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Well now I have to wait they will call me,I hated to leave her there and I can't stop crying I am just sick.

No Helen everyones working and I would never ask them to take off, I am just so hoping & Praying that its nothing bad, we all know that at sometime things will go bad, but I do not deal well sometimes I wish I didn't Love them so much.

Thanks for the support all of you
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Mega {{{get well soon}}} vibes for Cammie & for you!!!
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Quit thinking the worst and concentrate on taking care of yourself for Cammie. She needs you right now too...

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Please know she is in good hands at the vet. Please keep us posted. Sending prayers your way...
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Lots of )))vibes((( for you and Cammie. Having lived long enough to outlive several cats, I say every time I am not going to get so attached, but it never works. They are each so precious in their own way.
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Awww! I am sending lots of vibes for Cammie! I hope she feels better soon. Boy baby worrying her mommy so.
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Sending many prayers for Cammie and lots of hugs for her meowmy.
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Lois I hope Cammie gets better soon. I know how worrying it can be.
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I'm sending lots of vibes for Cammie, and hugs for you, Lois. If she's playing with Da Bird, she probably doesn't feel too ill, so this might just be something minor.
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Still waiting and I hate that

They Love that Da Bird I can't even tell you Ziggy will just almost to the ceiling for it and if she gets it she will pull the whole thing out of your hand stick and all and run down the stairs with it, I gave my daughter one and she said her cats killed Da Bird
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The vet just called she said there isn't an obstruction in her throat but that her bladder is full and her Kidneys are slightly enlarged witch could be the way her kidneys are, so they are going to do some blood work and take a urine sample and see if she has an infection, and she does have a little hard poo in her colon Oh gosh I hope its not renal failure or Kidney Disease So I have to wait some more they will have the blood back today then she will call me they must do that there, they will send the urine out.. I'll post more when I know
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sending healing vibes for you and Cammie.
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Lois i'm so sorry, i'm opnly just catching up with threads now

Sending little Cammie ((((((((((lots of healthy vibes)))))))))))
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Lois, I just saw this. I sure hope Cammie is alright and I'm adding my {{{healthy cibes}}} for Camie and some {{{chill vibes}}} for you. It's hard when you don't have anyone to wait with you but we're all waiting with you.
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i'm so sorry to hear she's not doing well... i miss a lot sometimes over the weekends. vibes & prayers headed your way - hoping it's nothing serious. how old is Cammie?
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Well right now it does not look good it is leaning towards renal failure, the values are very elevated but when she gets the urine sample back tomorrow she will have a better idea but she said the prognosis doesn't look good, I am trying to stay positive but its very hard they are going to keep her tonight and hydrate her. She has never been sick before I don't know if I can stand to see her suffering I am just absolutely sick here. I can't even think now
Cammie is only 10 or 11
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LOIS many prayers headed your way

Cammie has a lot of people praying for her
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for you, Lois. Come on Cammie, those TCS vibes are working for you.
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We're all here waiting with you Lois

Sending many, many good vibes.
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Just sending some more )))vibes((( for Cammie and some for you.
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Lois I am keeping Cammie and you in my prayers. I know this must be a tough time for you. Many hugs headed your way.
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My prayers are with you.
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Ohh, I just caught up with this. I thought for sure she was going to be ok after you took her to the vet. I am soo sorry she is this ill. I know how hard it is for you. Please remember that whatever happens, you gave her a good life and did all that you could do. Sending major good vibes your way. I am hoping that whatever it is, it will be resolved and she will bounce back.
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Lois, I am so sorry that Cammie is sick.Nita just told me that you had posted about it on this forum.I don't come here that often.
I am praying that Cammie will get better and will live for many more years.
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More healing <<vibes>> coming to Cammie and to you..You both will remain in my thoughts and prayers.
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I miss her I wish they had not kept her, this is on my list of the worst days.
I hope it's not as bad as it sounded I still can't even believe it. My poor DH couldn't believe it either
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I'm so sorry!!! Just don't think the worst...you never know...it might not be as bad as you think it is. Wait for the test results tomorrow.
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I am keeping Cammie and you in my thoughts and prayers. Things will get better.
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Sending lots of and get well vibes.
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I am sorry I just now saw this! I hope Cammie will be okay. you both will be in my thoughts and prayers. and you are anything but a baby! You are just a concerned meowmy and you have every right to be concerned! please keep us updated.
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