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What a breakthrough! You are soooooo close!

I'm just in love with sweet Jimmy - what can I say? He reminds me so much of Tuxie. Not behavior-wise, because we went through our issues with Tuxie outside more than inside - but they look so much alike! Actually , last night when I was reading through the thread, Gary said - "When did you take that picture of Tuxie?" It was JIMMY, not Tuxie!

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I haven't seen him since I have been home today. He did his tricks last night. When I go to bed, I will keep an eye out for "who" is sleeping with me. I usually don't think much about it. I know what different paws feel like walking on me in the dark and who they belong to. I know what their fur feels like and can recognize their individuality by that in the dark. I know which ones like to get under the covers. I can recognize them by tail length at times depending on the cat. But Jimmy is new. I will know if it is him. Even in the dark.

I will post something this evening. I am going to push him a little when Juan leaves for work. He is more responsive to me. He doesn't mind Juan being in the room with him. He watches him too, but most of his progress has been with me...

Now........I need advice on another issue... Off to start a new thread....


p.s. and yeah...... Tuxie looks alot like Jimmy!!! Those tuxies are amazing critters........
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Way to go Jimmy and Jenn.
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How are things in Jenn's world?
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Things are going good. I am so exhausted right now. Been working a chain saw alllllllll day long.... Then I went fishing. Didn't catch anything but it was a nice way to end my day.....

This last break through with Jimmy has been the same as the others. He "always" has a breakthrough and then isolates himself again for a bit... This time was no different. He is a little corker... It is like he sits back a bit after a breakthrough to think about things.... Then when he comes forth again, he does something else that is even further along on the way to him being domesticated. And each time, his alone time is shorter. He has his own way of doing things.

He is back out and among us again since sniffing my finger..... I took this pic today. He is making progress but it is definately at his own pace.

This is Jimmy and his princess. He was rolling around under the kitchen table.. And where ever Jimmy is, Princess is not far behind. It's not a great picture but it shows his pretty white belly....

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This is my progress. I am clearing the land to enlarge the enclosure. I am leaving lots of the trees there but cutting them 4' or so for scratching posts and to nails runs and things on.........

It is a huge job..... I have a pile of trees and limbs that we are going to burn in a few days. It was too windy today. I have a leaf blower for the leaves but there is debris under them since it has been in a natural state "forever"... I am hoping to have actual grass growing there this spring. The woods were so thick that sun has never been able to reach the ground except in winter.. This area was unwalkable when we moved here.. See the woods beyond this area????? That is how all of this was....

But very good exercise. It doesn't look like much now but it will be....

Here is a better picture of the sticks/trees that are goign to be part of their playground. This is where the back of the enclosure will ultimately be. The cat enclosure will end up being bigger than our hillbilly house.........hehe
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It's been so wet that the cats have been inside...... Today it was so so sunny and so they were sure glad to get outside. This spring when the addition is completed they will love it!!!

Every muscle in my body hurts tonight.. I took a davacet..... I've used muscles today that I didn't know I had. I also ran rope today to find the side of our property. The addition will be larger than initially planned.

Here's a couple pics of them I took right before dark. They were so happy. Without the hay, it would have been very muddy.

I got them a new toy too. Depending on whether it rains tomorrow or not, it is going in the enclosure. They love it.....

I also want to add one more thing. As some of you know, I have been feeding Felidae for one month now. I can tell a major difference in the cats coats. They are shiny and glossy. One other side effect of this great food is Cleo's eyes. Several years ago, she was diagnosed with herpes. [the eye thing in cats] It was so bad at one time the vet tried to get me to put her to sleep and I would not. I treated it with antibiotics and eye ointment for years. I also gave her another pill that boosts the immune system in cats. But one eye has always remained just a little weepy. She has never given this to any of the other cats by the way. But my point here is her one weepy eye. On the Felidae, this month... her eye has quit running and appears perfectly normal. I am wondering if the change in her diet has anythign to do with this... The added nutrition with all the good natural stuff in the food has really "appeared" to have impacted her in a positive way. She is also absolutley glossy right now and both her eyes appear perect in every way.

Here is a pic of cleo aka patty cake kitty. She will not open her eyes while a pic is being taken. She is older and has never looked better.....! She is 6 or 7 yrs old. We've had her a long time. She was out second cat.

This is the new toy.....

And here is cookie climbing.....

And here is Tink and Turtle. They see something. I couldn't see anything but tink was growling.... She looks like a little chipmunk...

And star.......

They love their enclosure. I can't wait to make it real big........ This will be a relaxing spring season because I won't have to worry about them.
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Jenn....your cat enclosure is going to be fantastic.
All of your hard work is paying off.

Princess is in love with Jimmy.
She has excellent taste....
he is a handsome boy.

It's wonderful that Cleo's eye is looking better.
I love Tabby's --- Tink is gorgeous.
All of their coats look great.

Of course Star is a star.

Keep your updates coming and your pics too.
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Wonderful update and pics Jenn, the kitties are all looking really well.
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Awww, Jenn, your kitties are all so beautiful. I love the one of Jimmy and his Princess. Glad all is going well with you!
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All is well........... sorry I waiting so long to update. Didnt want to worry anyone.

Today is going to be a busy day. And the weather is odd. Snow is falling and the darn sun is shining........ Now how weird is that?
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Sun & Snow?
Strange but beautiful.
Get some pictures if you can Jenn.
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We had sun and snow today too, Jenn.
The other night it was snowing and thundering...very strange!
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Snow is over........ We got fire instead. I decided to burn limbs that I was clearing and it got out of hand. Had to call 911. About 5 acres burned. Got 20 feet from our house and closer than that to a trailer down the road. Juan saved the trailer and it's occupants while I contained the fire by our house with water and beating it to death. He is in bed from smoke inhalation. He won't go to the doctore. EMS had to give him oxygen.......

No one was seriously hurt.. and no structure damage.

Trying to look on the light side of things...........some of the land does not need clearing now..... I got pics will upload later..... I got to lay down. Exhausted.....
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Oh Jenn, that's awful and so scary.
Thank God the trailer and your house are okay.

Men are so stubborn, if Juan gets worse drag his butt to the ER...I know you will.
Go get some rest.

I'll keep you and Juan in my thoughts. to both of you.
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Oh my gosh Jenn
I do hope that Juan is alright.
This could have become a tragedy.

Head bumps, purrs and cuddles for all.
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Wow Jenn - what a story! I'm glad it has a happy ending - at least it seems so. I hope Juan is OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he has trouble breathing still, MAKE him go!

(((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) to all!

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He woke up and we went to the store. We are alright........ but we stayed home from work tonight. I have rewalked and rewalked the edge of the fire and see no embers. So it is definately all out now.

Also..........something interesting. I was talking to two different neightbors down the way.. One lives 1/2 mile down the road and the other "around the way". Both have seen mountain lions. I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT.....

Sometimes, you see a print and everyone convinces you it's something else and then you start doubting yourself... ??? Know what I mean?

Well, the wife of one man told me her and her dog went out back one night because the dog kept barking and she hit the spotlight while she was walking. Out behind her house are rock walls, like behind ours....... Her light hit a hugh cat lounging on the rocks watching her..... The light did not scare it. She said she slowing backed up to her house keeping an eye on it. She said she could see it's tail twitching.... He husband got a bottle rocket and shot it toward the cat and scared it off. It probably lives in the 100's of free land behind our house.

The other neighbor was looking back toward our house one day and saw a deer laying in the yard. He walked outside and the "deer" jumped stright up in a tree and climbed it. It was NOT a bobcat.

He also said we have bear.

I mentioned to him the wild boar and the deer have disappeared. They told me they have also noticed that..... Something big has scared everything off.... I have been telling Juan but he did not believe me.

They said they never even mow the yard without a gun in their pockets because of mountain lions, snakes and bears... They told me not to venture too far behind my house without protection. I cringe when I think of me and Juan walking to the top of our property into the wilderness. It's a thousand wonders nothing happened to us.......

Makes one think......

I told them Missouri dept of conservation told me that we do not have mountain lions in Missouri. I reported my print to them. He said he called them too and they attempted to tell him the same thing.. Then he said they finally admitted it to him when he told them all the stories of his own sightings....... And so they finally admitted that there are ML's here. But we already knew that. Why the state does not want to admit it is beyond me..

He said the one they had in the back yard weighted approx 125-150 lbs.
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On the lighter side of things.

We finally found someone who will pick our trash up so we won't have to burn it.......... It starts on the 7th. They will come twice a month..... Yea!!!!!

And here are some burn pics. You can see how close it got to our vehicles.

Scary poop......... No more burning for me unless I have the water hose handy. If I had had the water hose, this would not have happened. Thank god for firemen.
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I'm so glad that you and Juan are both okay.
That's sure is some scary stuff.

Speaking of Mountain Lions, did you ever find out what was sleeping in your porch?
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never did. Before I changed to 4-midnight shift permanently, I worked one evening on Tuesdays 4-midnight. One night when I got home it was about 1-1:30am. When I pulled someting ran real fast off my porch. Small but never did see what it was. Moved too fast. The food has not been touched since. I still have food out but nothing is eating it.

I just came in doors from spotlighting looking for eyes in the woods. Dont' see anything.

I want a motion detection camera. Like hunters use. Not sure if I can afford it this payday or not. Before a month is out I can.

I am going to stake the woods with steak........ I want to know what it out there. If I can talk husband into going with me I would like to walk a few acres back and stake it there. A ways from the house. Back where we found the animal bones.
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Jenn, Jenn, Jenn....

Those shortcuts can get pretty scary sometimes can't they?!?!
(just kidding, but couldn't resist)

Steve is the one that does has his bonfire piles here. I keep all my burning to the barrels. You're a lucky gal and I hope you and Juan are feeling better now.

Don't you get too nosey out in those woods and get yourself in trouble. Your kitties need you intact and healthy.

Your life is plenty exciting, you can take a break and be dull for a while now. Stay safe!
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Blimey Jenn, you need to take care, who will look after your brood otherwise??
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Have you thought about installing flood lights with motion detectors around your house.
They turn on at night when movement occurs.
They are not expensive.

We have mountain lions in our area...
they do attack animals & people.
It would not take much for a mountain lion to rip your enclosure and take some of you kitties.
I think flood lights might be one more tool to keep you and your babies safe.

Mountain Lions are magnificent animals...
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Flood lights sound like a great idea!! I am thinking of putting a dog run around the cat enclosure so the girls and Charlie can have access to running around their perimeter. Something about 10' wide. Maybe 15 feet. I know a moutain lion can jump that far but it would be slightly more difficult with barking dogs down their throat.... Because with a 15' wide dog run the ML would have to jump 15 foot out at an angle to land 10' in the air on top of the enclosure. This can be on the woods side.

And I have another plan.... I have been looking at cameras. I want to take pics of bears and mountain lions.
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I think the flood lights are an excellent idea too.
You're braver than I am..Mountain Lions are beautiful, but I wouldn't want to run into one face to face...taking a steak on in the woods would be the last thing I'd do
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Well, fixing to head out to work on "kitty land"........ Hubby and I are both off today so hopefully we can get some major progress made.....

Things are finally looking different around here. We are through burning trash too. Finally found an individual who is willing to do a trash service down a country dirt road. We have already had "one ton" of odds and ends moved away from here. We even helped them load it. They are going to pick up twice a month..... Yeah!!! We are thrilled and have passed the word down to the other neighbors down the way.

Also, this morning I took this pic of my guard kitties. I can't tell what the heck they see but then I don't have cat eyes. But they are very intent on something....... Probaby a bug outside........ From the right at Star in the window, Cookie the black one, Dovey the striped one and Kissey the pale grey tortoise..

We also went ahead and burned off the rest of the front yard to get ready for new spring grass. Got the backyard racked and ready to go too......

The woods are our project....... an on going one. Eventually we will have pics of "kitty land".......

And here are my little twin kitties.......... they have played hard so far today...... I think they are so beautiful..... Never seen kitties with this coloring. They have an appointment set in about a week [Not sure which day. Husband set it] to get fixed.

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God only knows what those little stinkers see...it might be a gnat a mile down the road!!

Kitties do some strange things, Elliott was sitting in our bedroom window this morning keeping watch on the neighbors satellite dish he might be seeing the signal coming in for all I know.
I was watching him closely...this is the first time I've had the windows open since we brought him in, I was hoping smelling the fresh air wouldn't make him think he was getting back outside.
I didn't seem to faze him thank goodness.

I can't wait to see pictures of "Kittyland" Jenn.

The Twins are beautiful!
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Your "guard" kitties are too cute, Jenn, and the twins are gorgeous!

How's my favorite big, handsome tuxedo boy doing?
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Originally Posted by eilcon View Post
Your "guard" kitties are too cute, Jenn, and the twins are gorgeous!

How's my favorite big, handsome tuxedo boy doing?

Also, how is my boy, JJ & his weight loss diet?
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