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Originally Posted by libby74
That truly is a lot to remember; having gone thru extensive cat nursing twice in the past 8 months, I discovered the only way to keep track was to get a notebook & write it down. That way I could also keep notes about behaviour, vomiting, meds, etc., and had all the info handy for the vet, too.
Best of luck with Precious; great big (((((healing vibes))))) coming to her. And good luck with the move--hope everything goes smoothly.
This is an excellent idea.

I am so sorry about your girl having to go through this. At least your have found a vet that seems to be giving her the level of attention that she needs. This must be a very stressful time for you the other pets to have this happening at a time when you are moving. Somehow we always can find a little more strength to get us through these hectic and trying periods in our lives .
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So far Precious is tolerating food well but isnt going to the bathroom. I have fed her 2x since last night and she is do for another feeding shortly. I will say the Reglan is working wonders NO VOMITING!!! Yay!! I did well this morning with giving her the subq iv fluids but boy was I nervous. I feel as far as the move is concerned I will have precious in the dogs big crate for a while since she likes to hide anyways and I will set it up in the spare bedroom to make the move less stressful. I just dont know about the expense for feliway because so far everything is adding up mainly the vet bills. I have an appointment for our final walk through in half an hour so while I am out I will be picking up lactose free milk since while she has been sick she atleast drinks milk and then of course the vet said to get baby food to see if she will eat on her own. The main concern so far is not what she eats apparently it is THAT she eats. I have had 3 vets tell me this. (our regular vet and both emergency vets) They all recommended trying baby food. Well till later
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Those vets are so right, Amanda; it doesn't really matter what Precious eats right now, as long as she eats. Nursing a cat thru FHL is a major commitment, but you definitely sound as if you're up to it. Consistency is really important when it comes to feeding her. I'd bet anything that you're going to get Precious thru this. (((big hugs)))
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Well I bought 6 different kinds of baby food and she didnt eat any of them. I bought 3 diff kinds of cat food (can) and she wanted nothing to do with it. I tried the milk Lactaid Fat Free and she didnt go for that. I just got done feeding her. The emergency vet was surprised our regular vet only has her on 12 cc's 4x a day she says it takes 60cc 4-5x a day to sustain a cat....I was so confused but so far with the Anti-vomiting medicine she is keeping food down so....I decided to see what would happen if I increased her food intake this feeding from 12cc's to 36ccs and she was fine...So since she has an appointment tomorrow I am going to ask that I be able to bump that up otherwise I will just do so myself. Precious couldnt keep ANYTHING down unless she had the anti vomiting medicine which I was surprised we werent sent home with to begin with...Oh well...till later.
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Thank you for this update, Amanda. Bless you. Precious, you remain in my prayers.
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Sounds like you have done great so far! Continued prayers coming your way for Precious and sanity prayers for Mom!
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I'm just now reading through all of this. It sounds like you're doing an awesome job! Sending vibes that you have your normal Precious back in no time.
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Well it doesnt initially bother her but I hear this pathetic sounding meow coming from the crate which I know at this point what that signals...She threw EVERYTHING up. This time though I know it was because I gave her the 36 cc's versus the 12 cc's. Our poor Precious threw up all over herself. I washed her off gave a small amount of more reglan(sp?) I am supposed to feed her once more tonight but dont know if I should since she just threw up...I wonder if there is anything that can be given to her to stop all this...I was in the middle of packing when it happened. I think we may ask for a feeding tube because the feedings are getting more stressful for her and me too I just want Precious to live. Well we have a vet visit tomorrow...Till Later
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Amanda, I was surprised that your vet had you feeding Precious just 12cc at a time. I always tried to get at least 40 cc into my sick kitties each time I fed them (4-5x daily). A feeding tube may be your best bet. I don't remember--do you have other cats? We didn't opt for a feeding tube when Bob was sick because we have 3 other cats, and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep everyone away from a tube. I've done a lot of reading on this subject, and apparently a feeding tube is fairly easy to use.
Reglan can't guarantee that Precious won't vomit, it will just help with it. Is she on Pepcid by any chance?
Hopefully, you & Precious will have a peaceful night. Good luck at the vet's tomorrow.
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No the emergency vet recommended pepcid but I wanted to bring it up to my regular vet tomorrow. I know this may be a gross question but precious hasnt had a bowel movement in days can I administer a home enema? I have been reading to try just warm water I know not to use human enemas but what kind of home remedy can I do ? I just dont want to spend 50-100 bucks at the vet for something I can do....Yes we have 1 other cat a 6mth old kitten
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If your girl by some chance is really constipated, that can be one reason for the throwing up. I do feed more than 12 cc at at time (far more) when I feed Tyler, he does not throw it up.

I am glad you have a vet apt. tomorrow, I would tell them about how long it's been since she's gone, and no, I would not tackle this w/ an enema at home, not when she's not gone in a few days.

Just my 2 cents,
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I gaver her an over the counter Mineral Oil Only enema and it worked and of course since I gave it in the bathtub and had the litter box there it made a HUGE mess(the litterbox did). The poopies were really really hard and leathery yuck! That cant possibly be healthy but atleast we got something out of her....It is 2:22 am and I am supposed to 1)be to work in the morning 2)drop Precious off at the Doctor's Office 3)I have a medical test 4)Closing 5)and after my test I am still expected back at work uh!!! I am stressed to the maximum I need help with all this I mean dont get me wrong I am in no way compromising Precious's health she is getting what she needs but man am I drained and it has only been 1.5 days but if you take that I have been to the emergency vet 2x and the regular vet 2x since Thursday you would understand. I feel like a bad pet owner I have been yelling at Vash ALOT today but of course he keeps doing things to warrant it but usually I am alot more tolerant....I am so tired I am headed to bed.
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Don't be so hard on yourself, Amanda; you are under a tremendous amount of stress right now. When I was nursing my 2 sick babies the emotional aspect of it all just wore me down. There were nights I couldn't wait to plop into bed, just to lay there worrying. I think you're doing great so far. Like I said before, this is a huge commitment of time & effort but you do what you have to do.
Also, how much sub-q fluid is Precious getting? I was told that you really can't give a cat too much when they're in this condition. That could have something to do with her hard stool. (I typically gave 75-100 2x daily)
Is there anyway you could leave Precious at the vet's for a day or 2 until things settle down a little?
Big hugs to you & your sweet girl.
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Well the Vet wanted Precious for the day and I overslept I was so tired and didnt make it in to the office. I went to work only to come home so I could take her in. The vet has her on 75 something or other a day I cant remember what the amount of the fluids are cause it is premeasured. I want to have them keep her today and tomorrow but that is another 100.00. Although at this point I think I might leave her there so I can get my sanity back. Well I am off to the office....I didnt tell the vet I gave her an enema I didnt want her to get mad....
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Amanda, it's important they know how backed up she was, and what the results were of the enema (how much approx., what color and consistency...can you tell I am a retired nurse?? Hah!) and most of all, exactly what you used for the enema.

Mad or not, it's important they know she's having this issue, so they can suggest or prescribe something to prevent it from happening again (they may prescribe lacutulose for instance).
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Well when I dropped precious off I told the vet all of the above information before I even saw your post lol. she said it was a great idea knowing precious was backed up and they are keeping her for two days cause we are moving etc which is good. The vet knows what is right for precious as far as the CC's for feedings because if she gets anymore Precious throws up so I definitely trust her on this now for the AWESOME NEWS!!! I got the endorsement in the mail cause I had upgraded our pet insurance and GUESS what? The Superior plan was put in effect prior to her illness meaning we may come out okay on the vet bills
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I'm glad to hear you told her, and it sounds like you have a good working relationship with this vet. Congrats on the pet insurance news
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Hugs to you and your sweet kitty. I pray all will be okay.
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I cant stay on long I wanted to let you know of the update. We moved in to our house on July 4th but no internet until 7/15. I am sad to tell you all Precious was put to sleep on Saturday July 8th I will explain all later but I appreciate all the help
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I am so sorry, Amanda You were doing everything you could for her. I wish so much it would have turned out differently. Precious has a special little place in your heart and will always be with you

RIP sweet girl
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I am very sorry for your loss
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Amanda, I'm so very sorry for your loss. I'm sure you did all you could for your sweet Precious.
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That is so sad - we all hoped she would make it.
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RIP darling Precious watch over your family whom love you so much... you will meet again
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