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Where can I find those products? Are they available at Petsmart or Petco? I know you're halfway around the globe, but I'm hoping its readily available here too.

Thank you for the advice too. This bathing thing will be a very challenging ordeal!

Duke has a very interesting coat and I'm anxious to see what the judges and other ehibitors think of it. He's like one of those holographic images. At one angle, he looks matte and plush. From another angle, he looks glossy and sleek. From a few angles he even seems to have... Never mind, I'll let the judges decide on that one!

I heard, though, that with pointed cats you shouldn't groom them too much because it makes their coat come in darker. Duke has really nice contrast in his points right now. I know he'll get darker as he gets older, but how much will grooming effect that? (I know he's not being judged on the siamese standard so that stuff is not as relevant for him, just curious)
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I should think you can find them in most petshops but I really wouldn't know! Only some petshops here carry Bio Groom and I can think of only 2 in my city that carries All Systems! This is because with the US$=RM exchange, the shampoos and conditioners become quite costly!

Not having ever shown a pointed cat, I really deren't comment but I would assume a darker coat wont be held against the cat simply beacuse their coats DO get darker with age. I don't bathe my cats (except for Dumdum) regularly at all - only pre-show and when they really need it!

What I really mean by daily/weekly grooming for SH cats is a thorough brushing to get rid of dirt and loose hair....

Also Tiffany, I noticed in your siggy that Duke wears a collar...better check to make sure if collars are allowed when judging - CFA does not allow any sort of bling bling on cats when judged. It may be a good idea to leave off the collar for a few days prior to show so that the "collar neck" is not too obvious!
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He doesn't always wear the collar. In fact, he hasn't had it on for the last few days. I probably won't put it back on until after the show... Duke gets into a little mischief every now and then (understatement) and the tags on his collar jingle so I know where he is. Its amazing how stealthy this cat can be when often times his playful running sounds like a stampede of wildebeests!!! He does get 'collar neck' though, and thats the main reason we take it off.

I'll have to look at the local petstores for those brands. Thank you again for the advice.
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BTW Tiff, when is the show?? I got one on the 14th! Showing my big abys (fingers crossed for Stevie's Grand) and Lou, the Norwegian! Trail run for lou to see if he has the show attitude or not...and wont hold it against him if he doesn't! He's a big 12lb wuss!!!

Good luck to both of you and remember...HAVE FUN!
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The show is on January 13-14 in Crown Point Indiana (if anyone wants details so they can attend, send me a PM)

This is Dukes 'Trial Run' as well. I'm only entering him in Saturdays show (Shannon and I will be benched together!) I was debating both, but there will be plenty of other shows if he likes it and if he doesn't, it won't be a waste.

Good luck on your show as well. Take plenty of pics and YOU have fun too!
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Did you and Shannon call the entry clerk on the benching thing? They may be working on the chart this week. I'm sending in Charlie's entry for the CFA show end of January.
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GK...will you show Charlie as a premier or HHP??? I'm not up on my CFA Oci breed standards but he looks GOOD for Premiership!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Did you and Shannon call the entry clerk on the benching thing? They may be working on the chart this week. I'm sending in Charlie's entry for the CFA show end of January.
We both e-mailed her and I spoke with her last night.
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Charlie's a pedigree. Origianlly we bought him as a pet, but Nancy told us he's good enough to show if we want to and changed the contract to reflect it. Her pet contract says "no showing" - not even in HHP.

So this show coming up will be pedigree Kitten class. Will see what happens after. I'm not really planning on showing him at this point. But in the future IF I do, he will be in the Premiership classes after 8 months old.
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Yes, we speak with the clerk. She's even arranged to have experience people next to us to help us out!

I do have another question.... the flyer says 8 rings, 4 each day. Tobie and Duke will both be in the HHP kitten class, and in different ones if they separate long hairs and short hairs. On the registration form, they had lots of other non-championship classes... but I am guessing since they are kittens, they will only be in that one ring/round, correct?
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I asked Karly about that last night, Shannon. Both Tobie and Duke will compete in four rings each and then (hopefully) a final in each ring. We will be called up separately, because they call longhaired cats first and then shorthaired cats. There is no separation between kitten and adult in the HHP class.

Each ring has a different judge, so our cats will be judged four times by four separate judges... with four separate opinions!

I think that was it. Can anyone verify this?
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Oh wow... that's a lot! I hope Tobie can handle it! I forget to ask her last night... I'm glad you did!
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Originally Posted by Godiva View Post
Oh wow... that's a lot! I hope Tobie can handle it! I forget to ask her last night... I'm glad you did!
Yeah, now we see why the shows last so long!

I hope Duke likes it too. Last night I was writing down all the things Karly was telling me. Later, I had the list on the couch in front of me and Duke jumped up and started shredding it! Whats worse, the flight information on shipping his new little brother and sister was on the back of that same sheet of paper!!!

Tell me how you really feel about all this Duke!

Of course, the saturday of the show is also Dukes birthday and that same weekend his brother and sister will be coming home... Do you think he has reservations about his birthday presents???
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Aw, Duke... don't freak out your mommy like that.

I'm worried about Tobie's reaction, too. He does really well with strangers, but the show environment is so different... I'm hoping he doesn't freak out. From what the experienced showers have been saying, it sounds rather unpredictable how your kitty will react. I don't want to make a fool of myself, and I really want to pursue this as a hobby.... so Tobie, you better perform!!
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Duke is such a good boy when we have company over. He never runs to hide and he'll just sit there and observe them for a while. He's very careful about not getting too close too soon, but once someone brings out a feather toy, its all over! BUT, when we're at the vet he gets clingy. He's OK when he's in his carrier and he'll even play. But once we pull him out, he tries to crawl up on my shoulder. When the vet/assistants take him, he just clings to them. He's very good on the table though. He will let the vet poke and prod without a fight. I don't know... We'll just have to see.
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Yes, each judge is a separate ring and all the judges judge all the cats. So if you entered one day it would be 4 judgings; 2 days 8 judgings. Most cats are ok with 8 rings on the weekend - its when you increase the rings to 5 or 6 a day that they start getting tired. Spooky could handle 4-5 rings a day - I did one show (TICA) with him - 6 rings and he was dead tired - and at the time he was full grown.

IMO a young kitten should only be handled 4 times a day - after that its way too much.

In ACFA you only have LH/SH for the speciality rings - all of them together in the AB rings - usually they wind up with 5 SH/5 LH, but it can vary. Kittens are not separate from adults in the HHP class - only by coat length.

Pedigree kittens are separate from championship/alter classes.
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Tif and Godiva - one thing I will warn you cause cats have ESP. After you bathe them before the show, keep them in one room where they can't get dirty or be able to hide.

A friend of mine showed her HHP's a lot and some didn't like showing and many times would hide in the rafters of the basement. She lost out on showing a few cause they would not come out! So confine them that you can get to them and put in the carriers in the morning of the show

And you guys both need to do your best to relax. If you are uptight the cats will be too
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Mine always do that when I have a new owner picking them up or looking at them, LOL! Any other time they run to the door when some one knocks.
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It suddenly occured to me ladies...have your cats ever been caged before? If not, my I suggest a little bit of training to the show cage? Here's how...

1. Buy a cage approximately the size of the show cage
2. Today, start by caging them for about an hour. Make sure there's plenty of noise in the background or put him infront of the tv - with MTV or something similar switched on
3. Continue doing this and adding on hours as the days go by.

Hopefully, this will condition them to be caged and the noise. The nicest of cats at home can become the worst in the show ring because they are not conditioned for it!

Don't mean to scare you! You will have fun, I'm sure!

Good luck and report back immediately show results ok?
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Good point, but that's not necessarily true - none of my cats have been "caged" before showing and they all were fine. Its the rest of the show hall will the noise, lots of people moving around, intercom system, way more cats that the even knew existed, etc. that freaks them out more.

Ling never was caged after 5 weeks old and she was fine in the cage, just didn't like 100 other cats around
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Duke is a weirdo I guess. He LOVES being caged! Whenever I bring out his carrier, he jumps right in and will stay there. He likes to sleep in it too. Even at the vet, he's very comfy in it. He'll even stick a paw out to play a bit.
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I have written down from my phone conversation with Karly that the cage will be 24x24x48 inches, but Tiffany, it seems you got a different set of numbers. I guess one of us misheard her. Can anyone confirm what the cage size will be for ACFA? I'm e-mailing her now to see what it is.

On cage decorations... I realize a sheet will be good enough, but it seems so blah... any small things I can do to spruce it up?
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I haven't figured out what I'm gonna do about the cage curtains yet. I may just go to Jo-Ann's Fabrics and get something on Friday.

I don't have the cage size anymore because Duke shredded the paper I wrote it all on.
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That's right. I think I read somewhere on this thread or another one that you thought it was 28 inches long... I guess we'll find out!
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Just for the record (I saw you got the e-mail too, tiffany)... it's extra money for the double size cage (48 in long). The regular c age is 24 each direction.
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Just wanted to wish you both lotsa LUCK!!! Enjoy your self and don't stress out - just have fun!
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Thanks! And good luck to you as well!
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Hey Tiff, do me a favour please? Make sure you have extra batteries in your camera and take some pics of Abys for me? Thanks!
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Aye Aye Capn'!

I was so enamored with the aby's at the last show! The one that finalled as best aby in the last ring was so CUTE and active! More than every other cat in the ring. The judge had a little dragonfly teaser that he was going around the ring with. He started with the aby, and of course she was all over it. When he went to the next cage, the aby was still trying to get to it, even when the judge was on the other side of the ring!

And then there was the adorable little somali girl that was peeking at me from behind her bed in her cage. She kept winking at me. Then her breeder pulled her out of the cage, and when I saw that 'foxy' tail, I was smitten!!!

So yeah, I'm taking an extra TWO sets of batteries to the show AND my laptop so I can download the pics once the memory card is full!!!
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And don't forget to check the catalog (and take pictures) if an ocicat is there

Don't forget to ask Carol Barbee about the shaded chocolate you guys are showing
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