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Surely I cannot be the only one!

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Ok, so your walking down the street and you see a cat, you say "hi little kitty" and the cat mews, you stop to stroke the cat and make a fuss of it, hell sometimes you even pick them up for a cuddle.

Now I do this quite a bit...ok all the time and it takes double time to get where we're going because I stop to stroke any cat that's interested, my daughter calls me 'the crazy cat lady' and thinks i'm obsessed, and it doesn't help my case when I make comments like " I love this cat, do you think I could just put it in my bag and take it home" Now let me just point out I would NEVER steal a cat and the comment is a joke just to wind my daughter up then she says "NO mum we cannot take the cat, now put it down"

So am I the only one who does this? c'mon own up I can't seriously be the only one who fusses over random cats in the street...can I?
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I do it!!!

You just can't help yourself!
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I knew it!

That's what i mean, you just can't help daughter thinks I'm crazy!
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I can spot a kitty at 50 paces, much to my hubby annoyance...........
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I always do! I actually sit outside my front and have a conversation with my neighbour's cat, Charlie!

You just can't resist the urge!
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Theres a gorgeous black cat in my street, infact they must be brothers because they both look the same age and wear the same coloured collars, and their the friendliest little things. So yes, i always stop to give them some fuss but i could catnap them easily as well but i wouldn't
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oh yes! all the time! There was this one black at one time and she was just soooo lovey!!! We cuddle, hugged, rubbed, but then we had to say goodbye!

A few week ago, I was riding on my bicycle, and I noticed this adorable puppy on a leash with him mother. Well, guess who slammed on the brakes, got off, and started cuddling. I talked with the owner, and found out he was part bit bull, part lab or something. Wierd (yess i know-pit bull!!!), but CUTE mix!
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I do it all the time, so does my SO. I have never seen a cat that would not go to him. It's amazing. I usually carry treats in my purse, and a carrier and food in my car. You never know when you mught run across a cat that is hungry or in need of rescue.
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There's a lovely cat near where I live, I see him most days. A big friendly ginger cat, I suppose semi-longhair, he looks a bit like a big orange toilet brush and he loves to have his head stroked, always starts purring. I kick myself every time I see him cos he was offered to me once, couldn't have a cat at the time so said no but I wish I had been able to say yes. At least I still see him regularly.
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Tybalt and I are both like that. In fact, it's often me who has to restrain him. "Honey, the cat probably has an owner, we can't just take him!"
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I've done this for as long as i can remember. The cats tend to come to me now when i walk down the street. Just can't help myself and i do it wherever i am.
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There's a cat across the street, she's orange. She'll come up to you and just start flopping on the driveway, and she's just irriesistable. I have no idea what her name is so I just call her George. There's a Snowshoe who's pretty shy and sticks to the backyard, but if I'm patient, he'll come up and cuddle. Then there's Mickey, he's big and fat and tabby. He'll come around often for food and just sit around purring. Sometimes he'll rub against me and even flop on his stomach for a belly rub. A few nights ago I was walking home, and this huge longhair came over to me running and meowing, he was so adorable!!!!!
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Who could resist a kitty????
I think that every kitty that sees me sees a sucker coming a mile away!
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I have major cat radar. I was lying in bed the other day and at some point in the early morning I sat straight up and looked outside and saw a black cat sitting there facing my direction. Or another day I walked into my boyfriends room to say something to him and turned my head to glance out the window to see a huge cat walking by outside. When I drive I guarentee I will spot a cat somewhere. It usually happens that I turn my head to look out the window and look directly at a cat or glowing cats eyes if it's dark out. I found my cat Willoughby by pulling into Walmart parking lot and hearing a meow from behind me.

Anyways, I stop for every single one hehe. Majority of them run off. But the rest I take home. I keep a carrier, a cage and a humane trap in my car. I either rehome them or take them to the cat sanctuary in PA.
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Yep, if they're friendly I always have time for a kitty. Extra cuddles!
If they don't come up to me first, then I leave them be. I tell my husband not to encourage strange cats because I believe they should be wary of approaching strange humans. You don't want them to go up to the wrong human.
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I do that with cats and dogs. And when I was little if dad was going to a farmers house for something I always got out and petted their cats and dogs. I still do and I love pitbulls so I would have been tempted to take that baby home. My princess was a pit/lab mix. When I moved back home my dad made me give her up just because she was a pit mix even though she was a very sweet and loving dog.
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If the cat is friendly I'm petting it!!! One night my friend and I were walking in our sub-division, and this cat came up to us, of course I petted it and he followed us all the way to the main entrance over a mile and I had to carry him all the way back to his house. No one was home, I could have walked off with him people should watch there kitties especially if they are so friendly!!!
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I love to cuddle kitties but then I want to keep them. I feel so bad that they are outside and their owners know nothing about the dangers of the roads and people around here, I really want to install a radar on the cat and track it back to it's owner(if it has one) and talk to them about the life expectancy of their cat if they keep letting it outside on a busy street.
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Guilty. i love cats. i think i will be the first crazy cat man. but thats ok if it helps give a kitty a home and loving family im all for it!
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I do it all the time.
There's even one neighborhood cat who follows me in and visits for awhile.
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lol...that is too funny that your daughter said that lol
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I love my neightbours cat who lives a few doors away, shes a tabby with the grumpiest looking face ever! but she is so adorable and friendly, with the sweetest squeaky mew.
We used to call her Indies girlfriend as he always used to hang with her, or they'd sit together in the surrounding parkland, even my minx who chases ANY cat away from her patch has a kind of truce with her.

But I think they broke up now, Indies been mixing with the 4 cats just a few more doors down from grumpy, he went up to her the other day, went nose to nose as usual and she smacked him one in the face
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
If the cat is friendly I'm petting it!!! One night my friend and I were walking in our sub-division, and this cat came up to us, of course I petted it and he followed us all the way to the main entrance over a mile and I had to carry him all the way back to his house. No one was home, I could have walked off with him people should watch there kitties especially if they are so friendly!!!
i would pet them, but then wash before petting my own - i'm paranoid about bringing disease home to them. there aren't many 'friendly' strays around where i live, mostly ferals.
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Yes infact 2 weeks ago i saw the most beautiful kitty in my street, i stopped and started mewing at it, and started telling it was beautiful and how i would love to take it home.
His owner was on the balcony watching me and then started calling out to him! I felt so embarrased
I then shouted out to the owner that he had a beautiful kitty!
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I had THREE of them follow me home yesterday from my Mom's house!!
My Mom said, geez, you ARE the cat herder!

I really wish her neighbor's would not leave them outside...they're starved for love and attention...not to mention food. I think one just had a litter too. Going back tomorrow to see if I can find her kittens. Will let you guys know if I find them.
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