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Saying goodbye to Bella

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I'm posting this for Helen (bella713), Bellas mum.

Most of you know Bella had cancer and have kept an eye on updates. I came into the office this morning to find a pm from Helen to say that she and her husband lost their beloved little girl. Bella fell asleep in the arms of her mum and dad who loved her so much, then left them to go to her new home over at Rainbow Bridge

Helen, most of us here at TCS have felt your pain in the short time that weve known Bella here on the site, and she's became a very special little girl because of what she's went through.

Have a wonderful time at Rainbow Bridge Bella, and know how much your mum and dad are missing you because their hearts are really heavy right now, so keep looking down on them

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Bella darling, I am lighting a candle to help guide you home

RIP sweet darling girl, you are in no pain now, free to run around as healthy as can be.... watch over your Mum and Dad as they love you so very much

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Poor beautiful Bella!

I know ALL our cats are loved by their slaves, but honestly, Bella's story touched me deeply, and it is with a heavy heart that I type this.

Helen, your unconditional love for that little furgirl transcends this one life, and she knows it. My heart is with you and your family at this difficult time, but I know that Bella is renewed and whole again, and now playing happily over rainbow bridge.

Bless you, Bella, and rest in peace, sweet beautiful girl.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss Helen ....may your darling Bella rest in peace
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My heart is goes out to Helen and her family at this difficult time

Bella will watch over you and know the love she received in your wonderful family until the day you meet again

Bella touched each and every member of TCS and her memory will forever live on in our hearts

Play happily and healthily over the Rainbow Bridge, sweet Bella
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I am so sorry to hear about Bella. She is pain and cancer free now!!

RIP Bella!
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sending ~hugs~ to both of you at this difficult time.
Play happily over rainbow bridge Bella. Remember to look down on your meowmy & daddy.

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Oh no. I am so so sorry Bella has passed
She was so beautiful and helped her Mum through so much.
Rest in peace sweet sweet Bella. When I first saw your picture you took my breath away, and following your story you have really captured my heart.
You will be missed by everybody
Thinking of you Helen.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss, Helen. RIP sweet Bella. You were so loved and touched so many lives.
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Helen, words are not enough to express my sorrow for your loss........RIP little Bella..........
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I am so sorry to read this it broke my Heart May you RIP you were such a Beautiful Girl Bella, and My Heart goes out to you Helen and Your Hubby in this painful time
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I'm so sorry for your loss, I know how special your darling Bella was to you. Play happily over the RB dear Bella.

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I am sorry for your loss.

Bella, play happily over the bridge. My Hobbes is there to guide you.

Helen, my heart cries for you, and if you need anything please PM me.
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Oh Helen. There are no words to effectively express this deep sorrow. You know the special love and connection I've felt with you and precious Bella, and now can hardly see through the tears to write. Bella has touched the hearts of friends all over the world, and every single one of us is right by your side as we mourn this tragic loss. I'm so sorry, so very truly sorry. God has a new angel in Heaven today. Now and always, we honor your precious love who is now so happy and healthy awaiting the beautiful day when she is reunited with her loving Mommy.
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Helen, I am so sorry for your loss of Bella, I know she was very special to you, but know that now she is playing happily at the Rainbow Bridge and not feeling any pain and will one day see you again there
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I am sad to read of Bella's passing. Take care.
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Helen, I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your precious girl. She is an angel now watching over you, waiting for the time you will meet again.

RIP sweet, sweet Bella
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I'm soooo sorry to hear about Bella... I've read and talked about her for a bit now, and to hear she is gone is so sad and upsetting!!!

There a special place for little furbabies that have to go through that kind of pain.

Our hearts and prayers are with her Meowmy Helen...


At least I can take comfort that Mondae and Bella are playing together over the rainbow bridge!!!
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My heart is breaking for you at the loss of your beloved Bella. She was such a beautiful soul, both on the inside and the outside. Now, she's healthy and pain free and playing at the Rainbow Bridge. She will watch over you until it's your time to join her.

RIP, sweet Bella.
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Good bye sweet beautiful Bella, even without meeting, you touched our lives and we still loved you. May you finally rest in peace in heaven with God, and be free of pain and suffering. Please watch over your Meowmy, and keep her safe, for she will ache for you and be lost without you. And know that you have been a blessing in her life, as she has been in yours.....

You will truly be missed sweet girl, and you will be in our hearts and prayers forever....

Heather, Tom, Jazzy, LuckyGirl, & Lil' Louie
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I'm so sorry for your loss Helen. As you know we all loved Bella here. RIP sweet girl - watch over the ones who loved you since they will greatly miss your presence.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP beautiful Bella.

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My heart goes out to you Helen. ((((hugs))))

I have no doubt that someday,
your precious girl will be in your loving arms once again.
Bella....we love you sweet darling.
RIP little angel.
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Oh I am so sorry. We all loved Bella and hopefully the thought of all the warmth and love that is being sent to you Helen and your family from everyone at TCS can offer some comfort. God bless you all

RIP Bella, run with your friends over the bridge

light a star for your mommy & daddy who will love you forever
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I am so sorry, your special girl was special to so many of us. She will be missed.
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Helen, Im so very sorry .... Your precious Bella will always hold a special place within you and within so many. Your descriptive words of her brought to light her beautiful personality to so many of us. You shared with us your love for her and her love for you. Thank you for sharing sweet Bella with us.
I hope that even through cyber space, you can feel the sympathy and caring for you, during this deeply difficult time. And know that we are here for you through the grief.
Bella was and will always be a very special girl.

Rest In Peace sweet baby girl, Bella .....
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I'm so sorry for your loss Helen, Bella truly was a beauty, both inside and out, take comfort in that she knew you did everything you could for her and the love felt between the two of you is unending, you will see her again one day. RIP Bella, you will be missed
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So sorry to hear of sweet Bella's passing. She will be watching over you now as she is playing free and healthy again.
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Helen I am sorry for your loss. RIP Bella.
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Bella's story and beautiful face touched us all at TCS. I'm so very sorry for the loss of your precious girl.
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