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Well! I never! Imagine, passing up a dangerous trip to a snake-infested desolate region miles from help just to have a candle-light dinner with Tom Cruise. Some people!

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Let's just call off the trip. I'll stay home, too. So, anybody want to come over and help me break in my new board game?

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I do! I do! I can 'put up' with frogs. I even caught one for my sons last year. After a rain fall, there were about 10 little itty bitty ones on my deck. They were about an the size of a quarter. You didn't mention size so....this counts right? There is one toad that really irks me. Everytime I go to do my weeding in this one particular flower bed, it jumps out from it's hiding spot and scares me half to death. And then, it goes about it's business.

Jeanie, tell Tom I said 'Hi!' Can't figure out why but... I haven't heard from him since I introduced the two of you... Oh well. Candlelight dinner? Hmph....I never even got that!!!!!!!!

My son just informed me that he's invited to a B-day party. It's apparently called a "Reptile party". A guy comes over to the house with different reptiles. The kids get to touch them and find out about them. And yes.....he brings a snake. Guess this'll be a party mom will just drop son off to and head back home to wait for the "Mom, come pick me up" call.
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Mr. Cat.....Count me in!!!! *rolls the dice*I got a 3!


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I like the itty bitty ones too.... Not sure of their real name but they're awfully cute and you can get real close to them before they hop away. They're always hanging out in our pond so we get a lot in our yard.

Mr. Cat- Can I be the blue pawn?
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Just out of curiosity......

Jeanie: How did your date with Tom fare out???

And.....was there a happy ending to this adventure?

I, for one, am really proud of myself. I did my weeding in my flower beds without gloves on yesterday!(snails, worms, bugs...they were all there too!)
:tounge2: For those who know me, going gloveless is a great accomplishement. I also discovered that weeding is so much easier when you can grab the weed properly. Gloves can hinder that in a way.
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CENTERVILLE (AP Photo) -- Jeanie G. (left) and Whisker's Mom (right) are seen guiding a Komodo dragon to safety after the ten-foot-long lizard was found attending a city council meeting yesterday. Both women, who claimed to be uneasy around reptiles, intervened upon seeing people running from city hall. "The politicians were the first ones out the door," stated a witness. "Then these two women went inside and emerged after a few minutes with this really-big lizard." The Komodo dragon, perhaps sensing it was at last among friends, accompanied the two women to a bus stop. All three boarded the next bus and proceeded to the zoo, where the Komodo dragon balked until both women made asssurances the zoo would be a good home. The mayor was unavailable for comment.

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LOL - too funny Mr Cat!

Good job Jeanie and Ghys! I would have pitched right in if I were there! You guys have all the fun & I am stuck at home cleaning up the cat barf!
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Mr Cat,

You are tooooo funny! Quite the imagination. I am not too sure if it was "guiding" that I had in mind when I grabbed that broom!
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You'll notice that the bacteria-laden-saliva end is heading for G and away from me. After he sees this picture, I think it will be all over for me and Tom. He's handsome, intelligent, and charming, of course; he's young and well built; his eyes are so deep I could have fallen in, and his hands are strong, but gentle. He is a total gentleman and a complete hunk. Other than that, there's not much to him. C'est la vie!
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