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..RIP with all respect to this Wonderful Person!
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How awful, my thoughts go out to his family and friends, he truly was a great man who taught everyone so much about animals. I didn't even think stingrays could kill someone RIP Mr Irwin
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We've just got back from a weekend away and have only just found out about his death. I am so upset about it - it's such a freak accident, and so saddening.

My aunt has a lot to do with Australia Zoo - she lives just down the road from it, and takes in injured wildlife that people take there. Through her I got the opportunity to do some volunteer work at the zoo about 9 or 10 years ago now. Steve and Terri were both there when I was doing it and were both such lovely, down to earth people. Terri asked me along to a snake demonstration she was doing, so she drove me out there, we did the demonstration, and she drove me home afterwards. I was so impressed about how knowledgable and kind she was, and thought the work they were doing was just fantastic.

Steve was the same behind the scenes as he is on TV. Just so enthusiastic about everything, and friendly to everyone. Even though I was just there for a few weeks they (and all the other staff) made a point to say hello and get me involved and try to get me to do as much as possible.

I can't believe it was so along ago that I was there - the memories are so special to me from that time that it feels like just a couple of years ago.

I am deeply saddened by this, and feel for Terri, Bindi and of baby Bob who will never know how amazing a man his father was.

RIP Steve.
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Originally Posted by huggles View Post
this is a link to the website. I believe you can leave tributes on this site but please be aware that its hard to get onto as its server is struggling with all the people trying to access it right now
Thankyou for posting the link! I will definitely be sending my condolences to his family. He was such a great guy!
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I'm just reading this now RIP Steve Irwin
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RIP Steve Irwin. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
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You still can't get onto his site I've been trying since I heard. What a tribute to an amazing man.

The thing I think that struck me the most about him was that he was just so thrilled to be Steve Irwin. He thought he was the most fortunate man in the world and was excited and rapt about everything he had, not wanting more, not looking sideways, just loved what was right in his lap. His work, his animals, his family. I loved that about him.
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I just found out and am in shock.. He has taught people so much through his dedication for animals. He will be missed by all.
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I am so sad. What a HUGE loss for his family, friends and the animal kingdom. My heart goes out to them. Steve did wonderful things to educate people about animals. He will truly be missed.
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He had been a guest on Regis & Kelly several times and they did a short montage of his appearances. Kelly almost lost it a couple of times. Her family had visited Steve and his zoo. She mentioned that several days ago, her oldest son had pulled out their photo album of that visit.

It is sad he died so young, but he was doing what he loved.

I'm sorry, but I have this funny image in my head of all his past crocs "racing" to meet him at the Rainbow Bridge.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
I'm sorry, but I have this funny image in my head of all his past crocs "racing" to meet him at the Rainbow Bridge.

That just made me bawl but it is such a true image!!! I can see it too!
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He was always a crazy nut a great human being and connservationist. The world surely has lost a "Mensch"!!!!
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Animal Planet did a special video of him in memory of him I am sure it will be on for a long time to come. He was such a loved member of their crew. I just can't believe he is gone. And the people saying they expected it. E.D. Hill on fox and friends news went off on mancow this morning about how you can die at any job and how careful Steve was.
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He seemed like such a genuine caring guy and my heart goes out to his wife and family
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This is so sad. I didn't hear until this morning when I got to work. I wish I had cable to see the animal planet tribute this evening. RIP Steve.
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*sigh* It's so weird he was doing all those crazy dangerous things that he loved doing. . .like with crocks, but he dies from a stingray? That's probably one of the least dangerous animals he likes to work with. I liked that guy, he did so much for animals, and really helped show the world that all animals matter. . .not just the cute ones. RIP Steve. . .I'm so sorry for his family!
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For some reason I always thought he was invincible, wrangling crocs and what not. Poor guy, I'm really sorry for his family too.
I used to watch his kid's show (The Croc Files, I think) religiously.
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Every time I read about it or think about it again, I cry. It's just so so sad. I am not one to be very affected by 'celebrity' deaths but he was just so special. Such a good person that had such a genuine love for animals. I still cant believe he is gone.
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So sad, I pray for his wife and kids.

RIP Steve Irwin
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I just heard about this yesterday....I am severely saddened by the news. It was a dream of mine to meet him and his wife someday, and it was my favorite show when I had cable... RIP Steve!!!
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First of all I want to say that it's lovely to come to a site like this where there is nothing but positive sentiment for the man. I go to a few other boards, and on some, a few people had the gall to say he "had it coming", and other similar ignorant comments. It really angered me, and I ended up replying to the person, ect. So it's nice to come here and see all the positivity.

Steve Irwin was such a great guy. So full of live, so enthusiastic about wildlife and helping animals... He did so much good for animals all over the world. It makes me really sad that he's gone so young, and I really feel for Terri and his kids. It was just a freak accident. I was actually at Marine World a few weeks ago, and they had a touch-tank with stingrays in it (stingers clipped back of course), and I got to touch a couple (they feel slimey). That's the first thing I thought of when I heard about Steve. I've watched a lot of his shows, they were really entertaining. He always seemed like he took risks - but not stupid risks - he didn't want to die, he just wanted to show us the awesomeness of nature. May he rest in peace, and I hope he's playing with his crocs over the bridge.
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Man, this is so sad. I loved watching his show and as you can see, he was also an inspiration for me and for the love I have for all animals. His wife Terri, worked with cougars before she met Steve. RIP mate, you gave the world a gift that we will never forget
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Just wanted to add my post, as late as it is. I keep having his kids on my mind. Aged 8 and 3, how awful to lose a parent at this age and in such a traumatic way too...
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We used to watch his show all the time...he will be missed
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Thoughts and best wishes to Terri, Bindi and Bob.

Like everyone else I was shocked when I heard this and still am. While it was talked about that he could come to serious harm or even be killed by some of the things that he did I don't think anyone truly expected it to actually happen- especially not in the way that it did. I have so much admiration for the man and his passion and enthusiam for wildlife. He was one of a kind. The world has lost its greatest ambassador for conservation and one of its finest human beings. RIP Steve, we'll miss you.

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I remember the show Croc Files. That was the first time I was "introduced" to Steve and Terri. I can believe that some people say he had it coming! He knew the dangers and took the proper precautions. The accident was just a fluke!

RIP Steve and our prayers are with you Terri, Bindi and Bob
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RIP Steve.

Prayers are with his family.....
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RIP to Steve. The world is just a little less of a nice place without him. He had energy, and enthusiasm, and he was a great conservationist. He was so positive all the time. This was a one in a billion accident. Makes me wonder why the evil Osama Bin Laden is still alive, while Steve Irwin is dead. God takes the good ones I guess.
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It is a sad day for everyone who loves animals. I knew my son would be upset, as he named his Bearded Dragon "Irwin" after his hero, Steve.
The thing I didn't expect was returning to work and co-workers my age (middle, since you asked) are tearing up and mourning, remembering him and feeling for his family.
It was truly like he was known to all of us, and we've all lost a friend and a hero...
The Animal Planet ran some documentaries Monday nite and we stayed up a little too late to watch them. What an incredible good soul and big heart.
(how ironic - and yet appropriate - that a gentle creature killed him, when all the fierce and violent critters did not. And that the ray, by reflex, pierced that big tender heart - maybe the only vulnerable part of this fearless man)
As my momma always said, "only the good die young."
Our prayers in this house are with his Dad, wife, kids and friends, and all of us who loved and admired Steve Irwin.
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I was so sad when I heard of this - RIP Steve
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