowls when the coons come by, the cats just let them have the leftovers. I think the cats all know that coons shouldn't be messed with. I would freak if one of them lunged toward me or the cats. Holy cow!

I hope Whisp forgives you quickly.
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She climbed on us a few times last night then went back under the bed. She hasn't eaten, I am sure she is still stressed and in shock. I called my vet to see if he thought this coon was rabid and he said no he didn't think so. He asked how big it was and I told him BIG! It scared me- he said probably it was just really hungry, and that they can and do attack cats (small ones) He said he has a client that keeps cats in cages in her back yard, and a coon got in to where the cages were and opened one of the cages and killed 4 kittens inside! Now whether this coon would of attacked Whisp, I just wasn't going to take the chance- like i said, normally they keep their distance. It could of been a bluff charge- a mom with babies- either way- Whisp and I are back on square number one----
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I can't believe I didn't see this tnread before!!!!

Hissy this is amazing what you did for Whisp! you have been through a lot with her, and I admire you for that!

She is a beautiful kitty! Gald you got her inside, and hopefully she will warm up to you again faster than you think!

so sorry for all this kitty has had to go through, but she couldn't be better off anywhere than where she is now, and she is already on the road to a much happier life!

congrats and keep the updates comings! (and the racoons away!)

and again I can't believe I missed this thread!!!
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She is out from under the bed and enjoying the pet fests she is getting! She even allowed Mike to pet her this morning, that would be the first time he has been allowed to (by her) Now when you stop petting her, she reaches up and swats at you! LOL

Kenai was allowed in the bedroom last night, but none of the other cats were- and they were not happy! About 5 of them were outside the door singing the chorus of "Let us In NOW!" I finally got up and went and got the dreaded vacuum cleaner and parked it outside the bedroom door! LOL That scattered them to all points of the house to sleep. Of course I forgot to tell Mike, so when he got up in the middle of the night and opened the door, he stumbled over the machine..

But Whisp is doing fine, she is eating and drinking and using the litter pan. I think in about a week she will be in general population and the cats can have their lives back.
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Originally posted by hissy
Of course I forgot to tell Mike, so when he got up in the middle of the night and opened the door, he stumbled over the machine..
LOL That must have been a bit of a surprise!

Glad things are going so well with Whisp.
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I know this is an old thread....(found it while looking for stuff on cats that won't eat) All i can say is the wold needs more people like Hissy (and all the other people who do rescue work)

what happened to whisp? is she still with you?
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