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I am reading The Serpent's Shadow by Mercedes Lackey. I really like the blend of fantasy and historical fiction. I also read her book, The Gates of Sleep and enjoyed it, too.
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I just got two Dean Kootnz books yesterday...Winter Moon and False memory. I want to read the one my secret santa (jgaruba) sent me first, but was wondering if any of you had read those other two and if they are good...I think I recall some of you saying you had read them.
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I have read False Memory, it was pretty good, and I became engrossed in it. I cannot remember if I have read Winter Moon because I have read so many of Koontz' books. But I loved one of them "Watchers' - the one with the dog.
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Thanks! I will have to put watchers on my list of his books to get! I loved the first one I read.."Intensity"
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I bought a new book yesterday and already I am halfway through it - 'A girl named Zippy' (Growing up small in Mooreland, Indiana) and it is so good. Its about a young girl nicknamed Zippy and this is about a happy childhood. Very well written and easy to read. I highly recommend it!
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I grew up reading Stephen King. I never really cared for Koontz. But then again, I'm probably biased. I tend to find one author and stay with him/her, rejecting all others on principal. My whole family loves C.S. Lewis and Piers Anthony . . . but I think Tolkien beats them both by a billion miles.
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I grew up reading SK too - the first Stephen King book I read was Christine when I was 11 years old. I have outgrown him and read more non fiction.
But there is one book I highly recommend and that is 'Boy's Life' by Robert R McCammon.
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I love Stephen King and have many of his books, I wish he's come out with another in the Dark Tower series! I love that series!!!
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I'v never read the Dark Tower series! I can't read SK anymore bcause of my phobia.
Are the Dark Tower books horror books?
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Actually no...they aren't horror. They are a little bit different than his usual writings....they are more fantasy oriented. It starts out with a man finding a doorway into another person's mind and being able to look out through their eyes....and then it goes on from there to discovering a whole new world that exists outside of this one, and I just can't even describe it, but the whole series is so good!!! My hubby who rarely reads, read the whole series and LOVED it!!! The only other series he had ever read was the Hobbit. I think you would like them!!! I believe their are 4 books so far in the series, but I could be wrong, I would have to look at my books....I have the first one in front of me..."The Gunslinger" and here is a snipet from it...(it tells about it)...

"The Gunslinger tells how Roland, the last gunslinger in a world which has "moved" on, pursues and finally catches the man in black, a sorcerer named Walter who falsely claimed the friendship of Roland's father in the days when the unity of Mid-World still held. Catching this half-human spell-caster is not Roland's ultimate goal but only another landmark along the road to the powerful and mysterious Dark Tower, which stands at the nexus of time. Who exactly is Roland? What was his world like before it moved on? What is the Tower and why does he pursue it? Roland is a kind of knight, one of those charged with holding (or possibly redeeming) a world Roland remembers as being filled with love and light."
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In LOTR, Sauron lives in Barad-Dûr (which means "Dark Tower").
And the story takes place in Middle Earth . . . sort of similar to Mid-World.
Weird, huh?

The Tower of Barad-Dûr
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I really think you should read this series....just from what you have posted here so far, I think you would really enjoy it!!! It kind of sucks you in and doesn't let go!!! I loved it!!!

Is there anyone else here who has read King's "Dark Tower" series and can add more about it???
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Have you ever read any H.P. Lovecraft? He was a great writer . . . and wordy. He had this mythos -The Cthulu Mythos- which ran through his fiction. Sometimes he wrote stories directly connected to The Cthulu Mythos, and sometimes his stories were about something totally different, but you could see the shadow of Cthulu over it. It was as if The Cthulu Mythos was an underlying reality in Lovecraft's fictional world.
This is kind of what SK did with the dark tower series. The first part of "Hearts in Atlantis" was tied in with the Dark Tower, as was the book "Sleepwalkers." I think it's interesting that King created this separate fiction to underly the reality of his stories.
I'll pick up the Dark Tower books. What's the first one called?
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The first one is called "The gunslinger" and I assume you are talking about "Low Men in Yellow Coats" with the tie in.
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Yeah! That's it.
Plus there's references to the actual structure, the Dark Tower.
Is it an acual structure?
Maybe I should read the books and find out.
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I think you will love the books! Let me know when you get through the first one how you liked it!
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Stephen King has more depth than a lot people give him credit for. He also had a villain called Flagg in 2 books, Eye of the Dragon and The Stand.

I'm reading a book called The Cat Who'll Live Forever by Peter Gethers. He also wrote A Cat Abroad and The Cat who Went to Paris. It's a true story of the writer and his Scottish Fold cat, Norton. A good book for all of us crazy cat people.
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