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I was SHOCKED! IMO, Kristy Lee, Syesha, Jason, and Brooke ALL needed to leave before Michael.

Ryan's job is to do what he does....but I didn't like it.
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
I guess I'm alone in not being sad that he was voted off. He was my least favorite. There was just something about him that annoyed me. He does have a good voice and I think he will still get a contract and go far. I admit though, I was shocked. I thought it would either be David Cook (I love him but his performance the other night wasn't very good IMO) or Carly. She thought she would be voted off too.

It's kind of like a "Chris Daughtry" moment when everyone is shocked, but look what he did. His career isn't over by a long shot.
I'm not sad that he's gone. I expected him to get farther than he did, but I was never a big fan. David Cook was awful this week, but he is still my favorite. Kristy Lee was good this week, but still not a huge fan. Still can't stand David A. He is a decent singer, but he's BORING BORING BORING and I would never buy the kind of record he would make. Same with Jason Castro. He's good, but I am not into that kind of music at all.

The only ones I might listen to would be David Cook or Carly.
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Very shocked by the results last night, I thought maybe it might be Carly, and she did too! Although I really like her style. I think Jason Castro (dreads) should have went before Michael Johns did. I think it is really gonna be tough from here on out!! There is so much talent left with an exception of one or two. (I think you know who I mean)
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Hello, this is kluchett'a daughter Nicole.
I have been totally obsessed with American Idol this year. I only watche dthis year and the kelly clarkson year. I agree with the whole Michael johns should not have left this week. I think that Syesha should leave, she has been skidding by for like a month now. I personally think the top 3 is going to be David Archuleta<33 David cook, and Carly Smithson. I was soooo shocked that Michael got sent home. did you see Paula's face? Thats exactly what mine looked like!
I also think syesha should have gone home before Ramiele and Chikezie.
But honestly, I think David Archuleta is going to win it all. Not only does he have an absolutely amazing voice, but all of the 13-17 year old love struck teenage girls [like myself:]] will vote for him allll the time.

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I am going to miss Michael Johns. Not only does he sing really good (IMO), but he's absolutely drop dead gorgeous. And who the heck is voting for Syesha? I'm tired of hearing her scream her way through Whitney songs every week. I'd rather watch the rockers any day.
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Such a... umm... stoner?? I would hate to have to count the different kinds of bugs in his hair!! Icky!!
Dreads aren't icky if they are taken care of properly. As far as counting the different types of bugs in his hair? Wow! That just blows my mind.

I don't have dreads but I do know several people who do and they wash their hair and have very good hygiene in general, I might add.
Jason looks like he takes very good care of his hair. I don't care for his singing but I've never questioned that he might have bugs!!
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Originally Posted by sofiecusion View Post
I felt bad for him....Ryan Seacrest seemed to be extra mean by mentioning that no one got voted off during Idol Gives Back last year, but that Michael would be going home! He also emphasized how he had the least number of votes....how he'd never been in the bottom 3 before, etc. I don't remember them ever doing that to any one else. No matter what, any contestant deserves better than that....

It was cruel IMO
I agree!

When Ryan said that, I had a moment of hope, and thought that they weren't gonna kick anyone off. But then my heart just sank when he said that Michael was going home. You could see a brief moment of hope on Michael's face too, and then his disappointment after Ryan told him his number was up. It just wasn't nice at all IMO..

I think that Michael should be allowed to come back for another chance, just on the principle of the thing..

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YAY! Good news for all you Michael Johns fans!!

I just saw a thing on TV about him. He got a call from Dolly Parton, who wants to write songs for him, and there's also a record producer who's interested in him!

You can't keep a good man down! He's gonna go places - in spite of getting kicked off of AI!!

To be honest, my heart isn't into watching AI since Michael got the boot. I really don't have the interest in watching it as much as before. That's not to say that there still aren't good people left, but I still am disappointed that Michael got kicked off as soon as he did..

But at least it's not the end of Michael's career! I'll be the first one in line to buy his first CD!!

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It's Mariah Carey week? I thought it was 'Really Cheesy Ballad' week.
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Originally Posted by Moz View Post
It's Mariah Carey week? I thought it was 'Really Cheesy Ballad' week.
Isn't that the same thing? Ha ha. ALthough let's keep in mind that HARRY NILSSON was the man who orignally wrote and sang, "Without You," and NOBODY should ever attempt to sing that song but him. When Harry sung it, you could picture him writhing around the floor in pain from lost love.
Ohhhh, I'm showing my age again!
David's gonna win!!!
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Uh oh! It hasn't even started here yet. I'd better stay clear of the thread for 90 minutes!
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Well I still say David Cook is the best in my book, cant wait to buy his CD.
I think everyone did fairly good considering what they had to work with (not a MC fan).
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I was really curious to see what David Cook would do with MC songs...and, I have to say, I thought he did awesome! He could probably sing a song by Willie Nelson and "make it his own". He does impress me.

I think the weakest performances tonight were from Carly (she was really weak until she hit the power notes) and, I hate to say it, Jason. I love him, but he really didn't impress me tonight, but Simon liked it so who knows.

I can't wait until the week with Andrew Lloyd Webber!
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Um, I feel really stupid. It wasn't vote off night, I don't know what I was thinking, LOL! I think the Davids did the best. Carly or Brooke might be gone this week, I'm thinking.
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I was very impressed by David Cook..although I do like him. I can't vote because i'm canadian...

I wasn't that impressed with Brooke last night...
so she might be next to go ...
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Originally Posted by mistressotdark View Post
I was very impressed by David Cook..although I do like him. I can't vote because i'm canadian...

I wasn't that impressed with Brooke last night...
so she might be next to go ...
I love her as a person, but the song didn't do that much for me.

Also Carly should have sang (sung?) the song the way it was originally written. Or at least closer. She made it "too much her own" in my opinion.
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My bottom three last night were Brooke, Kristi and Jason.
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OMG, i thought Kristy did so well! Not really a Kristy fan either. I did not like Brooke or Carly and while I think David Cook is very good, I just don't like emo rock and can't get into him. I've never particularly cared for Jason Castro, David A just seems boring lately even though he did sing that song very very well. My favorite was Syesha last night, man that girl can sing!
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My bottom three, Carly, Brooke, Jason.
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Dial idol has the bottom three as Syesha, Carly, and Brooke.

Is it just me or are the contestants this year sounding the same every week? Not to one another, but compared to prior performances. I like that Kristy Lee is improving. I like David Cook making songs his own. I still don't think David A or Jason are marketable.

Brooke and Carly were the worst last night IMO.
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Hmm, seems like I might be alone in disliking David Cook's performance last night. I thought his song sounded really awkward. Carly and Brooke weren't so hot either. So I guess they would be my bottom three.

I liked Jason and Kristi's performances.
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I was a huge Michael Johns fan, but now I have a new favorite!

David Cook is a SuperSib! My daughter got an email from them today.
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Scott and I were surprised to see Kristy Lee go last night. We knew she wouldn't win, but thought she'd stick around longer. Scott really wanted to see Brooke go (I admit she annoys me too), but I thought Syesha would go. It's hard to predict anymore.....
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Originally Posted by Marianjela View Post
I was a huge Michael Johns fan, but now I have a new favorite!

David Cook is a SuperSib! My daughter got an email from them today.
That is really neat!

My daughter and husband absolutely screamed in frustration when Syesha was safe!
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No surprise to see Kristy go. I didn't much care for her, although she was getting a bit better in the last weeks. Syesha should go next!
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
No surprise to see Kristy go. I didn't much care for her, although she was getting a bit better in the last weeks. Syesha should go next!
That sums it up for me, too! I really think that David Cook is the best out of them all now. And for some reason I really like Jason. I'm not sure how much long he'll last, though.
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I think the only way David Archuleta will win is cuz of all the votes by the tweenies who are tone deaf anyway. They just think he is cute. For me he is not the best singer and has no personality whatsoever. I did favor Michael Johns but now I feel David Cook should win this thing. Jason is soooooooo boring, what is Syesha still doing on that stage. Really out of the whole lot David Cook stands out and should win but unfortunately it seems popularity wins over talent.
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I don't even watch David Archuletta's performances anymore. I absolutely can't stand him!!!! He's not a terrible singer, but he is just so dang boring. All he can do is boring old ballads. I just can't image he would be very marketable.

David C. is my fav
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I have not been involved in this thread but I would like to say that I think David Cook should win!
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I love David Archuletta! I think his ballads are just fine that said, I don't think this is his time, I don't see him as a pop star. I will always have a fond spot for him after watching him win star search jr as a real youngster

Jason Castro - love it when he's picked the right song, and hope he gets a contract as I'd buy his cd.

Carly - great voice, no connection with an audience, would take a lot for her to pull off a win.

Syesha - great voice, wrong songs again and again, she's lovely, confident and talented...as a model/actress and singer this I hope helps her career along, but she won't win Idol (imo).

Brooke...like the person, have liked some of the songs, but even if she makes an album, I never could listen through a carol king album when I was younger...

David Cook...please, start recording that album now!! He's wonderful, love the voice, love what he does with the songs, hope he wins.
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