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Danielle your siggy for Steve Irwin is brilliant!!
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This is too sad. RIP Steve, he was an amazing man, he did so much good work educating people about animals.

At least he died doing what he loved.

He was so young, his poor family must be in bits I feel so sad for them.
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Danielle that is gorgeous, it really is. How thoughtful.
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Oh Dan that brought a tear to my eye. I just cannot get my head around how sad his family are going to be right at this very moment. Bless them.
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He had great passion for wildlife conservation. I myself had developed concerns for wildlife thanks to this guy. It's really saddening to see someone pass away after he has contributed even in a little way to your life. He's one of my greatest idols, he's one of the guys I wanted to meet personally due to his great passion for nature. Rest in Peace Steve, we will never forget you and your great passion for the wild.
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i'm so upset....Steve, you were my hero. i'll miss you so much.
All my love to Steve's beautiful wife & children. Be happy.

Sleep well my friend

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RIP Steve. I had no idea about this until just now.
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OMG! I am totally blown away. I loved his absolute love for conservation. He was so proud to be called DAD! He will be so missed!!!!

My thoughts and prayers to Terri, Bindi and Bob!

RIP Steve!
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i was so shocked when i found out. i wonder how all the parents are going to tell their kids. . . . . . .
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I was flipping through the channels and as I was passing CNN I saw the headline. I'm shocked. The world has lost an amazing man. I always loved watching his show, and admire his dedication to the animals. What a sad day for the animal world. But I can just imagine the welcome he received at the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in Peace Steve; may your legacy live on.
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I heard it on the radio this morning and I was shocked! It's so sad. So few people in this world have the kind of dedication he had.
I feel so sad for his children especially.
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Saw the thread and thought it had to be a sick joke! I haven't had the TC or radio on today, so didn't know! So tragic and sad! The animal world has lost a great soul!
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Sad sad sad.......
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What a horrible thing to happen! That man had more love for animals in his little finger then most people have in thier whole bodies! My thoughts go out to Terri, Bindi and Bob!
RIP Steve, the animal kingdom took a huge hit today.
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I just saw this on tv.. it's so sad!

RIP Steve..
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How awful. It is very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
RIP Steve.
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I was soo sad to hear about his death today. I heard it on the radio this morning and then again on the news today. I can't imagine the loss his family and friends are feeling right now- that's truely devistating. He geniunely loved his family and those animals he worked with. He made such a difference in the lives of soo many animals- and he did a wonderful job of educating everyone around the world- before i started watching his show, i couldn't have even told someone the difference between a crocidile or an alligator. I have learned soo much from his show. I truely hope his leagacy lives on through the wonderful work he did and his sweet famliy. He will truely be missed by all!
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Does anyone know if his family or show has a website with an email address??? Maybe we could all email them and let them know what an impact he had in all of our lives and what a wonderful educator we think he was. Maybe that would help his family a bit by showing some support for them during their time of loss?? Does anyone know if there is a website we could all post on or an email address???? I think it would help them to know that people all over the world care for them and the work that mattered soo much to him.
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i, like many others, pretty much grew up with his show. RIP Steve. you will be missed. you guys think he's still hunting crocks over the rainbow bridge? i bet he is.
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I was truly shocked when I logged in this morning and the first thing I saw was about his dying. . what a shock. RIP CROCODILE HUNTER
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I loved him so much. He was so young to pass away to such abad disaster!! And to think that it wasn't even killed by a croc!!!

Rest in peace!
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I loved him, I really did. It's so heartbreaking to hear of someone so full of life and enthusiasm passing. It's a sad day for those of us, still left behind, but it's probably a joyous day for all of the animal's at the Bridge.

R I P Steve Irwin, you were an inspiration to us. I also pray for his wife, Terri, and his two adorable children Bindy and Bobby. What a great loss for us all.
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I'm in shock right now, it's unbelievable. Hopefully, everything that he's taught us about conservation will continue, it's such a great loss to the world. His family, and the animals at the zoo are in my thoughts. Rest in peace, Croc Hunter.
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Oh how horrible! The poor man! My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
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I got onto his site. And if you click on where it talks about his sudden death they have a spot to send condolences to his family. I am in shock right now. He was such a wonderful man and he did so much for animals. He even talked about how irresponsible some people are to just abandon pets in the wild. He will be sorely missed and his family will need all the of our prayers. And atleast his children will know their dad through his shows and see how much he truly loved them and animals. This is so awful.
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I read this online late last night just before I went to bed. I'm so sorry as he was a wonderfull man and taught the world so very much about animal conservation. I feel so very sorry for his family. And the people of Australia.
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I can't possible add anything new to this thread so I'll say only that the world has lost a wonderful human being and that my thoughts and prayers also go out to his family.

I know my Susie, Simba and Ebony will meet him at the bridge.
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Everyone I have spoken to is deeply saddened by his death.
He had such a positive influence on the way we view non-fuzzy beings.

Steve Irwin will be missed by all people of the world.
RIP gentle Steve.
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Does anyone know if his family or show has a website with an email address???
this is a link to the website. I believe you can leave tributes on this site but please be aware that its hard to get onto as its server is struggling with all the people trying to access it right now
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