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I have 4 32oz bottles that I try to drink 3 of a day, that way I know I have at least 64 oz of water a day. I find it easier to drink my water out of a bottle than out of glasses and not knowing how big those glasses are and remembering how many I have had in a day.
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I do same. I bring 4 16-oz. bottles with me at the start of my day and try to finish them by day's end. I have not been as good since I am not actively losing weight anymore, but I usually get through 3 of them.

One girl I work out with totes around a HUGE 64-oz. mug that she fills in the morning. She got it at Wal-Mart. She is/was a big diet soda drinker, so she only allows herself a diet soda when she has finished the water in the giant mug each day.
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I deal with water retention problems too. I fill a 64 oz. plastic cup in the morning and try to drink that as a minimum, I feel best if I drink between 88 and 96 oz. per day.

I also watch sodium content...I decrease the salt in any recipe I make from scratch, stay away from hot dogs or sausages, except a good sausage on occasion and watch the more salty cheeses such as romano, asiago, provolone, parmesan (all of which I like to fresh grate as needed).

I make sure to use an easy chair with foot rest to elevate my legs at least 1 hour a day.

I find doing all of the above, and following the eating plan I do, helps a lot with the water retention.

I wish you all the best with this, it is SO frustrating!
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I have lost track of this thread, since I can't be online as much anymore, so I am sure there is already alot of talk about this, but if you haven't tried it...try the Aitkens diet!!! I have been on it for 4 weeks now and have lost akmost 10 lbs...I love it! I am never hungry, can eat all the meat, eggs and cheese I want, plus salads and a whole host of other things...they even make Aitkens candy bars that are delicious! I highly recommend it!
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My mom did the akines diet a few years ago and lost weight. Thing is the second you go off it you gain it all back!

Too much meat in that diet for me to try it.
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I find the Atkins diet has too much meat and fat for my liking. I really don't eat that much meat (like 1 meal a day, if I'm lucky/not at work). Of course there is some that I just love, but I don't get to eat it very much. Oh well. And too, I like my bread So the Atkins diet isn't for me! lol
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I had pizza hut tonight I was so craving pizza I couldn't believe it. Must be that monthly thing around the corner. Well, I had most of a cheezy pazzone and some bread sticks. I don't think its too bad, but tomorrow might be a fasting day for
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I'm trooping down to the gym today.. hoping to at least do some cycling and muscle strengthening over there...
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I've sort of stuck to it!. I've drank loads of water, and i'm fed up of nipping to the toilet here at work because it's freezing in there! .
I don't do Atkins either. There was a programme on over here in the UK just the other week about how dangerous it was because of the high fat it contains!.

I have a friend who is a theatre nurse in one of our local hospitals, who said if there are some patients who need to lose a few pounds before they can have surgery, they are put on Atkins, but only for 2 weeks.

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I finally went to the gym after many mths of hestitation and all.. Went in and did 45 mins of cycling! Man, do my legs feel tired after that... but it is a good start!!
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Kateang - Congrats on getting to the Gym, You are so much braver than I am, I'll exercise like mad in the house but I can't bring myself to go to the Gym, I hate the thought of anyone seeing me in my shorts and t-shirt I hope your legs feel better.

Well I got my Salsa DVD's today, I've never had so much fun exercising, I only did 30 mins out of 60, but I did pedal for an hour as well. I'm having a little trouble learning the Cha cha cha though, I'll have to put some practice in!
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the legs do feel better now.. was expecting some aches and pains but none as yet.... thank god... hope this continues..

keep trying on the salsa and cha cha dance.. i'm sure you will get it right...
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Tomorrow dragging my butt out of bed and heading to the YMCA. I have a day pass. I also have a week pass to Osais the gym across the street. I just want to use the tread mill. Going ask for one for CHristmas this year!

I ate a big helping of fries with gravey tonight! I can't believe I did that. Yesterday pizza today fries. I gotta work it off before my weigh in on thursday. Might hold off and go Saturaday morning for the meeting just to get a few more days in the shed a pound or 2.

Making a CD for the gym!
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I'm proud of myself! I joined the gym/pool across the street and did an hour on the treadmill. 600 calories lost. The first 30 mins were hard, but once I got my pace I did ok. Going to try to go for an hour tomorrow and then take a swim.
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Today was good news...last year during my physical, my cholesterol was atrocious - 250's, LDL was high as were my triglycerides. I was handed the standard diet for lowering cholesterol, which I pitched as it isn't appropriate for me. I've been through this before, and simply must not go off the eating plan I'm on.

I began eating the best way for me again, late last February...and I'm delighted to see the proof that yes, eating the way I do, works best for my body. My total cholesterol has dropped to 201 (just have to get it below 200 and Dr. and I will be happy),
my HDL (the good stuff) is 54, LDL still needs to improve - is 137, and my triglyerides are great at 50

All of this was achieved eating red meat, bacon, butter, and full fat cheese....I love CALP!
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That's brilliant news!!, and well done for lowering it the healthy way instead on relying on tablets to do it like my father in law did!.

I'ts nearly my lunch break, and i'm ready for it!!.

Well done to everyone else, and keep up the good work.

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Creepyowl - If I did an hour on a treadmill I'd be carried out on a stretcher!!!

Pat & Alix - Congrats, that's great news! I'm gonna show your post to my dad, he really needs to lower his cholesterol level and needs a bit of encouragement (for encouragement read nagging).

I bought some Japanese Oil of Peppermint today to try and curb my heartburn. The doctor says it's nothing serious, just to avoid animal fat which is what seems to set it off but I'm finding since I started dieting that fruit and tea also sets it off. I've got to try 1-2 drops in a glass of warm water, that has to be better for me than antacid tablets.
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Originally posted by jeeperscat

Pat & Alix - Congrats, that's great news! I'm gonna show your post to my dad, he really needs to lower his cholesterol level and needs a bit of encouragement (for encouragement read nagging).

Fwiw, my step-dad and my mom (who are 70's) do a modified version of my eating plan (meaning they aren't as strict re timing/reduction of carb intake) have steadily and slowly lost some nagging pounds both needed to lose. For them, the key seems to be eating protein with their carb, timing of eating (not more often than within 90 minutes of last meal or snack), and starting dinner with a salad. They do try to keep the carb amount at dinner lower than it used to be. Both are on a cholesterol lowering med as well, for them this has helped re losing weight...my mom has lost 12 lbs. and is the lowest she's been in 5 years
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20 mins on treadmill today and 20 mins in the pool. Not too bad. Still tuckered from yesterdays workout. Gonna do the 20 min thing again tomorrow but try for 30 mins each!

Weight in tomorrow!
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I dont know how the rest of you ladies are when it's a certain time of the month?!, but i crave sweet things and carbs!. So how sad is this.

I had all my points used up, but by 9.00pm i could of ate for England, but i did'nt!. Instead i took a couple of sniffs at the chocolate chip cookies in the jar!!!

Roll on lunchtime

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OMG. I ate all my points for today last night. I can stop eating, and yes that is the reason. I'm afraid to go to my weigh in tonight!
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eeek! I gained .4 of a pound. I guess it could be worse. I hope next week goes better. Going to be working out more so that should help!
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I only lost just over a pound this week, I kinda lapsed on the exercise cuz I've been feeling so ucky. The doctor says it's a virus that's going round and I'll be rid of it soon, I have no energy and am living on tomato soup until my stomach calms down.
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Oh God. Well, i well and truly failed last night.

I went further than sniffing the cookie jar, my hand went into it!!!
Aaaaaaargh, i could kick myself!.

But thats it!. So all of us who have slipped by the way side lets start again properly!!.

My day may be starting on monday though?!

RHIAN- Hope you feel better soon!

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Monday is a great day to start dieting, a cookie or two won't hurt (I think weight watchers do cookies, and Fox's do Low fat cherry bakewell cookies ).
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I had more than one or two Rhian!!, not to mention a weight watchers eclair, a bag of low fat crips, a yoghurt LOL!!!.

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You sound like me. When you fall off the wagon you go all the way

I'm doing ok today. Had some rice cakes and yogurt. Gonna have a stir fry before I go to the movies and bring a diet coke to the movie, so I have something.

Good luck guys. A trip on the road to weight loss happens.
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Originally posted by 22angel
I find the Atkins diet has too much meat and fat for my liking
Aw, but I like meat and fat!! (just not on ME!)

Besides, you only have to eat as much meat and fat as you want! tonight I am having Fajitas made with low carb tortillas, steak strips, cheese, sour cream, etc....and it is ALL on my diet!!
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Well, I'm back on my diet today after spending last week being very sick. The daft thing is I've found out it was self induced. The doctor said it was a virus but it wasn't getting any better so I stopped eating anything but tomato soup (comfort food). It got better so I started to eat normally and I started being sick again. Turns out the Actimel I was having for breakfast was making me sick. Since throwing it out I feel great. It wasn't off or anything so I guess it just doesn't agree with me

To celebrate feeling better I ate a lot over the weekend Lamb, chicken curry, chocolate....... so I have to exercise extra hard this week so I don't show a weight gain on Friday! Wish me luck!!!
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I ate ALL weekend!!

I even had Rosie sitting staring at me, as if to say " You'll be sorry" !!!! Arrrrrrrrgh!.

Well, beginning of a new week everyone. Good luck!, and NO cheating!

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