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I found that for those of us w/no a/c if you drap a damp cool towel around your neck it feels better!! The temp in our bedroom is 88 degrees right now-I'm sleeping in the family room where its a mere 82!!! The cats wanted out-Ox is laying on the garage floor-Bakker laying on the tile floor in the familyroom's bathroom-I have to venture (gasp) outside for Grizzly and bobber. (evil DH let those 2 out)
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Same as MissMew here tomorrow

Even now at nearly 9pm it is still 32C(90F) with a heat index of 44C(111F)
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It's 83 here at 9:30 unheard of around here they just announced the Red Cross is opening shelters tomorrow & Wed. for heat relief-we can feel the humidity actually increasing -Yuck-I'll take our winters any time!!!
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy
It was HOT last week and it's starting to cool down. It's 74 and the heat index says it feels like 71. and it's nice out with a breeze. are you all jealous?
Yes, I am sweltering with the A/C on and longing for typical English weather back - only its been hotter there lately too
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Today it was a very "icky" 89 degrees with high humidity. It's suppossed to be pretty bad the rest of the week too, but much cooler weather is headed our way by Friday and the weekend! Yay!!
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Its midnight and the heat index is still 90 degrees...It hit 99 today, but I have no idea what the heat index bounces up to 105 -107??

Tomorrow....93 Heat Index 103...so yeah I'll want to be inside again!
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Today will be 38C (100F), with a humidex of 48C (118F), and our apartment doesn't have air conditioning. I am a tired, cranky, headachy (if it's not a word I'm making it one), angry troll.

I will spend today worrying about my two cats, who are stuck at the apartment -- I'm seriously considering boarding them at our cat clinic; why should they have to suffer? -- and about my boyfriend, who works in a factory where his employers have absolutely no concern or interest in employee health and welfare. He'll be lucky if he gets a single popsicle break, and they're not allowed to have water at their work stations (it's considered a health and safety hazard -- I say it's a health hazard NOT to have water at your work station!).

I'm thinking of moving to Yellowknife; it's currently 19C (66F) there.
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right now its 103 degrees heading toward a heat index of 115..
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I'm in bloody Canada and it's 107.6 Fahrenheit wich transulated to 42 Celsius.

So much for the igloos and polar bears that start at the border.
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It is mid-90s, heat index in the 100s.

I will be giving a 90-min walking tour mostly outside at 2 pm. Please please think of me and hope nobody gets heat exhaustion!

I hope everyone has a/c! Mirinae- that stinks. It's just plain unfair to not allow people to have water!
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Its only 81* so far this morning

Supposed to get up to 92*, BUT...tomorrow is only a high of 78*! YAY!
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92 right now, but it is supposed to get close to 100. Tomorrow is expected to be over 100
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It's only 88 right now, but we're expecting a high of 98 degrees, with a heat index of 110. Hotter tomorrow.
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Today Hi: 101°
Lo: 81°

Noon 96°
6 PM 97°
9 PM 92°

Here's the forecast for Philly for today... tomorrow is supposed to go to 103!!!
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Currently 68F and overcast.
We had a night of off and on rain, really helped to cool us off.

Forecast has highs in the mid 80s for the rest of the week, I certainly hope so!
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Ha Mackenzie! It finally cooled down here! It's 75 & rainy! And no worries....I am sending the cooler air your way!
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We're on day two of the hottest week of our Summer thus far, upper 90's, bright and sunny with heat index of 102 at the moment. It's supposed to be hotter tomorrow. I adore Summer!
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94F right now!
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105 right now and with the heat index 115
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101 with a heat index of 108!! Yuck!!!!!!!!
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On the news CTV the hotest point today With humidity was 47°C - 117°F here.
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Dropping down to 87!!! However the heat index is still mid 90's. It is hotter in my house than outside so I opened all the windows and doors (enjoying a beer too!)with a towel draped on my neck again.
Right now Milwaukee WI was 96 but far northwest Wisconsin (Hayword) was 71!!
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Can I just say I've been home from work (the outside tour mentioned earlier) for 4 hours and I still have a headache from the heat!!!! And my a/c is on 80!

I hate this.

Yesterday someone brought their dog on the tour. How ridiculous! Like, your little poo mix should be walking in this heat all that time? And what if we said you couldn't bring it? You can't leave him in the car. Plllth.
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Right now it's a balmy 94 feels like 101-dropped from a high of 100-unheard of up here in the mts.-we've had a strong breeze all day which helped some-tomorrow supposed to be worse but by late afternoon storms are supposed to go thru & break the heat
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Right now its 32C outside and feels like 45C. When I woke up this morning, I looked at the thermometer that is right outside the kitchen window and it said 41C. I've got the air conditioner on but it doesnt really cool it down, its still in the mid 80s in here. We have been sleeping in the computer room where the air is with the door closed to keep the cold air in and my back is killing me and I have a bad headache but its better than being in my hot bedroom.
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it's been quite a bit more pleasant here in the last few days, 'cause we've had a breeze! currently, it's 730pm, 95 degrees F, with 100 predicted for tomorrow.
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Today was about 82 but very humid for here. But tommorow even Maine is going to be close to 100 so the weather man says. We never see it that hot here.MY beach bags packed and I'm heading for the beach early. It should be mid 80s hopefully there. But the weather report said even the beaches will see no relief from the high temps.I do have two air conditioners we rarely have to use them. But tomorow they will be on.. Good news is just tomorow for the high temp. Then back to 80s again. I hope the good weather does continue through next week as we are going to 6 flags New England in Springfield,Ma for 3 days.
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It's been in the 100's for the better part of the last 2 weeks here. Heat index somewhere between 105 and 115. I'm actually beginning to get used to it, but we do keep the air conditioner on for the cats and dogs and don't take the dogs on long walks. My black dog is sucking up the light and overheating after 10 minutes outside, and I DON'T want to carry a 90 pound dog home when he collapses!

I hear it's supposed to let up on Friday, and be back over 100 over the weekend. I think I'll float in the pool......
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Originally Posted by Cyber Cat
On the news CTV the hotest point today With humidity was 47°C - 117°F here.
And it hasn't cooled down much since, its 10pm and its still 44°C/111°F out there with humidity and 34°C/94°F without which is why I am going to carry on sitting in front of the A/C with my fave icy beverage
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today was 45/113 with the humidity. Horribly hot. Nacho was panting.. so I ended up wettng all the cats and kittens down a few times.

But I had to help move my brother out of the place he is in, and into the apartment upstaires.. and holy moly. being outside was bad enough.. but walking up and down two flights of stairs wasn't helping. I could probably fill a kiddy pool with sweat, it was disgusting.
Right now, I am sitting here with Macchiato sleeping on the desk infront of me, in my bikini top with the ceiling fan and a floor fan on. Bleh.. I love the summer.. but this humidity has got to go.

Hopefully it will cool down by the weekend, because they are putting in a patio door and a desk in the computer room, and I am going to hate putting the cats upstairs if it's hot.
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