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What stuff does your cat freak out at?

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just curious. I notice my cat gets crazy when a vaccumm is sounding off. Its so cute how he runs to the top of the couch. lol. poor thing but we gotta clean up so what can he do? and of course water.
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Originally Posted by Armani View Post
just curious. I notice my cat gets crazy when a vaccumm is sounding off. Its so cute how he runs to the top of the couch. lol. poor thing but we gotta clean up so what can he do? and of course water.

- Fire works

- Thunder that is nearby

- The vacuum cleaner, though she seems to not mind when the caretaker is vacuuming the hall outside my apartment door and even goes and tries to follow the shadow of it under the door. She just doesn't like being on the same side of the door as a vacuum, LOL

- Fire alarm which sounds like a higher pitched fog horn or something similar.

- Visitors. She will run and hide initially, then come out in a while and sit/lay across the room and watch them carefully.


Nothing really freaks her out. Sometimes an extra loud thunder clap will cause her tail to puff up and her eyes to go big, but that's about it.

She loves the vacuum and follows me around while I'm trying to vacuum rubbing against it and plopping herself down in front demanding to be vacuumed with the upholstery brush, or just the hose. When the vacuum is left out she uses the power head as a pillow, LOL

And she doesn't mind water. When she was thinner I used to take her into the shower with me. I would hold her and shampoo her then rinse her, add cream rinse, rinse well and towel dry. She didn't mind it at all.

And she is a social butterfly so she absolutely loves when someone comes over, even a repairman or the vet. She's all over them like white on rice.
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Both of mine are afraid of vacuums too. I think that's a pretty common thing, and Reilly is afraid of my 2 wheeled shopping cart.
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Gizmo is afraid of crinkling bags, plastic or paper. She used to be afraid of the bag her cat food came in. After I explained a few times that there was nothing to hurt her, she stopped running away.

She will stop whatever she is doing at a noise, whether a footfall upstairs or the elevator door opening.
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Miya doesn't like:
Vacuums (this may be my fault)
New people
The sound of keys rattling
Plastic bags (oddly enough she likes to eat them)
People who wear blankets. I was bundled up in my blanket and I wanted to reajust it. I stretched out my arms trying to get a better grip and my cat freaked out. Maybe I looked like a giant bird?
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Definitely, the Vacuum Cleaner, too!!
(Oh, and I have a friend, who has a kitty who was refusing to use the litter box anymore. WHY?? Well, I figured out, she had moved the litter box into a large walk-in closet. What was sitting close by??? YEP!! A VACUUM CLEANER!!!!!! )
My Katie Kitty hates foil, or garbage bags being "swished" open.
She hates if I run down the hall, or if I put my shoes on!!!! WHY? Because I don't wear shoes around the house. So, if I put them on, it is a SURE thing, I am leaving the house soon!
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Saki is afraid of anyone in the hall (I live in an apt.) or strangers coming to my door, he will dart under the bed.. yet when I vaccume he follows me around Weirdo.
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The vacuum cleaner. Mine run at the sound of the cord being pulled out even before I can get it plugged in their history!
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Harley.... uh.... any loud, sudden noises - something being dropped. He's not afraid of the vacuum, or my hair dryer anymore, he actually will follow me around when I'm vacuuming - and sit in the bathroom while I'm drying my hair

Davidson - he's afraid of the vacuum - but not the hair dryer -he too, sits in the bathroom with me. Also, anything loud and sudden, like Harley. Otherwise, they aren't afraid of too much.
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Suzie is afraid of just about EVERYTHING except for food. The one thing that was kind of funny too watch was when we installed the AC (this was her first summer). Everytime it cycled on at first she dove for cover. Even after awhile her little ears would start rotating, and then slowly she would relax.. Until it happened again..
She and Cookie don't like new people.. We won't see them for hours. Cookie is pretty freaked if he accidently gets to close to Zakk, because he knows he will get boofed.
Rocky is pretty much afraid of nothing except for dogs at the vets office. Oh, and the vets office.
Zakk doesn't like baths. At all. We know that because we tried to bath him exactly twice.
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What stuff does your cat freak out at?
um...yes? My cat has visual hallucinations. You never can be sure when he's going to flip.

Oddly enough, the vacuum does not freak him out. He's not fond of it, but he'll just saunter away when it comes within 2 feet. We also just got a Roomba, which freaks him out a little more. However, at the same time, he'll stay in the same room as it and watch it.

* Car engines
* Sirens
* Neighbors coming home
* Hair dryer
* Other cats
* Terabyte (my pet turtle)
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Moose is worried about the dishwasher but the garbage truck freaks him out. he grows at it most of the time but other just runs to hide under my bed.
Sebastion throwing up will get him running...spider webs, durt, a dirty litter box....
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My cat freaks everytime I pick up a flyswatter or a hairbrush. She is a stray that came to live with us, and I think she may have been abused in her former life.

Yep, she doesn't like the vacuum either.
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Lily is scared of dogs, cats, people (other then me), wierd noises, anything new, anything that is in a different place, if she smells something new and being outside. Umm pretty much everything.

Annie is scared of loud noises, the sound of doors opening, outside, vacuum cleaners, the sound dishes make when they hit the sink, other cats play fighting and dogs barking.

Kitten is scared of going to the vet and balls sometimes. That's prett much it.

Bagheera is only scared of one thing. He gets really scared when the dvd thing pops out. He jumps about 6 ft straight into the air. It's pretty funny actually. He loves outside, loves going places and he even loves going to the vet.
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heyu, gets upset anytime someone comes into the computer room.
just the other day, i had asked my father to come over and help me set up the new desk and rack mount for the wifes businees servers and move some stuff around.. my kitty stood outside the room and kept MEOW!!!!! or YeOW!!!!! the whole time my dad was in the computer room, once he stopped coming in and out of there she was fine .
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My three cat's, Kitty, B'lou and Ziggy get freaked out all the time. I have people that live above me so sometimes when they walk it scares them but the funny thing that freaks them out I think is my bunny. He has a two story cage and likes to jump to the second level. Whenever he jumps down it scares my cats and they jump. Or when My bunny thumps that gets them all going. They all get along great when the bunny is out of his cage it's just the loud noises that he makes. It's kind of funny because after 2 years they haven't learned that it's ok those noises and it still freaks them out.
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Vacuums, foil, plastic bags flapping (like when we open the garbage bag to insert it into the garbage can), and very loud thunder.
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Oddly enough, Tonks is most freaked out by Julia Roberts, or at least Julia Roberts impersonators. My TV was on, and normally he likes it. But this one episode of Family Guy was on in which "Julia Roberts" is doing a commercial, and he flips out and runs under the bed. Movies with explosions and lightsabers? He's fine.

He also seems upset every time I shower. He follows me into the bathroom and then cowers in a corner and cries.
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Tohru seems to be a bit afraid of other cats and she doesn't really like vacuumcleaners (not really afraid either though). But a couple of days ago there were some fireworks and she was terribly afraid of those and right now she jumped up when I started printing some documents. She's now looking at it from a save distance.
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Carrier bags freak both my cats out so they jump away fast whenever i wrap one up after shopping.

The hoover scares Tiger but Simba doesnt care.......

Oh yeah the printer scares simba too at first, but then he enjoys watching the paper come out but then when its over he gets scared again¬!

Water scares Tiger, but Simba quite likes it being a Bengal.

Most of the time they freak each other out!
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oh forgot to add toddler!
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Not much, surprisingly... Really the only thing I can think of is sometimes if you pull or move something that is on the floor near her when she is walking around, she jumps. Such as if there's a piece of newspaper or a book or something on the floor and she's walking near it, and you slide the paper/book/whatever she sorta freaks out a little! I'm not sure why. Other than that she's really laid back and most things don't faze her.
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I try to keep things noisy so loud noises generally don't bother them. I used to have to lift the tail of one cat to vacuum under him!! Most will move out of the way when I vacuum but they certainly don't run and hide.

But here are the 2 odd things that I noticed over the years: they HATE the accordian (I got rid of it), and there are certain Pink Floyd songs that they run and hide from.
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Our worst is Rusty who notices anything out of place or new in the house, he has to try and sneak up on whatever it is to figure out what it is, and if it moves or makes a noise while he is doing this he jumps about 4 feet in the air.

Panther don't like strangers or kids, he hides under or bed when people come in.

Angel on the other hand has to be right in the way checking out anything anyone is trying to do. One day the cable guy was here and he had a tool that came in a big soft lined case, well while he was testing the cables in the house Angel climbed right into the case the special tool goes in and she wasn't going to move.

There isn't much that gets Missy wound up these days, she can get mean if she don't want to be petted or touched at times.

Then there is my late Tuffy, The house could be burning down and if he was comfortable in his chair he wouldn't even notice or care. The only thing he didn't like where some kids that come over, if the kid is of the quiet type he would let them pet him, Yvonne's sisters kid is of the high strung noisey type and Tuffy wouldn't let her near him.

Then there was the time I bought one of those big battery powered mice that run all over the floor, Rusty would jump if it came near him, Panther would follow it but would not touch it, Tuffy was on kill mode and would try to tear it apart, and the 2 girl cats would watch all this looking like they were thinking look at those fools chasing and stalking a dumb toy.
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