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Tom, I wasn't able to go in the room, when it was my Molly's time. My husband was there with her.

Don't beat yourself up about not reading the other threads. My Molly has been gone almost 2 years, and I have a hard time some days going into the threads. I cry at every one of them. Eventually you will feel strong enough to be able to offer comfort to others
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Tuffy knows that you cared Tom.
He is playing at the Bridge until you are together again.
RIP precious Tuffy.
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Tom when I had to let my 20 year Snoopy go, I couldn't be in the room either. I knew that I would have been able to allow them to put the needle in him and end his life. I also couldn't handle seeing him pass. He was my world, my best friend, my everything, and there was not a human being on this earth that I loved as much as I loved my Snoopy.

I felt a lot of guilt for not being there for Snoopy in his last minutes. However, I do feel that my presence in the room would have made his passing hard and painful for him. It would have been too hard for him to let go, knowing how much pain it was causing me. It didn't help me with my guilt later, when my sister told me I was a lousy cat mother for not being there. However, in my rational mind, I know it was the best thing I could have done for both Snoopy and myself.
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Our entire family left our old dog Peaches with the vet when it came time to put her down. I regret this to this day and that was 24 years ago, but I am at least aware that she did not suffer and that it was over quickly. You can't go back and change things.

I think that Timmy cannot be a replacement for Tuffy, but you can make a difference in the little cat's life by giving him a loving home, if you can.

The stickers have been ordered! so do let me know what you think when you get them.
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Thanks so much gizmocat for all you have done to get the decals made. I am so glad I have all the pictures of Tuffy. I thought he would have been with me allot longer than just over a year. I did my best Tuffy.
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Rest in peace Tuffy. You were a much loved cat. Hugs and peace to your family.
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I am so sorry to hear that things are still heard Tom. I dont think anyone should feel guilty for not being able to be there at the end - personally, I am with mine till the end, and I feel guilty at the two that were unexpected so went alone at the vets, but we all have our own ways of dealing with things, and there isn't a right or wrong way of doing things.

i dont come to the Rainbow Bridge forum as much as I should, time is a bit scarce at the moment. I do try, as I have lost a few cats, and know that just a few words can make all the difference, but sometimes after a hard day, it is just too hard to come in here and end up crying at all the sad posts. I do if it is a situation like this where I feel I know the cat well, or the person, but I dont think any of us are bad people for not doing, there are so many people who can't do it.
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I really wanted to be with him at the end but I just couldn't do it. I was crying like a little baby as it was when the vet took him from me to take him in the back. After it was all over the vet helped carry everything to the van so I didn't have to come back in front of all the other people that were there, she also said don't worry about his last bill till I am good and ready to take care of it.

His vet was just great through the whole thing, she hugged me and said I did everything I could have for him and way more than most would have for such a sick stray when I got him.

They put him in a old towel in a box and right before I put him in the ground I opened the box and he looked so piecefull [sp?] laying there, it looked like he was in a nice quiet sleep.

I cried and petted him about 10 minutes saying my goodbys and I was sorry and that I did all I could for him, and asked why he had to leave me so soon before I put him in the hole I had dug for him. He is just outside the window right in front of me as I type this, he is next to my Peanut who died about 8 years ago and two little kittens who died about 2 years ago. I bet they are all playing together right now over the bridge.
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(((hugs)))) we lost Spooky too this morning (9/20) - 15 yrs old.
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Below is a short letter I wrote for the vets office who helped me so much with Tuffy. I thought you all might like to read it also.

Hello, This is for everyone who works here.

I want to thank you all for all you did to try and help Tuffy have a good life the
little while I had him. He never gave up on just wanting to be a good little kitty
cat, right up till the end. He was my little best friend. I have had many pets over
the years and I loved all of them but none where ever as special to me as Tuffy was.
Just about all the people who worked with him told me he was a special little guy.

He was a very sick stray when he found me and he won me over almost right away, he
went through heck for a long time to get him well. He was a normal happy kitty for
a few months then he started to have problems again. I figured we could work through
them like before but he kept getting worse slowly, then when I found out he probably
had FIP and there was not much we could do for him it was such a shock. I could not
believe after all he had been through that I might loose him so soon.

At least the end came fast and he did not suffer for a long time. He lived a year
longer than he would have if he did not come into my life. Most people thought I was
crazy to try and help a cat that was as sick and near dying as he was when he found
me. I never gave up on him and he never gave up fighting, Thats why I gave him the
name Tuffy.

I just hope some day I can find another cat that is even close to being as special
as Tuffy was. All the people who work here and helped with Tuffy are just as special
to me. Tuffy liked to come here and see everyone, all I had to do was get the carrier
out and he was right in it ready to come here.

I can't thank everyone enough for looking after Tuffy over the weekend just before
the end. He was his old self again if only for a short time.

BY BY and RIP my little Tuffy, I will miss you so much.

Tom Wustrack
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It is kind to thank the doctors and you wrote a fine letter. I am sure that the staff feel happy to be appreciated, and they obviously loved Tuffy too. He was a special cat.
You were appreciative of the cat and of the people who tried to help him. So many people take things for granted.
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That is so sweet.
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That is lovely Tom. I have given my vets thank you cards in the past as well.
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This weekend we were camping in the park where Tuffy first found me. I was sad all weekend because there was no Tuffy with us in the motor home.
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I have this picture as the background on my computer right now because I like the picture, but it is sad and a little weird to have Tuffy looking right at me from my computer. All the other pictures of him I have he is looking away from the camera. It is to the point I want to put a different picture on the computer.

Am I weird for feeling like this about this picture? Or would some of you feel strange about having your favorite pet looking back at you from over the bridge?

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It is a very sweet picture of Tuffy. And I think he is trying to send you comfort from the bridge through these eyes.
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What a very beautiful pic of Tuffy

Grieving the loss of someone so special to us, affects everyone in different ways. Listen to your instinct and what you are comfortable with. If you remove it and then miss it, put it back. Just whatever feels right for you. It does not take away any feelings you have for Tuffy.

I know this is such a very hard time for you. I feel your pain everytime you write. I just want you to know that you and your wife are in my thoughts. Keep writing about him, it helps with the grief. Heres a for you both.
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There's nothing weird about having your beloved pet "looking back at you from over the Bridge", Tom. Just do what feels right to you.

Tom, I really believe Tuffy came to you because he knew he needed lots of love and care in his final days on earth, and that's the wonderful gift you gave him.
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I dont think it is odd - I put a pic of Ginger on my comp on Thurs and sometimes find it upsetting, but not sure i could take it away. There is nothing wrong if you want to change it.
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I have had a different picture of Tuffy on before this one but he was not looking right back at me. Its just this picture as the background is so big and those eyes are looking right at me its a little strange to me at times. I love the picture but since he is gone now its just hard for me yet.
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Tom, the Tuffy pictures were mailed to you yesterday. Still no answer from the crooks in Florida; I'll never deal with a 'business' there again.
I hope that you like the artwork and can get an honest person to make you the decals.

Nancy and Gizmo
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What a beautiful kitty! I'm so sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your kitties.
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I just saw this Tom...I'm so sorry to hear about Tuffy. I remember all your posts from when you first came on here and you were such a good daddy to your kitties....RIP Tuffy.
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I finally went and payed the bill at the vets office yesterday for that horrible morning back on 8-24.

I think I am getting over the fact that he is gone and starting to remember the good times and the good days that Tuffy had, even if it was only a few months between him being so sick when I got him and when the FIP started to act up. I still get sad sometimes but I don't think about Tuffy all the time like I was.

I think taking care of Tuffy the little while I had him helped me to be a better person than I was before he came into my life. Plus I got to meet allot of nice people at the vets office and the animal hospital because of Tuffy. I am starting to realize how many people Tuffy has touched the year I had him, Both locally and on this site. Almost everyone who spent any time with him at the vet or at the hospital told me he was a special guy, even before they knew his whole story. So it was not just me that figured out how special he really was.
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i have not spoken to you before but i feel your pain.it will have been 12 months on christmas day since some speed freak took my little porsha from me.i have never felt so empty or angry,even now if i could get my hands on the person responsible i would rip them apart,as they did to her.
you need to know that they dont leave you ,i have (as have visitors to the house) heard her and felt her,be it jumping up on the sofa or brushing against legs,they never leave you,and when you look up at the stars at night,and you see the brightest star,thats your baby peering down from the bridge to see you are ok.much love to you both at this terribly sad time of your lifes.take care and feel better soon.x
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Tom, you are not going to believe this, but

your decals are being shipped today!

Seriously. I just got the notice. So you can keep the artwork to make more Tuffy stickers if you want--but that shop in Florida FINALLY is mailing them to you! Please let me know when they arrive!
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These are the decals that Gizmocat had made for me, they will go on my pulling garden tractor when it is done and painted. I am moving up to a modified class for next year so I have allot of work to do on the tractor before its done. It will probably be early spring before its done with the decals on it. I need to thank Gizmocat for doing this for Tuffy and me.

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I think those decals are awesome. What a perfect way to remember him!
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What a relief to see that they finally got there! You should have received four of them...
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Hi, yes I got 4 of them, they all look good.
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