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glad you're doing a bit better! <3
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Glad you are feeling a bit better today.
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Hopefully the worst has passed with your head.
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After a really bad night I went back to the hospital this morning, and they found another bite that had not been stitched and was suppurating. So that has now been cleaned out and I look like the Mummy, with large compresses of gauze on my head held on with a piece of netting that goes over the head and under the chin! And it is my birthday tomorrow and I am going out for lunch with friends - I shall wear a hat, but I shall still look awful. I shall get someone to take a picture, just for the hell of it.

The doctor I saw today said he would prescribe more antibiotics and asked me what I was on. I told him, and it was not till I got to the pharmacy that I discovered he had ordered me Amoxicillin, which is in the penicillin family, and I am allergic! It was in my records, but he didn't check, and I didn't say anything because I thought he was going to give me what I already had. It only goes to show how careful you have to be. As if I needed an allergic reaction on top of all this! So I will go back tomorrow and get a new prescription (fortunately my lunch is in the same town as the hospital).
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Sending more healing vibes! Your outing with friends on your birthday will definitely relieve your discomfort. Get well soon.
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Oh dear, a wine free birthday hope you start to heal soon.
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You poor dear! ( a few years from now you'll look back at your birthday picture and grin ) Hope things start to clear up really soon. And Happy Birthday!
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Jenny....Thank heavens you caught the antibiotic error.
That could have killed you.

I am sure that you know,
it is critical that you not have a break from the antibiotics.
Also, if your symptoms change, get to the hospital immediately.
Cat bites can be become very serious infections.

It is such a shame that this happen to you.
You were trying to help a very scared kitty and were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I am here in California, with you in my thoughts & prayers Jenny. ((((hugs))))
Please, keep this thread updated so that we know your are doing with this...

I hope that your birhday is the beginning of a great new year for you.
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Praying that you're getting better. And have a happy birthday in spite of it.
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I am very glad you went back, and they found the other bite. Not happy to hear about the careless medication error

I hope you are now truly on the mend, and I wish you a wonderful birthday!
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Oh, Jenny! What a time of it you are having! I'm glad that other bite has been found and dealt with, and good thing you noticed the medication error! Allergic reactions on top of everything else you definitely don't need.

I hope you have a wonderful time at your birthday lunch, and some good laughs about all of this. And, many happy returns of the day (but not the circumstances!)
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Oh hon, what a time you're having with your bites!
I hope that this time they've found all of them and you're finally on your way to healing properly(with the RIGHT meds of course)!
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, Jenny! How are you feeling now?
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When I was bit from Tommie and because I also am allergic to pencillin they had to give me a different course of antibiotics. I really hope that everything will start to clear up!! I prescribe lots of liquids for your birthday!!
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Oh my GOSH!! You POOR thing!!!!!!!
I REALLY hope they get you on the road to recovery VERY soon! I was bitten by my cat, a couple years ago, and ended up in the hospital for a week, on antibiotics. It was NO fun, either, so I know how you feel! They kept telling me, that cat bites are WAY more dangerous than dog bites!!
So, PLEASE watch and take care, to not let yourself get too ill, and full of infection, as it can happen very quickly!!!
GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks everyone. Just got back from a fun (if alcohol free) birthday lunch. I am feeling much better today, only some minor twinges, so I hope that all is on the mend. I went to the hospital and got my antibiotics changed, so that is all OK.
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That is great news Jenny...
Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday, Jenny!!
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