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Well done girls!!! Always at the ready! Get the mixers out!! Get the oven ready!!! About turn! Forward march!!!!!!!

Kiwideus I have organised for a truck load of Vegemite to be dropped off at strategic locations!

FIRE AT WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tounge2:
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Excellent, I will get the spatulas ready to smear and to fling!
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*pant, pant, cough, cough* I'm back!!!!!

Okay, I went...over the hills and far away....(humming slightly to the tune of Teletubbies...)

Was not able to track down Mr. Cat. I did the best I could.

(((Please, please, please......Mr. Cat, find my message in a bottle.)))

I'll help with the firing but...first, I need to rest up.
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I found a note, inside a bottle washed up on the shore, written by Whisker's mom and asserting I was needed here right away. So I rush on over, only to learn Kumbulu is missing; and apparently everyone's given up on finding Kumbulu; and now some kind of war involving Vegemite and The Kitty Army is ravaging the landscape!

Thank goodness I've brought a jar of Marmite with me! (A cyber friend in England sent it to me some months ago; and I tasted it, once.) So, how come nobody's still out looking for Kumbulu?

Okay, what can I do to help in this search/war scenario? What in blazes is The Kitty Army? (Yes, I've been away.) And why are people rushing about with large containers of Vegemite, dumping the contents on hapless victims? *takes cover as Vegemite bomb detonates nearby*

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OH MR CAT 007 Yeah!!!! So glad we found you! It's a terrible state of affairs! We are being overrun by an Evil Dark War Lord called Darth Bunn you can find some information that we intercepted about him at http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=13938

We must band together before he takes over in his quest for world domination and kittynapping! With you at our side we are invincible (I think)

Marmite hey? hmmmmm does it have the same firing qualities as vegemite? It will have to do!

We are still searching for KUMBULU Mr Cat! We fear she may have been lead over to the Dark side of the litter box!!! Oh what to do! We must sing our war chant loud and long! That will help!

Kiwideus please watch where you are firing that vegemite!!!!!!!!! You nearly hit Mr Cat!
Mr Cat when you have been fully briefed we shall rendezvous again for further orders!

Yours in this great time of turmoil

General Bundy
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Mr.Cat!! So good of you to join us! My name is Kass and I will be happy to update you on the Darth BuNN and the kitty army story. I have provided you with the link that describes the early days of the invasion.

The Beginning Of The Invasion

Since then he has interrupted several threads with threats of expanding his invasion. This current thread is his feeble attempts to further his army.

Our current status is to re-locate Kumbulu and take down the kitty army (to be more exact smother Darth BuNN in vegemite). I succeeded earlier to place some of the army up for adoption when they landed on my doorstep. They tried to sneak into my home but Nakita had other plans for them.

Hope this has been an adequate report. Please feel free to commence any new resistance techniques or offer other choice of weapons against Darth BuNN.

This battle will be won!
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Ah...Bundy! You beat me too it!

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Yay!!! Mr.Cat....As usual, we can ALWAYS count on you!
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Ever alert and vigilant Commander Kass!

Job well done though! :tounge2:
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Thank you, everyone, for your excellent information. This is a fine mess, isn't it? Please give me a little while to digest (so to speak) the situation. *seeks napping area*

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I'm sorry to report that Kiwideus had to be rushed to the medical tent. Unfortunately her vegemite firing machine backfired and well....she's a mess!

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Oh Dear!!!!

This is bad! Just as well we have back up!
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Oh dear. Did someone sabotage the vegemite firing equpiment? An investigation is in order!
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We are getting ready!
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Wow, I almost missed Tatyana in all the excitement. She's not afraid of all the crowds, eh?

Ohhhh, it must be all the cat shows you have taking her to? You were preparing her!

Smart girl!

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Yes!!! We had ulterior motives taking her to Cat shows!!! We wanted her to be comfortable in any situation! Now if we can just get her to stop biting the horses we'll be fine! :tounge2:
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Thank goodness that feline is on our side!
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Harry has also been training in case of an attack!!!!
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And another action shot!!!
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Major Tom at the ready!!!
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Nakita has all the outside surveillance cameras covered!
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Snowball has personally trained thousands and thousands of special BuNN IS DOOMED dogs and is stationing them in towns and cities across the country!!!!!! And I'm soooooo proud of him!!!!!

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Okay, I'm ready after a good nap. Beware, the mighty Marmite Army reports for duty!

Each member of the Army carries 57 grams of Marmite, sufficient to ward off any enemy attack. Give us our orders! We are ready to proceed!


P.S.: It's nice when the old uniform still fits after 33 years.

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God Bless the USA

If tomorrow all the things were gone
I'd worked for all my life,
And I had to start again
With just my children and my wife,...

WHOOPS!!!!! Joe, I saw that picture of you in your uniform and I got kind of carried away!!!!!!
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What? Are you saying that picture of such a mighty warrior did not turn your heart cold with fear?

:laughing: :laughing2

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Actually, I going to turn that question over to someone else.

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Bundy reporting for duty!!!!!!

OH MYYYYYYYYYYY!!! *ahem* sorry!

What a dashing figure!
Ice cold eyes that know no fear!
Chiselled jaw clenched in untold anger!
Stern set of the mouth that in times of peace would be smiling!
Large shoulders to carry the quest that lies ahead!
Never sleeping (except for occasional cat naps)
Always ready to defend the feline freedom fighters!

WE SALUTE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We stand before you, primed, armed and dangerous!

Laurie you should be singing our song!!!!!!

DARTH BUNN will be on the run ahuh ahuh ahah!!!

Hey anyone for a Lamington???
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Ready as I am to face any foe, I'm still very concerned about Kumbulu. Where could she be? We'd all better go to the nearest pub and draw up rescue plans.

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make mine a margarita please Mr Cat!

Hmmmm it's Kumbulus Birthday today too and she is no where to be seen! Guess we had better eat this triple Chocolate cake in case it goes off! What say you?
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Would you like a slice???
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