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When you say about would I want my child to "aspire" to be a bartender, the answer is YES! I want my child to do whatever job he or she wants to do, and if that means tending bar then so be it. I would never judge anyone on the type of job they do, whether they are a bartender or a surgeon. Of course I want my child to be "successful", but being a bartender does not mean ones not successful, maybe some people look at it that way though.
My husband once told me he would shovel *hit if it meant paying the bills and putting food in our mouths. Now THAT is commendable in my opinion.
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I agree! When I was growing up, my parents told me I could be anything I wanted to be. I spent a lot of years floundering before I realized that the key word in that phrase was not *anything*, it was *WANT*...
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I don't like Danielle because she's a hypocrite. Roddy didn't play the game any less 'honorably' than her or anyone else but she skewered him in the DR & with everyone else (but him and she sure lie quick enough when he asked her about it straight out) because she was scared to death of him. She had to build up how 'bad' he was to everyone else, so they would all become as paranoid by him as she was. Well bully for Danielle.
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I know I said that any honest work was honorable. Have my friends forgotten that? I also said that a bartender is often hassled by drunks, and dishonorable bartenders serve children of 16. My husband is a mechanic and my son is a truckdriver. I don't think I'm an "occupational snob." I admitted that the bartenders in my area ALL served a sixteen year old relative who is in danger of losing his family, and that affected my opinion. That child was taken to the hospital twice for alcohol poisoning, but the bartender was not prosecuted. The police didn't care. The parents tried every program available, including psychological counseling. Now he is an adult and has had several DWI's. We are all shaped by our experiences, and this one hit a bit too close to home. I used to keep alcohol in the house. No more.

Would you feel different if it was someone you loved? The law doesn't, but no one reports bartenders. Drinking is socially acceptable. But alcohol
is the drug of choice for many teenagers. I'm sorry if I offended you, but most of you have children. Think about it.
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There are crooked bartenders just as there are crooked people in every profession, but I have to wonder, at what point does a person take personal responsible for the trouble they are causing themselves?

This idiot who's suing the fast food companies, it's not HIS fault he gained weight eating junk. It's everyone elses fault that it's available. I certainly feel for anyone who has an addiction, be it drugs, alcohol, fast food or whatever, but I also think that we have to at some point accept responsibility for our actions.

You bet Amy is going to respond to any critism about her drinking by blaming it on BB for putting it in the house, but they sure didn't hold open her mouth and pour it down her throat. Poor judgement on BBs part, certainly, but Amys a grown woman with free will.

I don't have kids, and I may not ever have them. But if I do they are going to have a have a very strong sense of personal responsibility, just like I do.
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Originally posted by JulieB
I agree! When I was growing up, my parents told me I could be anything I wanted to be. I spent a lot of years floundering before I realized that the key word in that phrase was not *anything*, it was *WANT*...
Wow, that is profound! I like it! I'll have to remember that one!! Thanks!!!

Jeanie, I don't think you offended anyone.
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Jeanie, I don't think you offended anyone. Your post was how you felt, and you said it very eloquently.

I just think that maybe others here have a different view, including myself. I think your example about the alcoholism relies too heavily on showing that it was the bartenders fault, and that no fault lies with the 16 year old. Just because he was served ( which I know is illegal ), doesn't mean he had to go into the bar and order a drink! Colby is right you have to have a strong sense of personal responsibility, thats how you get places in life.
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You are so right about personal responsibility! It's just sad that in an area this large, not ONE bartender carded a 16 year old. Of course he is responsible, but wouldn't it be nice if even one person would have carded him? The parents tried to find out which bar served him, because that bartender should have been prosecuted. They couldn't because they would have had to bring charges against every bar he ever entered. He was an immature teenager. They were adults. They have to bear some of the blame. Would you serve a teenager liquour in your home? Would you want a neighbor to? This young person is paying a heavy price for what he has done. The bartenders who served him 10 years ago are still serving--maybe your family's kids, with no consequences. That's as bad as being a drug pusher. No one is forcing the drug users either, but they are considered small fry in comparison with the pushers.

Alcoholism is considered to be genetic, so it's a lifetime struggle. The parents, by the way, are very responsible people. However, despite their efforts and good example, they will be blamed. Their other children are model citizens, by the way. I would put much of the blame on the parents if they allowed their child to drink, but they didn't drink themselves.
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Just so I'm clear on this...there is no BB3 on Wednesday night, right? But Thursday's will be two hours?
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Yes Debby, you are correct. It will be quite a show, they are doing the veto live near the beginning and then the eviction live nearer the end. We don't even know who's nominated, do we? I just checked the CBS website, and they only have HOH (Jason) denoted. I'm sure they censored the live feed as well during nominations.

Julie also mentioned the third new twist in the game will be introduced on that night. Wonder what it will be? I couldn't have predicted the other two, so I have no clue what it might be.

I think it's great that they are doing that, so people can't plan strategies based on earlier series.
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NO Wednesday night? Is it football again? NO, no, please no!
They should owe us 3 hours in two nights, not 2 hours in one night. Does anyone have an aspirin? Oh, my head! Are you sure there's no Wed. night? Please, Jason, think Bye, bye, Marcellas and Amy.
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Wednesday is September 11. Like most networks (including those here in Canada), all programming is devoted to "the anniversary"...
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Yep, almost every tv channel there is will be devoting Sept 11th to specials on the anniversary. So no big brother, but thats ok....its for a good cause.
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I agree...when they first announced no Wed. night show, I was a little disappointed, until I realized what it was for, and the 9-11 anniversary is definitely more important, so that is okay.
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Absoutely more important. I didn't realize Wednesday was the anniversary. All of the news programs and Larry King, etc. have devoted a large portion of their shows to the 9/11 anniversary. This is something we should never forget. I think the people in the BB house should be allowed to honor the heroes and victims of 9/11 also. I hope they are allowed them some time to see some of the services and news programs so they might also observe this terrible anniversary.
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I agree...I hope they will allow them to watch some of these memorial programs!!!
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Just a reminder that there is a 2 hour big brother on tonight! I wonder who has been nominated and if anyone will use the power of veto! I wonder what the new twist will be?
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I can't wait!!!!
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This has been a rough week, and I'm really looking forward to tonight! Goodbye, Marcellas, I hope. (You whine too much, M.) I think they'll choose Amy, though, because she gets a bit disgusting trying to get everyone's liquor. Has she never heard of getting high on life? So sad.
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Well!!! Tonight was interesting! A real nail biter!!! I was on the edge of my seat when it came time for Marcellas to decide to use the veto or not!!! I was sure he would veto himself and then Jason would be in big trouble!!!! Boy did Marcellas screw up!!!!! (Thank goodness) I am so glad he is gone!!!!

That is great that Daniela got HOH, not because I like her all that much, but because I don't think she will nominate Jason. She will nominate Amy and Lisa I am sure, and then Jason will have to vote. Poor Jason sure gets put in the hot seat alot lately doesn't he???

But.....when Daniela says she wants it to come down to her and Jason for the final two.....I'm just not sure I believe her. I mean, I am sure she knows how well liked he is and that could easily work against her if everyone votes to have him win! I would think she would rather be up against Amy or Lisa when it came to the final two. She seems to smart to let it come down to her and one other, and have it be someone as well liked as Jason and take a chance of losing to him! I don't totally dislike her, but she just seems rather ruthless I guess, and I just don't trust her!!!!

How does that work anyway? I mean when there are only 3 left....how could they have a HOH and nominate two people? There would only be 2 other people, and noone to vote. I can't remember how they did it on the last two Big Brother shows.
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Stupid Marcellas! It is his own fault. Should should have realized that with all of his complaining about Jason nominating him that he would go - everyone loves Jason. If Daniele is smart she will keep Amy with her until the end as no one really likes Amy. I hope Jason or Lisa wins!

When ever it is down to 3 people the HoH gets to vote off who they want.
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I believe that now that Danielle is in the final four, her allegiance to Jason is going to quickly dissipate. She is going to get rid of him because I think she knows that he is well liked and others will vote for him when its jury time.

I forsee Danielle trying to take Amy w/ her to the end, knowing that Amy is not as well liked.

BUT I want either Jason or Lisa to win!! I'm not sure if that is possible anymore w/ Danielle being HOH now, but I sure hope it turns out that way!
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Marcellas was absolutely sure no one would evict him rather than Amy. I remember him saying that. In order to win the game, which is the whole idea, even Jason and Danielle will have to do what's best for themselves. All allegiances have to break up, unless someone wants to make a "sacrifice play." It could happen, but it's not likely. I was really pleased with the results this week.
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OMG!!!!!!!!!! I just now realized that I called Danielle-Daniela several times in my last post. I guess I am so used to typing your name, Daniela, that I got confused!!!!! Sorry!!!

So is there a show tonight? What time?
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Hey, Debby, don't worry about it... a couple of times people were writing in this thread about Julie Chen, and I thought they were talking about me Once I even got in such a huff about it, -"I didn't say that, what the heck are they talking about?!"- I was halfway into typing a post before I realized it was was Julie C not JulieB they meant...

Lucky I didn't post, I would have looked like a goofball...

The show last night was fun, but not too surprising. Of course Danielle would nominate everyone but Jason. The food competition was hilarious, though.
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Last night's program raised my opinion of Lisa. Of course, the fact that they'll be able to talk to their loved ones in only two weeks made sense. I was, nevertheless, pleased with her integrity. I would want Amy out next, but I guess the smart move would be for her to be one of the last two. How humiliating it will be for her to see how she has come across on T.V.! She has some good points, but I don't think she has a chance of winning.
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I was also quite proud of Lisa for turning down the money when she thought if she took it, noone else would get a thing. And I could be mistaken, but wasn't Danielle the one who took the deal for the least amount of money? I think that shows her true character...at least Jason didn't go for it until they raised it quite a bit, he at least tried to be loyal to the others and didn't cave in right away. That much money would be tempting, especially in Amy's case, where I am sure she knows she has no shot of winning. I bet Lisa was mad that she turned it down and she was the only one who did!
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It was very sweet last night that Eric could chat online with Lisa. I like her more and more every show. I still can't believe no one knows that Daniele and Jason have an alliance. Jason was very sweet when Amy was sick on their outing! Not many guys will hold your hair while you throw up. He has to decide who he wants in the finals with him if Dani doesn't make it. I think out of all of them Lisa really deserves to win.
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I'm with you all the way, Adrienne. I am still hoping that Jason and Danielle win, but Lisa's integrity re the phone call has won me over. I still wish she hadn't shared a bed with Eric---and Roddy too!!--as we just discovered. I know they were not going the whole way, but I think it's so nice to remain "pure" --until you marry, preferably. Oh, we get to watch Survivor tonight also!! We'd better remind everyone, if someone didn't already!
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Last nights show was good, I was pleased to see everyone playing nicely!! I thought Jason was very sweet to Amy when she was sick. That is something my husband does for me, and it wins me over every time!! Nothing like a man who doesnt' care if his woman is vomiting!! lol

As far as Lisa's integrity, well I like her. I personally think its no big deal she "shared" a bed w/ Eric and Roddy. Things like this happen all the time, and I don't think she is any less of a person. Nowadays that is almost "normal" in way. Heck, I lived w/ my husband before we got married for 3 years, and we shared a bed the whole time!!! And we weren't married yet.

Do you guys all think Jason and Danielle will get to the final two?? I think so.
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